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Floating Fish Feed Machine

Floating Fish Feed Machine

APPLICATION: Aquatic food, pet food industry
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Complying with the benign development needs of low pollution, low waste, high efficiency, and high conversion of global fishery and breeding feed, aquatic extruded feed is gradually accepted and recognized by the market and has become a new trend in the development of the industry. With the popularization and application of extruded materials in the breeding market, more and more fish feed mills and fish feed production plant have begun to introduce fish feed extruder machine.

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Applications Of Floating Fish Feed Machine

The floating feed machine is mainly used in fish, shrimp, pet feed production, the production of extruded soybean flour, grain and corn raw materials treatment. Also used in pretreatment of oil bearing materialss of oil and fat industry.

The animal feed industry is currently the most industrialized industry in agriculture. It is the link that connects planting, breeding, and animal product processing industries, and plays a pivotal role in agriculture. In the feed industry, the floating feed making machine production technology for extruded aquatic feed is very different from the traditional processing technology of livestock and poultry feed.
extruders for fish food

According to the characteristics of aquatic feed varieties, large changes in raw materials, high requirements for grinding fineness and poor material fluidity, the design of the fish feed manufacturing process generally adopts secondary crushing and mixing of secondary ingredients to complete the processing of powdered raw materials; the powdered raw materials are expanded, pressed, formed, and then through drying, grease spraying, cooling and screening processes to complete the extruded fish feed production process into the finished product packaging system.

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Technical Features Of Floating Fish Feed Machine

1. The actions of high temperature, high pressure and high shearing in pretreatment of oil bearing materialss of oil and fat industry kill bacteria and toxins effectively, change anti-nutrient factor, decrease nutritional components degradation and improve protein, starch and digestibility.

2. Customers just need to change a few fish feed extruder machine parts to produce exruded soybean, extruded corn and sheeted suckling pig feed different character feed raw materials at the same time, reducing the cost for customers.

3. Mobile cutter with excellent resilience, convenient installation and adjustment, variable frequency adjust speed motor control rotary speed of floating fish feed making machine cutter to adapt different fish pellets' length.

4. Main drive with SKF high quality bearings, long operating life. Fish floating feed machine processed in international imported machining center, ensure high accuracy of key spare parts.

5. Use a kind of general-purpose floating fish feed extruder machine to produce floating feed and sinkable feed according to the demands. The auxiliary bulk density control system can be selected for the fish feed production of high bulk density extruded pellets.

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Working Principle Of Floating Fish Feed Machine

Extrusion processing is defined as a process in which feed materials flow through a die under one or several process conditions (such as stirring, heating, and shearing) to make the material shape and erupt and vaporize. In other words, extrusion processing combines several processes together: including mixing, curing, kneading, shearing, and forming.
mini fish feed floating extruder machine

In today's feed and food industry, a fish pellet extruders refers to a pelleting machine that continuously processes a product with a spiral feature (that is, a rotating screw with blades, which is very tightly installed in a cylinder to transport fluid). The extruded fish feed machine can be designed to include various operations, such as mixing, homogenizing and curing, cooling, vacuuming, forming, and cutting.

With the wide application and continuous development of extrusion technology, the types of fish feed floating pellet making machine are increasing day by day, and their classification methods are also diverse. According to the strength of the shear force, it can be divided into high shear force, medium shear force, and low shear force extrusion extruder; according to the heating mode, it can be divided into self-heating and external heating or called dry fish stock feed extruder machine and wet extruder for fish feed.
extruders for fish food

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Parameter And Model Of Floating Fish Feed Machine

Model Capacity(TPH) Main Motor Power(kw) Feeder Motor Power(kw) Screw diameter(mm) Cutter power(kw)
DGP40-Cs 0.03-0.04 3.0*2 0.4 Φ40 0.4
DGP40-C 0.03-0.04 5.5 0.4 Φ40 0.4
DGP50-C 0.06-0.08 11 0.4 Φ50 0.4
DGP60-C 0.12-0.15 15 0.4 φ60 0.4
DGP70-B 0.18-0.2 18.5 0.4 φ70 0.4
DGP80-B 0.2-0.25 22 0.4 φ80 0.6
DGP90-B 0.30-0.35 37 0.6 φ90 0.8
DGP120-B 0.5-0.6 55 1.1 φ120 2.2
DGP135-B 0.7-0.8 75 1.1 φ133 2.2
DGP160-B 1-1.2 90 1.5 φ155 3
DGP200-B 1.8-2.0 132 1.5 φ195 3.0-4.0
Floating fish feed machine price 2900-38000USD

extruder feed floating fish
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Difference between floating and sinking fish feed made by fish feed extruder machine

  1. Spindle speed:
    Floating feed: The spindle speed is basically at full speed according to the set speed;
    Sinking feed: The spindle speed is generally about 1/3 lower than that of floating feed.
  2. Degree of maturation, degree of puffing:
    Floating feed: more than 95% are basically fully matured, and the degree of expansion is generally between 1.5-2.0;
    Sinking feed: About 80% matured, and the degree of puffing is generally not more than 1.3 times.floating fish feed machine manufacturer
  3. After the material enters the fish feed extruder machine, the sinking feed will have one more pressure relief process than the floating feed, and then it will be out of the mold, the pressure in the barrel is lower:
    Floating feed: conveying forward, melting and curing, and puffing out of the mold.
    Sinking feed: conveying forward, melting and curing, pressure relief conveying, compression density out of the mold (slightly puffed).
  4. The amount of water added for tempering, the sinking feed should be significantly higher. The tempered moisture of the two fish feed is:
    Floating feed: about 24%;
    Sinking feed: about 30%.floating fish feed machine price per kg
  5. The opening rate of the template is different:
    Floating feed: Assume generally (1);
    Sinking feed: approximately (2-2.5).
  6. Main recipes are different:
    Floating feed: Generally, the amount of starch is 20%-25%, and the feed needs to float, mainly by the expansion of starch;
    Sinking feed: Generally around 10%, it is difficult to sink completely if it reaches 15% or more, the main function is to bond and improve water resistance.

small floating fish feed machine
In addition to different formulas and puffing operating parameters, expanded floating fish feed and sinking fish feed are also different in actual extruder feed making machine requirements. Sinking fish feed is produced by fish food extruder machine instead of fish feed pellet machine after granulation. It is very important that a high degree of maturation is required.

The requirements for the sinking fish feed production should be higher than those for floating water. First of all, it requires the maturation degree that is basically the same as that of the floating feed, and then it is necessary to consider reducing pressure at the discharge end (the common method is to add water to cool), so the aspect ratio of the sinking feed pellet making machine model is larger than that of the floating feed.

That is to say, a large aspect ratio can produce floating feed and sinking feed, a small aspect ratio is suitable for floating water material, and the maturation degree is low when used as a sinking feed. In fact, many small food extruder machines on the market that are mainly used for puffing cereals have insufficient maturity when producing pet food and other products. This is the reason.

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How to choose fish feed machine: fish pellet machine or fish feed extruder machine?

Although more and more aquatic feed production plant uses power extruder floating fish feed machines, many people still use fish feed pelletizers, mainly because of cost constraints. We sell high efficiency automatic pet bird fish shrimp feed pellet making machine and also extruder for fish feed making. Which fish feed manufacturing equipment is more suitable for customer needs is the most basic standard for us to recommend fish feed machine to customers. The following share irrelevant marketing, just to objectively explain some facts.
floating fish feed pellet machine

So far, 70% of aquatic feed production line in the United States and 100% aquatic feed plant in South Korea have adopted extrusion processing technology. In China, more and more feed companies are gradually replacing traditional fish feed pellet mills with fish feed pellets extruder to produce aquatic feeds and other special feeds. In the current global aquatic feed market, because most aquatic feed manufacturers are limited by funds, they usually choose lower-priced single-screw concentrated floating fish feed machines.
floating fish feed machine price

However, due to their simple structure, technical level, and insufficient manufacturing level, they can only In aquatic feed manufacturing, it is used to produce lower-grade freshwater fish buoyant feed. It is difficult to produce sun fish feed and other high-end aquatic feed products. Although some very few single-screw pellet extruder machine for fish feed can meet the production of high-end sinking fish feed products, their prices are too high and there is no good price-performance ratio.

Comparison between single twin screw extruder for fish feed pellets:

The selection of fish feed extrusion machine should not only see that the price of twin-screw extruder machine for pellet fish is higher than that of single-screw extruder to make fish feed, but also should consider the comprehensive price ratio and fish feed mill production cost.
floating fish feed extruder machine

In fact, the technical performance of China's high-quality twin-screw electric fish feed extruder machine has reached the advanced level. Although the price is higher than that of the single-screw feed pellet extruder, it is much lower than the price of single-screw feed pellet extruder models in other countries.

It surpasses imported single-screw animal and fish feed extruder machine models and can completely replace imported twin-screw extruder machine to make fish feed. It can not only meet the needs of high-end aquatic feeds in the aquaculture industry, but also achieve high cost performance. It should be the best choice for the aquatic feed processing industry at present.

fish floating feed machine

With the emergence of large-size, large-volume and special-purpose twin-screw fish food extruders for extruding floating fish feeds, the use of twin-screw fish feed extruders can obtain greater benefits, and can give full play to the wide range of raw materials used in extrusion processing technology and the advantages of starch high degree of gelatinization, water stability is much higher than ordinary pellet feed, product density is adjustable, processable floatability, slow sinking, fast sinking and high-moisture, high-fat feed.

The relatively loose pellet structure facilitates the use of post-spraying technology. It has unique advantages such as avoiding the loss of heat-sensitive raw materials, preventing environmental pollution and disease prevention and disease resistance, improving the nutritional value of feed, and reducing production costs.

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The latest fish feed extruder and aqua feed mill project we have done

Pellet Richi is one of the fish feed plant manufacturers in China, we have rich experience of providing complete fish feed plant solutuions and fish feed making machine for various fish feed, shrimp feed, etc.
fish feed manufacturing plant project report

5-6T/H Trout Fish Feed Plant For Sale Russia Uzbekistan 1T/H Floating Fish Feed Plant For Sale Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
1T/H floating fish feed plant for sale Uzbekistan(Gizak) 5T/H sinking fish feed mill for sale Uzbekistan
China 30000 Tons Per Year Feed Mill For Fish And Pet Feed Pellets 25T/H Full Automatic Aqua Prawn Fish Feed Manufacturing Plant 
15T/H Aqua Feed Plant For Fish Prawns Crab Feed Production In China 1T/H floating fish feed plant for sale Zimbabwe
Simple Design Small Fish Feed Pellet Line For Sale UK Commercial Fish Food Making Machine For Sale Austria
Floating fish feed production line for sale Lithuania Small 200kg/h floating fish feed production line Moldova
Wet fish feed making machine DSP-120B for sale Russia 100-150kg/h floating fish feed plant foe sale Ukraine
1T/H sinking fish feed plant Thailand DGP-50 small electric fish food making machine for sale Singapore
DGP90-B floating fish food making machine for sale Turkmenistan 1T/H Fish Feed Machine For Sale Puerto Rico
DGP80-B floating fish food making machine for sale Honduras 2T/H floating fish feed extruder machine for sale Bolivia
Simple Design 2T/H Fish Feed Production Plant For Sale Bolivia 1T/H Fish Food Making Machine For Sale Dominica
150kg/h Small Floating Fish Feed Production Plant For Sale Tanzania 1T/H floating fish feed plant in Senegal
1T/H Fish Food Making Machine For Sale Senegal 150KG/H Small Floating Fish Feed Mill Plant In Nigeria
1T/H Fish Food Making Machine For Sale Nigeria 1T/H Fish Food Making Machine For Sale Cote d'Ivoire
150KG/H small fish feed mill plant for sale Burkina Faso 70B fish food making machine for sale Cameroon
150KG/H Small Floating Fish Feed Line For Sale Botswana DGP90 Fish Food Making Machine For Sale South Africa
40C small electric fish food making machine for sale Philippines Small electric fish food making machine for sale Lebanon
DGP60-C floating fish food making machine for sale Pakistan 500-600kg/h fish food making machine for sale UAE
1T/H Fish Food Making Machine For Sale Mozambique DGP50C Small Fish Food Making Machine For Sale Tashkent

The above fish feed plant project and fish feed machine project are real transaction information. If you want to get project-related information, pictures, and videos, please contact us.

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Why Choose Richi

why choose richi
why choose richi
Introduction of RICHI
Strength certification

Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. We have developed and manufactured multifunctional pelletizers, grinders, mixers, dryers and more than ten categories and more than 30 models of complete machine products are widely used in feed, biomass, organic fertilizer, pet supplies, solid waste recycling, chemical industry, road construction and other fields. All RICHI products have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, EU CE certification and Customs Union CU-TR certification, successfully serving more than 2,000 customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

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Customized Design And Business Plan

In RICHI, every equipment and every pellet production line business plant can be customized. We will formulate multiple sets of pellet production process plans for comparative analysis according to the actual needs of customers, select a reasonable plan, and realize private customization. Our services run through all aspects of on-site terrain and environment survey, production line process design, raw material testing, cost requirement analysis, project investment budget, equipment installation and commissioning.

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Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Quality Control
Richi Machinery

We adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system, and strictly implement international standards for product design and manufacturing processes. In terms of management systems, there are product quality accountability systems, product quality accountability systems, and safety production management systems; in terms of management tools, QC quality control management, SPC statistical process control, sampling inspection and measurement system analysis are used for quality control, to achieve effective control of the entire process of equipment production, and never let go of any quality hidden dangers that may affect customer operations.

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Quality Control

Delivery And Installation

RICHI has always been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship to make every detail good, especially in the link of equipment preparation and delivery, we follow the standardized process: preparation order check-equipment factory quality inspection-packing list re-inspection-scientific packaging and transportation, ensure the safe and non-destructive delivery of equipment. According to customer needs, RICHI installation engineers will guide the construction of site infrastructure, equipment installation and commissioning and trial operation of the entire production line throughout the process. When the relevant project indicators reach the design standards, the client will carry out the project acceptance.

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Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
After-sales And Training
After-sales And Training
Richi Machinery

We have built a team of nearly 100 technical engineers to solve a series of problems in the project from consultation, site survey, sample analysis to plan design, installation and commissioning, and maintenance. We provide comprehensive and systematic training for the technical staff of each customer to better serve the customer's project needs. After the technicians have finished their studies, RICHI will provide follow-up technical support services, and the training engineers will follow up the project use effects in the later stage to ensure the stable operation of the customer's project.

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