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5-6T/H Floating Fish Aqua Feed Plant in Iran

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Name:Floating Fish Feed Production Line
Capacity:5-6 MT
Feed Size:1-4 mm
The install period:120 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Guiding Price:800,000 USD

5-6T/H Floating Fish Aqua Feed Plant in Iran

Origin of the 5-6 t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran project

This is an expansion project of an Iranian aquatic feed factory.

The client of this 5-6t/h floating fish feed mill project is mainly engaged in the production and sales of livestock and poultry, fresh water, and special water feed, and also involves aquaculture business.

The feed company of the client of this project originally had a livestock and poultry feed production line with an annual output of 120,000 tons and a shrimp feed production line with an annual output of 15,000 tons.

5-6 t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran project

In order to better integrate production, sales, and raw material resources, reduce comprehensive technical costs, and expand and stabilize the company's market share, the customer of this project invested US$800,000 to add a 6t/h aquatic expanded feed production line to the existing feed workshop.

After the aqua feed mill project is completed and put into operation, it will have an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons of extruded feed.

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Project content and construction scale

The main engineering and product plans of this 5-6t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran project are shown in the table below:

Production line type Yield (before) (t/a) Production after expansion (after) (t/a) Annual operating hours
Livestock and poultry feed production line 120000 120000 6000
High-end shrimp feed production line 15000 15000 4000
Extruded feed production line —— 25000 4000

Public and auxiliary works:

Main raw and auxiliary materials

This 5-6t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran project uses a lot of raw materials. The main raw materials and consumption are as follows:

Name of raw materials and excipients Annual consumption (t/a) Storage method
Barley 726.01 bulk, silo
Corn 0.55 bulk, silo
Low-gluten flour 705.1 25kg bag
High-gluten flour 2390.08 25kg bag
Wheat middlings 17.89 50kg bag
Rice bran 1599.22 50kg bag
43% soybean meal 25.83 70kg bag
46% soybean meal 5730 70kg bag
45% soybean meal 69.12 70kg bag
Cottonseed protein/50% cotton meal 1560.23 70kg bag
Rapeseed meal 1857.6 60kg bag
Peanut meal 951.54 60kg bag
Corn protein flour 467.41 40kg bag
30% corn starch residue 441.75 40kg bag
Imported fish meal (Taiwan grade) 234.28 50kg bag
Imported fish meal (Norway) 243.54 50kg bag
Imported fish meal (Denmark) 53.37 50kg bag
Imported fish meal (Japanese grade) 1422.69 50kg bag
Imported fish meal (Thailand grade) 89.45 50kg bag
Seafood white fish meal (China) 19.12 50kg bag
Red fish meal (Peru) 102.17 50kg bag
Vietnamese seawater fish meal 32.63 50kg bag
Fish Meal D 25.15 50kg bag
Fish Meal B 219.37 50kg bag
3# fish meal (shrimp meal) 494.74 50kg bag
5# fish meal (crushed dried shrimps) 436.04 50kg bag
46% shrimp shell powder 220.15 50kg bag
30% shrimp shell powder 25.47 50kg bag
Imported chicken powder 1056.46 50kg bag
Pork powder 636.08 50kg bag
Soybean oil 824.71 200kg drum
Phospholipid oil 164.19 200kg drum
Fish oil 85.94 100kg drum
Rice bran meal 839.85 50kg bag
Stone powder 556.42 50kg bag
Calcium dihydrogen phosphate 442.62 50kg bag
Bentonite 234.66 50kg bag
Adhesive 29.69 50kg bag
Gluten powder 2.54 50kg bag
Hemoglobulin powder 1.2 25kg bag
Homemade premix 559 50kg bag

Note: There are many kinds of premixes in the raw materials of the above items. 559t/a is the total consumption of different aquatic feed premixes.

Main production equipment for 5-6 t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran

The main production equipment we configure for our Iran customer are as follows:

Device name Quantity
1. Feeding section
Pulse dust collector     2 units
Scraper conveyor 2 units
Bucket elevator 2 units
Clean screen 2 units
Permanent magnet cylinder 2 units
distributor 2 units
2. The first batching section
Warehouse waiting for ingredients 23
Ingredients auger 23 units
Ingredients scale 3 units
Mixer 2 units
scraper machine     1 set
Bucket elevator        1 set
Permanent magnet cylinder 1 set
3. Primary crushing section
Bin to be crushed 2
Feeding auger 1 set
Grinder 1 set
Closed wind auger 1 set
Bucket elevator 1 set
Permanent magnet cylinder 1 set
4. The second crushing section
Bin to be crushed 2
Feeding auger 2 units
Ultrafine grinder 2 units
Cyclone 2 units
Air shut-off device 2 units
Pulse dust collector     2 units
High pressure blower 2 units
High square sieve 2 units
5. Secondary batching section
Warehouse waiting for ingredients 3
Ingredients auger 3 units
Ingredients scale 1 set
Mixer 1 set
Scraper machine 2 units
Bucket elevator 1 set
Permanent magnet cylinder 1 set
6. Puffing and drying section
Warehouse to be puffed 2
Dividing tray 1 set
Feeder 2 units
Single axis conditioner 1 set
Dual-shaft differential conditioner 1 set
Twin screw extruder 1 set
Suction fan 1 set
Cyclone 1 set
Air shut-off device 1 set
Dryer 1 set
Fan 1 set
Cyclone 1 set
Conveyor 2 units
Bucket elevator 1 set
Grading screen 1 set
7. Cooling, screening and packaging sections
Finished product warehouse 5
Grease sprayer 1 set
Cooler 1 set
Cooling fan 1 set
Cyclone 1 set
Air shut-off device 1 set
Bucket elevator 1 set
Distributor 1 set
Grading screen 1 set
Buffer bucket 1 set
Packaging scale 2 units
Conveyor 3 units
Robot 1 set
Palletizer 1 set

Note: In this 5-6t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran project, except for the palletizing robot which is shared with the high-end shrimp feed production line, the rest are newly added equipment.

5-6 t/h floating fish aqua feed mill layout

This 5-6t/h floating fish feed production plant in Iran project will add an expanded feed production line at the reserved location of the original shrimp feed factory.

Process flow of 5-6t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran

The production line process designed by RICHI for customers is as follows:

  1. Raw material reception and initial cleaning: Soybean meal and other raw materials are sent to the bucket elevator via a scraper conveyor, lifted to a cleaning screen to remove debris, and then removed through a permanent magnet cylinder to remove ferromagnetic debris and transported to the batching bin. This process will produce dust, waste straw rope, sand and gravel, etc.
  2. Primary batching, mixing, primary crushing, and secondary crushing: Various raw materials are weighed and batched under computer control and then enter the double-shaft high-efficiency mixer for primary mixing. The mixed materials are transported into the pulverizer for secondary crushing.
  3. Secondary batching and mixing: Various auxiliary materials are weighed and batched under computer control, and then enter the mixer together with the primary premix for secondary mixing.
  4. Extrusion: The mixed materials enter the warehouse to be expanded, undergo high-temperature treatment through the floating fish feed machine, and use steam conditioning to mature the feed and achieve a certain uniformity.
  5. Drying: After puffing is completed, it must be dried to remove moisture.
  6. Grease spraying: The dried materials are screened and mixed evenly with grease through a spraying machine.
  7. Air transportation: After spraying is completed, it enters the cooler to cool and air-dry.
  8. Screening: From the elevator to the grading screen, the qualified products enter the packaging process. This process will produce unqualified products.
  9. Packaging and warehousing: finished products are automatically stacked by robots and palletizers and transported to the warehouse for storage.
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Environmental protection measures

It can be seen from the engineering analysis that this 5-6t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran project has adopted more effective pollution prevention and control measures based on the characteristics of pollutant emission, and all types of pollutants can be discharged up to the standard:


Exhaust gas

The dust generated during the crushing process of the 5-6t/h floating fish feed mill plant in Iran project is processed by the "pulse dust collector + spray tower" and then discharged through the 40-meter-high exhaust pipe.

The total amount of organized dust emissions from the two crushing processes is 0.337t/a, the emission rate is 0.0842kg/h, and the emission concentration is 1.65mg/m3, both of which can meet the "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" .


Solid waste

The solid waste of this 5-6t/h floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran project will be properly disposed of and will not have any adverse impact on the local environment.



Corresponding noise reduction measures have been taken for each noise source in this Iran floating fish food processing line project, mainly focusing on building sound insulation, supplemented by distance attenuation, and rationally laying out fish feed production equipment to achieve factory boundary compliance.

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Why build floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran?

Iran's aquaculture production has increased significantly in recent years, and the country is now the world's third largest supplier of caviar and third in the world in sturgeon farming and processing.

Iran has also made good progress in trout farming and is currently the world's largest producer of rainbow trout. The country's annual fisheries and aquaculture production will exceed the target of 1.505 million tons.

The average consumption of seafood reached 12.1 kilograms per capita last year, an increase of more than 50% compared with a few years ago. Supporting aquaculture and encouraging seafood and white meat consumption to reduce the annual import of 150,000 tons of red meat has become a policy of the Iranian government.

build floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran

Seafood products account for nearly 10% of Iran’s annual agricultural export value. In the past six months, the country has exported more than $80 million worth of seafood, a 20% increase compared to the same period last year.

Golestan Province in northern Iran is one of the country's main areas for the production and breeding of aquatic animals and seafood (especially shrimp). About 80% of the shrimp it produces is exported abroad.

The prosperity of the aquaculture industry will inevitably drive the development of Iran's aquatic feed industry. Not only the processing of fish feed, but also the processing of shrimp feed is very promising in Iran.

If you have seen the prospect of investing in an aquatic fish feed production line in Iran, please feel free to contact us for consultation and get the most valuable aqua feed mill solutions and aquatic feed industry information.

How to Start A floating fish aqua feed plant in Iran?

To start an aqua fish feed plant in Iran as business successfully, you should know more about the process of making aqua feed at first, then is the cost and machinery selection.


Fish Feed Production Process

As mentioned above, fish feed is divided into sinking and floating types. you should make sure which kind of fish feed you are going to produce. and the process can be customized according to your requirement. such as, liquid adding, curing etc.


Local Market Research

Whatever kind of business you plan to start, you should do market research, so does starting a aqua feed plant in Iran. Making the research about how many people have fish feeding industry?

How much is one bag of fish feed? And how many people have the aqua feed plant in your local place? And some other questions about starting aquatic feed production projects.


Cost Analysis

Cost of starting aqua feed plant in Iran projects is affected by many factors, including factory building cost, raw material cost, machinery cost, energy consumption cost, labor cost etc.


Aqua Feed Machine Manufacturer selection

When you decide to start an aqua feed plant in Iran, the related equipment is a large part of the whole production. Choosing a reliable shrimp and fish feed machine manufacturer or supplier is very important.

RICHI Machinery has been engaged in this industry for over 25 years, Possessing a professional R&D team and own manufacturing factory, able to offer you the best service of before-sale, on-sale and after-sale.

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