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Sugarcane bagasse pellet machine is a kind of biomass pellet machine, which uses bagasse as raw material for pelletizing. The bagasse pellet machines we can provide are divided into bagasse feed pellet machines and bagasse fuel pellet machines. Richi Machinery conducts facility layout, machinery design, production, logistics and implementation operations for sugarcane bagasse pelleting plant. This sugarcane bagasse pellet mill can also be used for wood and straw, which is applicable for all kinds of biomass materials.

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Why use Sugarcane Bagasse as pellet raw material?

Why use Sugarcane Bagasse as pellet raw material

There are a lot of sugar factories in southeast Asia and Brazil, plenty of sugarcane are produced after being extracted. For each 10 tonnes of sugarcane crushed, a sugar factory produces nearly 3 tonnes of wet bagasse. Most of the factories have no idea with how to deal with the material, massive waste materials take space of the plant.

Few factories burn the bagasse fiber as fuel, when burned in quantity, it produces sufficient heat energy to supply all the needs of a typical sugar factory. The rest of the bagasse can be processed to biomass pellets and exported to other countries as fuel, which bring the factory economic benefits.

Bagasse fiber is burned as fuel and, when burned in large quantities, produces enough heat energy to meet all the needs of a typical sugar mill.

The remainder of the bagasse can be processed into biomass pellets, which have a high calorific value of 3,400 to 4,200 kcal and low ash content, making it a renewable resource, making it superior to other types of fuel.

Benefits of bagasse pellets made by sugarcane bagasse pellet machine

Bagasse pellets made by sugarcane bagasse pellet machine are used in many places due to its convenience and comfort. It has the following advantages:

  • High return on investment.
    The raw material cost is low, the equipment investment is small, and the operation is simple. Ordinary people can operate the equipment after simple training, labor costs are very low, and coal prices fluctuate greatly. These factors ensure a better return on investment.
  • Wide application range.
    Bagasse pellets are easy to use and store. It can be used for heating, domestic stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc., instead of firewood, coal, fuel oil, and liquefied petroleum gas. It is also suitable for family units; it has good combustion efficiency and can meet the needs of cooking, heating and bathing, especially the necessities of biomass power plants.
  • Environmental benefits.
    Bagasse pellets are good for the environment. Bagasse pellets are carbon-neutral, which means that their own carbon dioxide emissions are absorbed by themselves during the growth process. They will not release other air-polluting gases into the air.
  • Renewable.
    Bagasse pellets are different from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas that can be consumed (formed over a long period of time). Bagasse pellets are renewable because sugarcane grows every year, so we can provide an unlimited amount of raw materials.
  • Turn waste into treasure.
    With the increase in energy demand and the decrease in fossil fuels, no one can guarantee the stability of its prices. However, the cost of bagasse pellets can be controlled. In the context of global energy shortages, bagasse pellets are a representative of turning "waste" into wealth. Sugarcane is fully utilized, in addition to increasing farmers' income.bagasse pellets

Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine

  • Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine
  • The sugarcane bagasse pellet machine is widely used for pelletizing of light biomass substances, such as wood chips, sawdust, straw, husk, shells, pasture, chrysanthemum, palm leaf and so on;
  • The sugarcane bagasse biomass pellet mill feeder's especial structure makes materials conveyed evenly. It is specially designed for pelletizing of light substances with the density of 0.15-0.65g/cm3;
  • The Feeder, conditioner and chute of sugarcane bagasse pelletizing machine are made of stainless steel with long service life;
  • The sugarcane bagasse pellet making machine is with magnet and over load protection system which can protect machine well during production;
  • The sugarcane bagasse pellet forming machine makes gear directly-connecting as the driver and is with quick-release die fixed by clamps,which can increase the output by 15% more than the same type machine with belt-convey;
  • The bearings and oil seals in the main drivers are imported to ensure highly-efficient,stability and credibility.
Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine
Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine
Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine
Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine
Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine
Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine
Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine
Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine

Working Principle Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine

The sugarcane bagasse pellet press machine process: crushed biomass sugarcane bagasse material is fed evenly by the forced feeding device, the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the ring die, and the action of the feeding scraper. The two pressing areas in the ring die are in the wedge-shaped space formed by the two press rollers and the ring die.

Technical Features Of Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine

Under the strong squeezing action of the ring die and the press roller, the sugarcane bagasse material is gradually compacted, squeezed into the die hole of the ring die and shaped in the die hole.

Because the extrusion of the material between the die and the roller is continuous, the formed sugarcane bagasse material is continuously discharged from the die hole in a columnar shape, and then cut into sugarcane bagasse pellets of the required length by the cutter, and then enters the next process.

Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Making Machine Specification

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Power 37KW 55KW 90KW 132KW 250KW 280KW
Capacity 300-400KG/H 500-700KG/H 1.0-1.2 T/H 2.0-2.5 T/H 2.5-4 T/H 3-4.5 T/H
Final Pellet 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm
Weight(KG) 2500 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500
Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine Price 10000-100000USD

How to make sugarcane bagasse pellets? sugarcane bagasse pellet manufacturing process

The following is the sugarcane bagasse waste pellet manufacturing process of bagasse pellet fuel. Using bagasse as the raw material, through the processes of crushing, drying, pelletizing, etc., it is made into a new type of clean fuel that can be directly burned in granular form. Its products can be used as the best substitute for traditional energy such as coal, diesel and natural gas.

In order to generate enough heat energy to meet all the needs of a typical sugar factory, or to make a profit by making pellets. Generally, the production and pelletizing process of bagasse pellet fuel is divided into the following steps:


Grinding section

Grind the bagasse raw materials into powder with a particle size of 3-5mm.


Drying section

The moisture of fresh bagasse is about 48% to 50%. Make sure the moisture of the bagasse is dried to 10-12% to solidify the bagasse.


Pelleting section

Feed the sugarcane bagasse powdery materials into your pellet machine, and they will be compressed into granules through the movement of the pellet machine ring die and the pellet machine pressure roller.


Cooling section

This section can save floor space and processing time. Cooling the pellets can make them easier to package and ship.


Packaging section

After cooling, the bagasse pellets can be packed with a packaging machine to make them easier to store and transport.

sugarcane bagasse pellet manufacturing process
sugarcane bagasse pellet manufacturing process
sugarcane bagasse pellet manufacturing process

The above is the standard process for processing bagasse fuel pellets. If you want to process bagasse feed pellets, you can refer to our animal feed production line process.

Set up a 1-90 t/h complete sugarcane bagasse pellet production line with best price

complete sugarcane bagasse pellet production line

In fact, sugarcane bagasse is a renewable resource, which is mainly used as pellet feed or biomass pellet fuel after processing. The following takes the bagasse pellet production line as an example for process description:

Using bagasse as the raw material, through the process of crushing, drying, additive mixing, extrusion, etc., it is made into a new type of clean fuel that can be directly burned in pellet form. Its products can be used as the best substitutes for traditional energy sources such as coal, diesel, and natural gas.

Equipment needed in bagasse pellet production line

Sugarcane Bagasse Hammer Mill

Sugarcane Bagasse Hammer Mill

Main Power:
Sugarcane Bagasse Dryer machine

Sugarcane Bagasse Dryer machine

Rotate Speed:
3-8 R/Min
Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Cooler

Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Cooler

Main Power:
0.75-2.05 KW
Bagasse pellet Bagging Machine

Bagasse pellet Bagging Machine

6-12 Bags/Min
Main Power:
  • If you want to create your own sugarcane bagasse biomass pellet plant, the first thing you need to do is decide if you want to process sugar cane and bagasse pellets or only bagasse pellets. This major decision will impact every decision you make henceforth. This will determine the scale of your operation, the capital you will need and the machinery you will need. (The specific sugarcane bagasse process flow has been explained in the above content)
    If you decide you want to process both, you will need to find a sugarcane supplier or purchase your own land to grow sugarcane. Getting started can take years. Processing only sugarcane bagasse pellets is a relatively easier business. You can contact local sugar mills to see if you can purchase their raw bagasse, pre-processing.
  • The second step would be purchasing the required sugarcane bagasse making machinery. You will need processing machines for each step in the sugarcane bagasse pellets manufacturing process. To dry the sugarcane bagasse pellets, you will need a sugarcane bagasse rotary dryer. There are many types of rotary dryers but all of them serve the same purpose.
    This industrial dryer heats the pellets with hot gas to reduce moisture content. The price of rotary dryers varies greatly depending on manufacturer and size. Be prepared to spend at least $10,000.
  • The next sugarcane bagasse processing machine you need to have in your assembly is something that will help you crush the material into smaller pieces. This can be achieved by running the material through a sugarcane bagasse hammer mill crusher. The mechanics of a hammer mill crusher are exactly what they sound like.
    The machine contains a large hammer that pulverizes the material to create small pieces. Hammer mill crushers are a lot less expensive than dryers. Expect to purchase one for approximately 5 to 10 thousand dollars.
  • The next sugarcane bagasse making machine you need to buy is a sugarcane bagasse pellet machine. You cannot spare any expense while purchasing a sugarcane bagasse pellet making machine. Each modern sugarcane bagasse pellet mill comes equipped with a cooling chamber. If your sugarcane bagasse pelletizer machine does not, you will have to buy a separate cooler. In the first step the material is simply loaded into the sugarcane bagasse pelleting machine.
    Most machines come with mechanisms to avoid any spillage or loss of material. The second step involves the formation of sugarcane bagasse pellet shapes with a ring die.The machines are created to withstand vibration to ensure high quality sugarcane bagasse pellet formation. Pellet machines can cost anywhere from $10000 onward depending on the capacity you need to purchase.
  • Once the sugarcane bagasse pellets are formed and cooled, they can be packaged. Most pellet bags vary from 15 to 50 kilograms. You will need to purchase a pellet packing machine depending on the size of your pellet bags. At this point you will send the bags to your customers.
  • Once you have all the machinery in place, a location to manufacture and raw material you will need to ensure you have all the proper business licenses. You will also have to hire a full staff to help you run the sugarcane bagasse biomass pellet production line. The process can take months to years depending on the scale so it is best to get started as soon as possible.

Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine & Pellet Plant projects

  • Bagasse pellet plant in Australia

    Bagasse pellet plant in Australia

  • Bagasse pellet plant in Thailand

    Bagasse pellet plant in Thailand

  • Bagasse pellet plant in Indonesia

    Bagasse pellet plant in Indonesia

  • Bagasse pellet plant in Argentina

    Bagasse pellet plant in Argentina

  • Bagasse pellet plant in cuba

    Bagasse pellet plant in cuba

  • Bagasse pellet plant in India

    Bagasse pellet plant in India

  • Bagasse pellets plant in Brazil

    Bagasse pellets plant in Brazil

  • Bagasse pellets mill in Vietnam

    Bagasse pellets mill in Vietnam

  • 6T/H complete biomass pellet plant for wood and straw

    6T/H sugarcane bagasses pellet plant for sugarcane bagasses, wood sawdust and straw pellets production

    No Main Equipments Model Quantity
    1 Mixer Machine SLHJ1A 1
    2 Sawdust Rotary Dryer ф1800*180000 1
    3 Biomass Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Machine MZLH-520 3
    4 Pellet Cooling Machine SKLN17*17 1
    5 Vibrating Screener TDZS63 1
    6 Pellet Packing Machine DCS-50 1
    7 MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel / 1
    8 More Auxiliary Equipment U-screw conveyor*TLSSU35, Bucket elevator*TDTG50/28, Upper level indicator*KF1500, Storage bin*20m³, Lower level indicator*KF1500, Cyclone*ф600, Belt conveyor*PDS-500, Pneumatic gate valve*TZMQ30A,etc.
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  • 1.2ton per hour complete wood pellet production line price

    1.2T/H sugarcane bagasses pellet production line for wood and sugarcane bagasses

    No Main Equipments Model Quantity
    1 Sawdust Hammer Mill SFSP 66*60 1
    2 Biomass Dryer ф1200*120000 1
    3 Biomass Pelletizer Machine MZLH-420 1
    4 Pellet Cooling Machine SKLN11*11 1
    5 Vibrating Screener TDZS63 1
    6 Pellet Packing Machine DCS-50 1
    7 MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel / 1
    8 More Auxiliary Equipment Buffer bin*2m³, Cyclone*ф1000, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.36b, Draught fan*9-19-5.6a, U-Screw conveyor*TLSSU30, Bucket elevator*TDTG40/23, Storage bin*4m³, Anti-caking equipment, Bucket elevator*TDTG36/18,etc.
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Uses of sugarcane bagasse

1. As a Fuel Source

One ton of sugarcane can produce about 300kg bagasse. The production of sugarcane bagasse per year in Brazil is 75~90 million tons. About 90% or more is used as fuel to supply power for factory. With wood pellets making machine, bagasse can be extruded into pellets fuel.

Some sugar mill owners sell their excess sugarcane bagasse pellets to other factories with boilers or export them to foreign countries. Recently many East Asian countries such as China have started imported large quantities of sugarcane bagasse pellets. An average size power plant usually consumes over 10,000 tonnes of sugarcane bagasse pellets every month.

2. As Animal Feed

Sugarcane bagasse is a by-product of sugar factories offered for animal consumption. Beet bagasse is the cheapest source of roughage that is easily digestible and eagerly eaten by dairy cows and feeder cattle. With feed pellet mill for sugarcane bagasse pelle, through high pressure and high temperature processing, bagasse can be used as animal feed instead of grass and other fodder materials.

Bagasse feed pellets can mainly be used to feed cattle, cows, sheep, fish and so on.Years of experiments show that adding 38%~40% puffed bagasse in forage does good to animals' healthy. The experimental data is as below:

Item BH1 BH2 BH3
Content of Bagasse 52% 38% 25%
Daily Weight Gain of Cattle 0.866 1.012 0.985

3. As Pulp and Paper

In countries such as India, China, Colombia, Iran, Thailand and Argentina, bagasse is used in lieu of wood to create paper and pulp. Bagasse has good qualities for creating paper for mass production and distribution. It is also used to create thicker material boxes and boards as a substitute for plywood. Many companies even use it to build furniture.

What's the Molding process of bagasse pellet processing with bagasse pellet machine?

The structure change and molding of bagasse pellets rely on the additive role of lignin as well as the skeleton role of cellulose and hemicellulose. When lignin begins to soften and classify at 180℃, the pressure exerted by the die and rollers makes it adhere tightly to cellulose and adjacent particles. In this way, separate sugarcane residues are produced into regular pellets with fixed geometrical shapes.

What's the Influence of pressure on bagasse pellet production with bagasse pellet mill?

The molding process of raw materials has close relation with the transformation of those perpendicular to the principal stress direction. For feedstock with the same size, larger pressure makes more significant extension and larger density.

What's the Influence of moisture on bagasse pellet processing with bagasse pellet machine?

Fresh sugarcane bagasses should be dried first before wood pellets manufacturing. Otherwise, excessive moisture will evaporate under the action of heating and extruding, which may lead to the failure of molding or coarse surface of bagasse pellets.

However, raw materials shouldn’t be over-dried either because that will make end products easy to loosen and break.

What's the Influence of size on bagasse pellet processing with bagasse pellet machine?

The size of raw materials for wood pelletizer should be 3-5mm, which is why passages are crushed first before other processes. Too large may lead to clogging while too small will affect the quality and output of end products. Within a given standard, the smaller they are, the larger the molding density is.

What's the Quality requirement of bagasse fuel pellets?

With changeable customized size, produced bagasse pellets have low moisture and high calorific value. Little ash and zero SO2 content makes them free from pollution.

 Moisture  Ash Calorific value  Size SO2
12% 14% 4600kcal/kg 6,8,10,12…mm 0%

What's the Application of bagasse pellets?

  • Industrial boiler: Produced bagasse pellets can be used as fuel to supply energy for power stations, paper mills, fertilizer factories, etc.
  • Home heating: The development of wood pellets manufacturing improves the shortage situation of civil heating resources, enabling people to own a cozy warm environment in winter.
  • Animal feed: With the help of a feed pellet mill, bagasse pellets can be used to feed horses, cattle, dairy, etc.
  • Animal bedding: Produced bagasse pellets can also be used as animal bedding to provide your pets or poultry with a cozy and clean home.

What's the Cost of Bagasse Pellets? Can you make a Profit Analysis of Bagasse Pellets business?

Generally speaking, investing in a bagasse pellet production line costs US$50,000-2,000,000. According to different physical states of raw materials and special processing needs, we will customize different production line processes for customers.

Therefore, if you want to obtain an accurate quotation for a pellet production line, you need to make a decision based on the specific process and equipment configuration.

In addition, regarding the investment and return analysis of bagasse pellet processing, take a bagasse pellet production line project as an example:

The initial monthly output of this bagasse pellets manufacturing plant project is 500 tons. If normal operation, monthly output can increase to 1500tons or 3000tons. The annual output is around 30000tons.

Bagasse Pellets Production RIO(Return on Investment):

Item Cost Cost description
Raw material (sugarcane bagasse) 19.45USD/ton
Transportation cost 3.24USD/ton packing the car and discharge fee
Crushing 0
Electric charge for drying 1.39USD/ton 7.5KV electric machine can dry 0.70ton/h
Electric charge for pelletizing 11.67USD/ton 90KW electric machine can pelletize 1ton/h
Package 5.19USD/ton 25kg/bag 0.13USD/bag
Direct labor 8.10 USD/ton one equipment for 8 workers, 11.34USD for 1 worker in 1 day
Site fee 5.33USD/ton 19434.14 USD for 10-year use
Equipment fee 3.25USD/ton 80975.59 USD equipment for 26 days/month in five-year use
Maintenance cost 4.86USD/ton the die wear cost
Total cost 62.48USD/ton
According to valuation at market price, the calculation of bagasse pellets production profit is as follows: total cost is 62.48USD/ton; factory price is 97.17USD/ton; net profit of one ton is 34.69USD. If the monthly output is 500tons, monthly net profit is 17345USD.

How to Select Bagasse Pellet Plant Site?

Many bagasse pellet production plants are currently located in developed area where there are inadequate but higher raw material, higher management cost, labor cost and workshop rent.

The suitable factory site should be in the place with abundant & cheap raw material. And it would be better that the factory is near the port for convenient transportation. With such conditions, there are no problems in raw materials and related costs can be saved a lot.

How to make waste sugarcane bagasse into pellets? What is the detailed bagasse pellet production process? Which pellet making machines will involve? and How much will cost to setup a commercial sugarcane bagasse pellet plant?

Setting up a bagasse pelletingplant is not an easy task. Once established however, there is an opportunity to grow your business to be highly profitable. If you are interested in bagasse pellet equipment, you can contact RICHI online customer service, e-mail, telephone,and WhatsApp +138 3838 9622!

Why Choose Richi

why choose richi
why choose richi

Introduction of RICHI
Strength certification

Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. We have developed and manufactured multifunctional pelletizers, grinders, mixers, dryers and more than ten categories and more than 30 models of complete machine products are widely used in feed, biomass, organic fertilizer, pet supplies, solid waste recycling, chemical industry, road construction and other fields.

All RICHI products have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, EU CE certification and Customs Union CU-TR certification, successfully serving more than 2,000 customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Customized Design And Business Plan

In RICHI, every equipment and every pellet production line business plant can be customized. We will formulate multiple sets of pellet production process plans for comparative analysis according to the actual needs of customers, select a reasonable plan, and realize private customization.

Our services run through all aspects of on-site terrain and environment survey, production line process design, raw material testing, cost requirement analysis, project investment budget, equipment installation and commissioning.

Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan

Quality Control
Richi Machinery

We adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system, and strictly implement international standards for product design and manufacturing processes. In terms of management systems, there are product quality accountability systems, product quality accountability systems, and safety production management systems; in terms of management tools, QC quality control management, SPC statistical process control, sampling inspection and measurement system analysis are used for quality control, to achieve effective control of the entire process of equipment production, and never let go of any quality hidden dangers that may affect customer operations.

Quality Control

Delivery And Installation

RICHI has always been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship to make every detail good, especially in the link of equipment preparation and delivery, we follow the standardized process: preparation order check-equipment factory quality inspection-packing list re-inspection-scientific packaging and transportation, ensure the safe and non-destructive delivery of equipment.

According to customer needs, RICHI installation engineers will guide the construction of site infrastructure, equipment installation and commissioning and trial operation of the entire production line throughout the process. When the relevant project indicators reach the design standards, the client will carry out the project acceptance.

Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
After-sales And Training

After-sales And Training
Richi Machinery

We have built a team of nearly 100 technical engineers to solve a series of problems in the project from consultation, site survey, sample analysis to plan design, installation and commissioning, and maintenance. We provide comprehensive and systematic training for the technical staff of each customer to better serve the customer's project needs.

After the technicians have finished their studies, RICHI will provide follow-up technical support services, and the training engineers will follow up the project use effects in the later stage to ensure the stable operation of the customer's project.

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