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Ukraine 100-150KG/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

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Name:Floating Fish Feed Line
Date:December 17, 2020
Floating fish pellets size:2-6 mm
The install period:10 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):8m*3.5m*4m
Guiding Price:10000-50000 USD

Ukraine 100-150KG/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Overview of 100-150 kg/h small fish feed production line project in Ukraine

2020.11.20, Ukraine customers consult us;

"Please send me a quote for a 0.1-0.15 tons per hours floating fish feed complete production line. Please include transportation to Ukraine."

2020.12.17, this Ukraine small floating fish feed production line project is sold.

This Ukraine customer has his own fish ponds, and the establishment of this small capacity fish feed production line is to "self-produce and self-use". This order was completed during the new crown epidemic, so the customer did not visit, so the negotiation and transaction were completed online.
Equipment delivery of  Ukraine small fish feed manufacturing plant project

Equipment delivery of  Ukraine small fish feed manufacturing plant project

A wide range of raw materials for fish feed production in this small floating fish feed line include corn, wheat bran, paddy, soybean meal, paddy rice, sorghum, etc. The raw materials is experienced by the high temperature and high pressure, which can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections.

The fish feed formula of our this Ukraine customer have some problem, it resulting the final fish food pellets can't float on the water, so our engineer suggest him can add some corn starch in the formula for fish feed. Finally, the final fish food pellets float up, our client felt very happy. Install and production of the small floating fish feed plant is very smoothly until now.

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Fish feed making machines in this complete fish feed processing plant line:

Fish feed grinder*11KW; Fish feed mixer machine*250kg/batch; Floating fish feed extruder*22kw; Floating fish feed dryer machine Coating machine and other subsidiary equipment. No packing machine . It's not full automatic contral system.

Floating fish feed production process in the Ukraine 100-150kg/h floating fish feed production line

fish feed manufacturing process

Pellet plant drawing of Ukraine 100-150kg/h fish feed production line we provided:

Our fish feed pellet production line solutions feature great flexibility. According to different fish feed types, different output configuration can be customized. There are great after-service and fish feed plant solutions. If you are intended to start your fish feed production business to make floating fish feed pellets in small or large scale floating fish feed produciton line, please do not hesitate to contact Pellet Richi for details. In addition, this floating feed making line can also be used as a pet food production line.

fish feed pellet production line

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Also as a floating fish feed plant manufacturer in China, we have done many fish feed making machine projects, fish feed extruder machine projects, fish feed plant projects, here is a list of some recent fish feed production projects:

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