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15T/H Aqua Feed Company New Build Aqua Feed Plant For Fish Prawns Crab Feed Production In China

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Name:15 Tons per hour aqua feed mill
Country:Nantong, China
Date:September 2019
Feed Size:0.5-4mm
The install period:45 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Fish feed mill plant cost:250000-780000USD

15T/H Aqua Feed Company New Build Aqua Feed Plant For Fish Prawns Crab Feed Production In China

Overview of the 15 t/h new fish feed company details

There many aquaculture feed companies in China, but the aqua feed manufacturer in this 15t/h full automatic fish feed factory project is very famous, it's one of the top aquafeed companies and fish feed brands in China.

Chia Tai Aquaculture (Nantong) Co., Ltd. was established on December 28, 2017 and is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. The registered capital is 45 million yuan, and the business scope includes breeding, processing aquatic products and selling self-produced products; production and sales of compound feed; wholesale of aquatic products and agricultural and sideline products (except for the purchase and wholesale of rice, wheat, and corn); production of aquatic biological preparations, sales and technical services; purchase and sale of shrimp larvae breeding.

Chia Tai Aquatic Products (Nantong) Co., Ltd. invested 150 million yuan (this fish feed mill construction budget) in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province in 2019 to build the "Annual Production of 100,000 Tons of Aquatic Feed Company Project".

The customized 15 tons per hour automatic feed and fisheries ltd project covers an area of ​​about 112.7 acres. It is planned to build new production houses, storage houses, office houses, auxiliary and supporting facilities, with a total construction area of ​​46,102 m2, and newly build 6 aquatic feed production lines, including 2 crab shrimp feed manufacturing units, 2 fish feed manufacturing units and 2 extruded fish feed manufacturing units.

And 52 sets of main fish feed mill machine such as fish feed grinding machine, fish feed mixer machines, fish feed formulation machine, fish feed pelleting machine, fish feed extruder machine, fish feed cooler machine, and curing machines have been purchased.

After the large scale 15t/h aquatic feed pellet production lines project is completed and put into production, it can form an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of aquatic feed. All aqua feeds plant equipment for this fish shrimp crab feed production project is provided by RICHI.

The aqua feed company 15tph customized feed mill plant project has 40 employees, 270 days of work per year, 24 hours per day, and 6480 hours per year. This shrimp crab floating fish feed mill plant project uses a 6t/h natural gas boiler that runs for 270 days, 10 hours per day, and operates 2,700 hours per year.

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Main automatic fish feed machines of the fully automatic 15t/h integrated fish pellet plant

This large capacity advanced aqua feed plant project is aquatic feed processing. It mainly produces shrimp and crab feed, fish feed, and aquatic extruded feed. Two aquatic feed pellet production lines for shrimp and crab feed, fish feed, and extruded feed will be built respectively, with a total of 6 aquatic feed pellet production lines with a production capacity of 40,000 tons/year. 40,000 tons/year, 20,000 tons/year, totaling 100,000 tons/year.

Aquatic feed pellet production lines Aqua feed machine name Specifications/Parameters
Shared equipment Coarse crusher 15t/h
Batching scale and bucket 2.5t/batch
Double shaft high efficiency mixer 45t/h
Bucket elevator 48 t/h
Shrimp and crab feed production line Batching scale and bucket 2.5t/batch
Bucket elevator 32t/h & 10t/h
Superfine fish feed grinder 4.5t/h
Fan 220m³/min
Shrimp feed pellet making machine 3-5t/h
Classification screen 5-10t/h
Pellet crumbler machine /
Packing scale 25-40kg/bag&5kg/bag
Hard pellet fish feed production line Batching scale and bucket 2.5t/batch
Double shaft high efficiency mixer for fish feed 30t/h
Bucket elevator 32t/h & 10t/h
Fan 220m³/min
Fish pellet making machine 6-8t/h
Crumbler machine /
Classification screen 8-10t/h
Packing scale 25-40kg/bag
Extruded feed production line Superfine grinder /
Twin screw extruder for fish prawn feed 2t/a
Batching scale and bucket 2.5t/batch
Double shaft high efficiency fish feed mixer 30t/h
Bucket elevator 32t/h &10t/h
Classification screen 5-10t/h
Fan 220m³/min
Aqua feed dryer /
Drum spraying machine /
Counter flow cooler /
Packing scale 25-40kg/bag
Automatic packaging line /
Public equipment Air compressor 6.3m³/min
Gas boiler (with low nitrogen burner) 6t/h
Transformer /
Soft water preparation equipment 6t/h
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Approval of aqua fish feed mill machine production capacity and feed mill equipment compatibility

Since the fish feeds processing machine model and quantity are closely related to the 15t/h high quality aqua feed company project's production capacity, the production capacity is calculated based on the fish feed mill machine stand-alone capacity, production conditions and production time, and the rationality of the 15t/h fish feed mill machine configuration is analyzed based on this.

Here, the capacity matching is evaluated from the granulation capacity of shrimp crab fish feed pelletizing equipment, and the expansion capacity of extruded feed fish food machine. In this super quality aqua feed plant project, 2 shrimp and crab feed processing line and 2 fish feed production lines are each equipped with a fish feed pelletizer, a total of 4 units, and the 2 extruded feed production lines are equipped with 1 extruder machine for fish feed, a total of 2 units.

The main products of this widely used wholesale aqua feed plant project are shrimp and crab feed, fish feed and its extruded feed (using finished shrimp and crab feed and fish feed as raw materials), due to the seasonality of product demand (such as the decrease in the demand for feed in autumn and winter each year) and product characteristics ( For example, shrimp and crab feed and fish feed are not produced at the same time), according to the information provided by the RICHI engineer in charge of the aqua feed company new build 15t/h fish feed mill project:

The working hours of the crab shrimp feed production line are 5184h/a, the working hours of the fish feed production line are 3240h/a, and the extruded aqua feed production line working hours is 2400h/a, it will run at full load. The shrimp and crab feed production capacity is 31104~51840t/a, the fish feed production capacity is 38880~51840t/a, and the extruded feed production capacity is 14400~24000t/a.

Note: The product plan for shrimp and crab feed and fish feed is 40,000 t/a. Extruded feed requires finished shrimp and crab feed and fish feed as raw materials. Therefore, the actual production capacity of shrimp and crab feed and fish feed is 100,000 t/a.

Product name Aqua feed mill equipment name Single equipment capacity (t/h) Peak season production hours (h/a) Total production capacity (t/a)
Shrimp and crab feed Shrimp crab fish feed pellet mill 3-5 5184 31104~51840
Fish feed Fish food pellet machine 6-8 3240 38880~51840
Extruded feed Aqua fish food extruder 3-5 2400 14400-24000
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