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120-150KG/H Fish Feed Pellet Production Line in Puerto Rico

South America is originally the origin of many ornamental fish. The development of leisure fishing in the United States has a long history. As an autonomous region of the United States, Puerto Rico not only develops aquaculture, but also drives the development of local tourism with leisure fishing. Therefore, it can be seen that the fish feed of Puerto Rico is very promising.

A fish feed extruder purchased by customers from Puerto Rico this time will be used in the 120-150kg/h aquatic floating fish feed mill plant. Puerto Rico is located in the eastern part of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Most of the Caribbean countries are relatively small. Among them, the development of aquaculture in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Dominica and other countries has achieved some results and is sustainable.

Name:Fish Feed Pellet Production Line
Country:Puerto Rico
Feed Pellet Size:3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm, fish feed pellet
The install period:15 Days
Certification::CE & SGS & ISO
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