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Animal Feed Pelletizer

SZLH508 Series

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  • SZLH508 poultry feed pelletizer for sale
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  • SZLH508 rabbit feed pelletizer machine for sale

SZLH508 series high-grade ring die animal feed pelletizer is mainly suitable for large-scale feed factories to process and produce various pellet feeds, which can reduce processing costs. It is suitable for raising chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, cattle, sheep, fish, shrimps, crabs, etc.

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SZLH508 Animal Feed Pelletizer

The SZLH series feeds pelletizer machine comes with, from 250 mm to 858 mm diameter dies. The drive motor options ranging from 22kw to 315 kw gives the opportunity of the highest capacity , quality and energy savings , even with the difficult to pellet formulations.

Steam cooked feed becomes easier to digest thanks to the starch going gelatinized. It kills the sickness inducing, harmful bacteria (such as Salmonella). The feed becomes denser after getting pelletized and its transportation expenses become cheaper. (Related project: Algeria 10-15T/H Poultry Feed Mill With 4*350T Silos System)
animal feed pelletizer feed pellet mill pellet mill for animal feed

Richi Machinery is the producer of SZLH series feed pelletizer machines which offer the pelleting capacity between 1 to 45 tph. ( actual capacity depends on the formulation and the die specifications).

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Features of SZLH508 animal feed pelletizer

Parameters of SZLH508 animal feed pelletizer

Model Capacity(TPH) Main Motor Power(kw) Feeder Motor Power(kw) Conditioner Power(kw) Dia.of Ring Die(mm) Final Pellet(mm)
SZLH508 10-18 160 2.2 11 508 2~12
animal feed pelletizer small feed pellet machine pellet mill for animal feed

Working Principle Of Animal Feed Pelletizer

How does a feeds pelletizer machine work? It's important to learn how a pelletizer works. Whether it is an automatic pelletizer or an industrial pelletizer, as long as it is a ring die pelletizer, the pelletizing machine working principle is the same. The pelletizer machine is the key mechanical equipment in the production of pellet. The most commonly used pelletizer is the ring die feed pelletizer, which is mainly composed of a hopper, a feeder, a security magnet, a conditioner, a chute, a door cover, and a pressing room. The main drive system, overload protection device and electrical control system, etc.

The working principle of the ring die animal food pelletizer process is: the quenched and tempered crushed material is passed through the chute through the compression die cover, and the centrifugal force generated by the gravity and the rotation of the ring die and feeding The action of the scraper is evenly fed into the two pressing areas in the ring die.animal feed pelletizer fish feed pelleting machine price pellet mill for animal feed

Under the strong squeezing action of the ring die and the pressure roller, the material is gradually compacted and extruded into the die hole of the ring die and continuously extruded in a columnar shape. And adjust the distance between the cutter and the surface of the ring die to control the length of the feed pellets. (Related project: Afghanistan 10-15T/H Automatic Chicken Feed Mill)

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Composition of animal feed pelletizer system

The animal feed granulation system is mainly composed of a feeding chute, a pressing chamber and a cutter. It is the core of the animal feed pelletizer machine and the determining factor of the granulation process and granulation effect.


The feeding chute.

The feeding chute is composed of a chute, a handle, an observation window, and a complete body. Its purpose is to send the conditioned material in the stirring conditioner into the pressing room for pressing, which plays a role of linking the preceding and the following.

Open the observation window to observe and grasp the quenching and tempering quality of the material at any time, and it can also be used as an artificial feeding port. When the outer handle of the chute machine is pulled, the material is discharged outside the machine for test run and troubleshooting.


The pressing room.

The pressing chamber is the heart of the feed pelletizer machine, which is composed of a die cover, a feeding scraper, a distributor, an annular die, a columnar pressing roller, a cutter and a door cover, etc. Its function is to distribute the material to be granulated from the discharge chute to the working surface between the rotating ring die and the columnar pressure roller through the distributor, and the rotating die fills the material into the compression area.animal feed pelletizer feed pellet machine malaysia pellet mill for animal feed

Then, the pressure roller is driven to rotate through the friction with the material, so that the material enters the extrusion zone and merges into the die hole for forming. Under strong extrusion, the material overcomes the resistance of the hole wall, and is continuously extruded from the die hole in strips. When extruding, it is installed outside the ring die, and cut into pellets of suitable length by the position-adjustable cutter.

In the process of pressing granules, the material is forced to pass through these small holes under the strong extrusion of the die and the roller to form a compact shape, so the die should have high strength and wear resistance; generally high-quality alloy steel, chromium steel (containing 12% to 14% chromium) and carburized stainless steel.

Its structural characteristic parameters are usually composed of die hole diameter, die thickness, effective working length, decompression feed hole depth, feed orifice diameter, feed orifice angle, die opening ratio, compression ratio and aspect ratio expression. The pressure roller is generally inert or driven, and its transmission force is the friction between the die and the pressure roller.


Transmission system

The power of the transmission system is output by the main motor, through the internal tooth-shaped elastic coupling, the gear shaft runs coaxially with the motor, and then after a pair of gears are decelerated (or directly decelerated by the pulley), the empty shaft It rotates together with the drive shaft and die. The die and the transmission wheel of animal feed pelletizer are connected by screws and keys (or fixed by hoops).animal feed pelletizer how to make pellet feeds pellet mill for animal feed

The eccentric pressure roller shaft is installed in the pressure roller bushing of the main shaft, and is pressed and fixed by the pressure plate. There is a pressure shaft on the pressure roller shaft. When the pressure die rotates, the internal cutting pressure roller is driven to rotate due to the friction of the material, and the material brought in by the centrifugal force is extruded from the die hole of the pressure die through the extrusion of neat particles.

The distance between the die and the pressure roller can be changed by adjusting the gap adjustment wheel. The adjustment distance is generally about 10-12mm, which is obtained by the rotation of the eccentric pressure roller around the main shaft and the coaxial hole on the pressure plate.

Advantages of feed processed by animal feed pelletizer

The feed pelletizer machine is mainly composed of raw material receiving and cleaning, crushing and mixing, pelleting and cooling, packing and other sections. At present, my country's feed machinery industry has a certain scale and level. So, what are the advantages of the feed processed by animal feed pelletizer machine? Here are some advantages.


Avoid picky eaters

There are many kinds of raw materials in the formula of compound feed, and the nutrition is comprehensive, which can prevent the phenomenon that animals choose what they like to eat from the powder and refuse to take in other ingredients. Because pellet feed can maintain uniformity during storage, transportation and feeding, it can reduce feeding loss by 8% to 10%.


High rate of return

During the granulation process of animal feed pelletizer , due to the comprehensive effect of moisture, temperature and pressure, some physical and chemical reactions occur in the feed, starch gelatinization and enzyme activity are enhanced, which can make the fed animals digest the feed more effectively and convert it into weight gain.
animal feed pelletizer feed pellet machine pellet mill for animal feed

Feeding poultry and pigs with pellet feed can increase the feed conversion rate (that is, the rate of return) by 10%-12% compared with powder feed. Feed fattening pigs with pellet feed, the average daily gain is 4%, and the feed-to-meat ratio can be reduced by 6%; when feeding broilers, the feed-to-meat ratio can be reduced by 3%-10%.


Reduce pollution

Avoid automatic grading of feed ingredients. In the process of powder storage and transportation, due to the different volume and quality of various powders, classification is very easy to occur. There is no classification of feed ingredients after being made into pellets, and the pellets are not easy to dust, and the pollution of air and water by pellets is much less than that of powder during feeding.


Good liquidity

Easy to manage. Many powders, especially fluffy feeds with small specific gravity, feeds with added molasses or high fat and urea often adhere to the feed bank. Due to the good fluidity of pellet feed and little sticking phenomenon, pellet feed made by animal feed pelletizer is the most popular for those farms that use automatic feeders to raise dairy cows or poultry on a large scale.



Salmonella in animal feed. After Salmonella is ingested by animals, it will remain in animal tissues. People who eat animals infected with this bacteria will get Salmonella gastroenteritis. The method of high-temperature steam conditioning and granulation can kill Salmonella in animal feed.
animal feed pelletizer small feed pellet machine price pellet mill for animal feed


Transportation Economy

After granulation, the bulk density of the feed will generally increase by 40%-100%, which can reduce the storage capacity and save transportation costs.

Selection of equipment for pellet feed production lines

Animal feed pelletizers are usually used together with other feed equipment, and together they form an animal feed production line. Due to the different varieties and characteristics of feed materials, there are also different requirements for the performance and structural parameters of the equipment in each section.

The main equipment selection of commonly used pellet feed production lines directly affects the quality and output of finished pellets.

Pelleting requires just the right combination of force, moisture and temperature to achieve the perfect consistency. Our ability to achieve this perfect combination comes from configuring the right equipment in your feed processing line. (Related project: Saudi Arabia 15-16T/H poultry and cattle feed plant)

RICHI animal feed pelletizer plant solutions include everything for turning your resources into the perfect pellet, from the conditioning and extruding to drying and cooling and everything in between.

animal feed pelletizer making grass pellets for feed pellet mill for animal feed

Animal Feed Grinder

Feed grinder is mainly used to crush granular raw materials of various feeds. The purpose of feed crushing is to increase the surface area of feed and adjust the particle size. Increasing the surface area improves palatability, and it is easy to contact with digestive juice in the digestive tract, which is conducive to improving digestibility.

Good absorption of feed nutrients. When choosing this equipment, it is necessary to choose a feed grinder according to the production capacity, crushed raw materials, discharge method, supporting power, energy saving, dust and noise.

  • Capacity: 3-25T/H
  • Main Power: 30-160KW
animal feed pelletizer making grass pellets for feed pellet mill for animal feed

Animal feed pelletizer

There are two types of pellet mills used in feed mills: ring die and flat die. The ring die pellet machine has a large output and low power consumption in pressing feed, especially concentrated feed, which is unmatched by the flat die pellet machine.

Since the working principle of the ring die animal feed granulator is basically the same, the evaluation of its performance is mainly based on the rationality of the structural design, the convenience of operation, the selection of structural parameters, the processing method, the manufacturing level, and the selection of parts and materials.

  • Capacity: 1-42T/H
  • Main Power: 22-315KW
animal feed pelletizer floating fish feed pellet machine india

Pellet Machine Conditioner

The aging process can effectively sterilize and improve nutrition, thereby improving feed quality. Improving the maturity of granulation is not only related to the selected equipment, but also related to other factors, such as the crushing particle size of the material, the structure of the ring die hole, the quality of the tempered steam, and the installation angle of the paddle on the conditioner shaft, the speed of the quenching and tempering shaft, formula and output, etc. (Related solution: Cattle Feed Mill)

Once the equipment is selected, it should be adjusted to the best parameters according to the actual situation, so as to improve the tempering effect and the maturity of granulation, and can effectively improve the working efficiency of the animal feed pelletizer, reduce the power consumption per ton of material, and obtain more economic benefits.

animal feed pelletizer floating fish feed pellet machine india

Animal feed pellet cooler

Cooling is to maintain better storage performance of the product after granulation, and it is an indispensable procedure after granulation. The model selection of this machine, because the models produced by each factory are similar, so pay attention to the manufacturing quality, materials and accessories, such as: how effective is the automatic control of the feeding and discharging linkage mechanism, and whether the main part is made of stainless steel.

The suction pipe should be made of stainless steel sheet, otherwise the service life will be greatly affected by the presence of water vapor, so attention should be paid, otherwise it is impossible to obtain the best use effect.

  • Capacity: 1.5-18T/H
  • Capacity: Main Power: 0.75-2.05KW
animal feed pelletizer animal feed pellet machine

Grading sieve

Existing grading sieves mainly include vibrating grading sieves and rotary vibrating sieves, both of which can achieve better results. Vibrating grading sieve should adjust the vibration amplitude of the sieve body according to the nature and flow rate of the material to achieve the best effect.

The rotary classifying sieve is also one of the commonly used equipment because of its long screen surface size, so the classifying effect is better.

  • Capacity: 15-30T/H
  • Main Power: 0.75-1.5KW

Richi Machinery's animal feed mill unit adopts a splice frame, which is compact in design, reasonable in structure, meets environmental protection requirements, and can be directional designed according to customer requirements.

Building block modular design, convenient disassembly, transportation and installation; low investment, quick results, compact structure, small footprint, low plant requirements, low infrastructure investment, especially suitable for small feed mills and farms. If you want to know more about animal feed pelletizer and other feed processing equipment, welcome to consult us. (Related post: Chicken Feed Factory)

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Service Of Animal Feed Pelletiser Machine For Sale

Consultation service

Our consultation service can provide you with professional services including service center information, price consultations, technical support, product complaints, repairs and spare parts inquiries, and sales support. The demand for differentiated pelleting is always there, and we spare no effort in helping you to select the right pellet maker equipment and realize the optimal value of the pelletizer mill equipment you purchase.

Private Customized Solutions

We have the software and hardware resources as well as the years of construction experience needed to provide you with efficient and highly customized pelletizing solutions. We will happily listen to any of your product design, manufacturing, or service ideas during the consultation process.
animal feed pelletizer pellet feed plant

Transport, training and installation

In order to meet your every need, we provide a professional transportation delivery service and a training service for initial installation with every piece of machinery.

After-market Service

We are committed to providing after-market services, including original parts, instructions, repairs and maintenance. We always stick to our responsibility and mission of handling your concerns as best we can.

Customer Guide For Animal Feed Pelletizer

How to use feeds pelletizer machine?

In order to use the new animal feed pelletizer machine correctly, reduce the pelletizer operator's use risk and the probability of mechanical damage due to improper operation, and increase the service life of the pelletizing machine, it is important to standardize the operation.

★Preparation before starting the pelletizer machine

  1. Steam adjustment: close the steam pipeline gate valve in front of the pellet machine conditioner, check and close the trap valve of the conditioner and its sandwich; close the steam inlet valve of the conditioner and its sandwich; first open the inlet on the sub-cylinder The steam main valve, then open the trap gate under the sub-cylinder, drain the condensate for 2 to 3 minutes, then close; open the steam valve above the sub-cylinder into the conditioner, and then open the trap gate of the conditioner pipeline to drain the condensate For about 1 minute, then close the trap.
  2. Check whether the fasteners of each part of the pelletizer mill machine are safe and reliable, especially whether the fasteners in the pressing room are loose.
  3. According to the arrangement of the pellet production plan, replace the ring die with the corresponding specification.
  4. heck the degree of wear of the pelletizer machine pressure roller shell, if it does not meet the requirements of use, it should be replaced in time.
  5. Check whether the gap between the die and the roller is adjusted properly.
  6. Check the pressing room, the auger and the quenching and tempering cylinder if there are foreign objects such as rice noodles, and close the pressing room and the door cover of the conditioner after cleaning.
  7. Preliminary adjustment of the position of the cutter can basically reach the particle length of the finished material produced.
  8. Add lubricating grease according to the lubrication diagram, and the lubricating grease in the pressure roller should be added before starting the ring die pelletizer machine.
  9. Check whether the steam supply system is normal; the steam pressure entering the conditioner should be determined according to the nature of the material to be granulated.animal feed pelletizer fish feed pellet mill

★Operation steps of pelletizer machine operator

  1. Start the feed pelletizer equipment: start the suction system first, turn on the fan and the air shutter in turn. And pad the receiving plate at the discharge port; open the discharge door of the feed pelletizer making machine, start the main motor of the ring die pellet making machine; after the main motor current of the pellet press machine is stable, start the conditioner and the feeder auger motor, and the feeding speed is adjusted to a low speed.
  2. Adjust the steam pressure and drain the condensed water in the steam pipe.
  3. Open the discharge door and open the intake valve at the same time, adjust the speed of the feeding motor slightly, close the discharge door after the pellets are pressed out, and check whether the appearance quality of the formed pellets on the receiving plate meets the pellet process requirements.
  4. After the appearance quality of the compressed pellets meets the process requirements, adjust the steam valve, adjust the feeder motor speed to be consistent with the amount of steam added, and adjust the position of the cutter so that the length of the pellets meets the process requirements, clean and remove splice board.
  5. Further adjust the speed of the feeder, and adjust the amount of steam correspondingly to make the temperature and humidity of the quenched and tempered material suitable.
  6. Shutdown: Close the feeding door, adjust the speed of the feeding auger to low, and gradually close the steam inlet valve; turn off the feeding motor when there is no material in the silo from the observation door; wait for the material in the conditioner to be emptied After that, turn off the power of the conditioner. Feed an appropriate amount of oily feed from the observation door, squeeze out the original material in the ring die and fill the hole of the ring die with the oily feed.
    Turn off the power supply of the main motor of the ring die animal feed pelletizer machine. After the main machine of the pelletizing machine stops rotating, open the protective door cover to remove the material in the pressing chamber; remove the magnetic metal impurities on the magnet, and finally close the door cover.animal feed pelletizer feed pellet production line

★Operation precautions of pelletizing machine

  1. There should be no foreign matter such as stones, iron impurities, twine, etc. in the powder entering the automatic pelletizer machine.
  2. The main motor should be turned on when starting up, and the feeder motor should be turned off when shutting down.
  3. The oily feed must be fed before the main motor is turned off, especially when the machine is shut down for a long time, to prevent the ring die from clogging.
  4. Clean up the accumulated material in the suppression chamber after shutdown.
  5. Operate strictly in accordance with the operating rules and precautions, do not run overloaded, and prevent equipment failures caused by incorrect operation.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to open the door cover of the pressing chamber when the granulator is working, so as to avoid personal injury or death.
  7. When the feed pelletizing equipment is running, your hands cannot reach into the observation door to receive materials or perform other actions. If you want to receive materials, you should use self-made special tools.
  8. In order to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency, after the equipment is running normally, the current of the main engine should be observed at any time, and the feed volume and steam inlet volume should be adjusted in time according to the current fluctuations, so that the main motor can work at the rated current and always open the observation door of the feeding chute to check the quality of the material to ensure that the material has the appropriate temperature and humidity, and the feeding condition should be observed at any time.

★Organize after shutdown the pelletizer machine

  1. After the ring die is stationary, open the door cover to remove the accumulated material in the granulating chamber;
  2. Remove iron impurities on the magnet;
  3. Clean the work site, clean up the pelleting equipment, and the tools should be placed and stored neatly;
  4. Fill in the pelleting operation record and hand over to the successor.animal feed pelletizer feed pellet making machine

★Maintenance of pelletizer machine

  1. Daily maintenance of pellet milling machine: keep the exterior of the equipment clean and hygienic at all times, and remove dust, powder and oil. Add oil to each lubrication point in strict accordance with the provisions of the lubrication chart, and add high-temperature grease to the end of the main shaft as required. Check whether the bolts, screws and scrapers in the pressing room are loose before the shift.
    Before driving, check the gap between the mold rolls and adjust them reasonably to ensure that the gap between the two rolls is consistent. Check for oil, water and air leaks at any time, and deal with them in time. Every 4 hours of work, grease each roller bearing, and grease the spindle bearing every 8-10 hours. Clean the feed auger and conditioner once a week. If they are not used in a short period of time, they must be cleaned for later use.
  2. Regular maintenance of pelleting machine: Check once a week for any looseness in the connecting parts of each part. The main transmission box and reducer should be replaced with new oil after 500 hours of operation, and the oil should be changed once after six months of continuous operation. Special gear oil must be used.

How to start the feeds pelletizer machine correctly?

★Prepare to boot

When the animal feed pelletizier machine operator is ready to start the machine, he must confirm the storage of each silo and the residual status of each process, understand the machine status and production plan, open each steam trap valve, and release the condensate in the steam for about two minutes.
animal feed pelletizer animal feed pellet mill for sale

★Start the feed pelletizer equipment

When the switch of the main engine is pressed, the granulator starts to run, but at this time, the pellet pressing machine has not really started up, and neither granulation nor oil can be added to wash the die. After the star-delta conversion of the main motor of the granulator, the ammeter After showing that the current is normal, you should put in some oily materials first, and rinse the ring die for about two minutes to heat the ring die.

It is very necessary to heat up the ring die. When starting to feed, the amount of feed should not exceed 20% of the production capacity of the feed pellet granulator. Prevent the pelletizer machine from feeding too much material in an instant, and the load suddenly increases, causing pelleting machine blockage or equipment damage. When the material is quenched and tempered, it feels tight and can be formed into a mass, and when it can disperse after letting go, close the feed door at this time and proceed to granulation.

Observe whether the current of the main engine is stable, and adjust the feeding amount and steam addition amount according to the production performance and current load of the pelletizer mill machine. The feeding amount must be gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed, and the amount of steam added should be adjusted according to the dry humidity of the material.

The feed pelletizer machine should avoid overloading, which can easily lead to the rupture of the ring die and the damage of the pelletizer extruder. Don't be careless and impatient when using the new die. It is necessary to run in moderately before the new mold reaches the best production capacity.
animal feed pelletizer how to make pellet feeds

What should be paid attention to when installing feed pelletizer equipment?

  1. Before installation, check whether the dimensions of the installation foundation meet the requirements of the drawings according to the pelletizer equipment plan and foundation plan. If there are any discrepancies, repair them until the dimensions are correct before installing.
  2. The installer should be familiar with the installation requirements of each pelletizer equipment first, and carry out construction in strict accordance with the technical requirements.
  3. The pelletizer equipment may be deformed, damaged or lost during transportation. Therefore, before installation, check and accept the equipment against the equipment list, and take corresponding measures to ensure that the equipment is in good condition before installation.
  4. Each pelletizer equipment should be numbered before entering the installation site, and the installation process card and schedule should be formulated. According to the requirements of the installation process sequence, the equipment should be transferred to the site for installation one by one.
  5. Installation sequence: from top to bottom, first install the host equipment and rack in place, and then install the connecting pipes and electrical equipment.
  6. Tools required for installation: pelletizer equipment and materials must be available.
  7. After installation, the rotating parts of the pelletizer equipment must be flexibly rotated, without jamming, bumping, and impact. The connecting parts must be firm and sealed, and there must be no powder, air, or oil leakage.
  8. The installation of electrical pelletizer equipment should comply with the relevant national regulations. The direction of each line should be clear, and there should be no electricity running or leakage. The wires and cables should have a protective shell to prevent rats from biting.
  9. After the installation of all pelletizer equipment is completed, each stand-alone pelletizer unit should be tested without load, and can only be put into load test after running normally.
  10. Before the load test run, calibrate the electronic batching scale and the packing scale to meet the specified accuracy.
  11. The load runs for 8 hours, and it can be delivered to the factory for production and use after there is no fault.animal feed pelletizer feed pellet machine for sale in philippines

How to choose the right feed pelletizer machine for the fish farms?

(1)Choose the power of the fish pellet feed machine according to the amount of bait. For fish ponds of 0.33-0.66 hectares (5-10 acres), the daily feeding amount is about 120 kg, and pellet feed machines with a power of about 1 kilowatt can be purchased; for fish ponds of 0.66-3.3 hectares, the average daily feeding amount is about For the size of 120-160 kg, the pellet feed machine with the power of 1-2 kW can be purchased; the fish pond of 3.3-6.6 hectares, the average daily feeding amount is about 600 -1200 kg, and the power of 2-4 kW can be purchased fish feed pellet making machine.

(2)Choose the specifications of the animal feed pelletizer machine for fish according to the scale of breeding. For fish ponds with large aquaculture scale and a large proportion of bottom fish, hard pellet feed making machines can be used, otherwise soft pellet feed machines can be used. For fish ponds for breeding fish fry, small multi-functional feed pelletizer machines and crushing and screening machines can be used to obtain feeds of different specifications.

(3)Pay attention to inspection when purchasing. The shell paint should be complete and smooth, and there should be no defects such as cracks, peeling, bubbling, etc.; the gearbox should not have oil leakage; the mechanical transmission parts should have protective devices and overload protection devices, and they should be eye-catching. Lubrication, operation, rotation, safety and other signs; each fastener must not be loose; each adjustment handle and hand wheel should be flexible, light and reliable; electrical parts should be in good contact, reliable insulation, and no leakage.

(4)Turn on the power and run for 3-5 minutes, and observe whether the operation is stable, whether there are abnormal shocks, vibrations and heating, and whether the pointers of the ammeter and voltmeter are normal.

(5) Finally, don't forget to ask for the pelletizer product certificate, instruction manual and sales invoice.
animal feed pelletizer animal feed pellet mill for sale

How to choose fish feed machine: pelletizer vs extruder

There are mainly three types of commonly used fish pellet feed machines, namely soft pellet feed machines, pelletizer machines and extruder machines.

The soft fish pellet feed machine is the earliest and most common one with simple structure and low cost. It can adapt to a wide range of raw materials, and can be used with various formulations of concentrated materials (rice bran, bran, bean cake, fish meal, barley flour, etc.), coarse materials (rice straw, wheat straw, soybean straw and other crop straw powder), green materials (water float) The mixed raw materials of lotus, water peanut, water hyacinth and various vegetables, etc.) and various additives are processed into pellet feed for fish.

After the feed is processed by the soft pellet machine, the nutrient content remains unchanged, and it is suitable for feeding middle and lower fish. The productivity depends on the feed composition. If there are more coarse materials, the productivity will be lower. Nowadays, this kind of equipment is almost invisible in the market, and customers should mainly consider extruder and pelletizer.

Pelletizer machine, also called hard pellet feed machine, is a kind of rapid development and more applications in my country. The nutrient content and taste of the pellet feed processed by the feed pelletizer machine have been improved. It is mainly used to press raw materials with relatively low moisture content (below 13%). If the moisture content of the raw materials is greater than 17% to 18%, a paste will be produced, which will cause the mold hole to be blocked. Pay attention to it when using it. Hard pellet feed has a low moisture content and is convenient for storage, but does not float. It is suitable for herring, grass carp and carp.

The feed extruder machine, also called extruded pellet feed machine, also known as the floating fish pellet feed machine, is a new type of fish feed processing machinery developed in recent years.

After the feed is processed by the extruded feed pellet machine, the nutrient content and digestibility can be improved, and it is especially suitable for the physiological characteristics of short intestine and weak digestion of fish. It is also an ideal pellet feed for fishing. The extruded pellet feed can float on the water for 6 to 12 hours without loosening, which is convenient for fish to eat.

The above three types of feed pelletizer machines have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose according to your actual situation and economic conditions when you buy. Generally, it should be considered from the following three aspects.
animal feed pelletizer small feed pellet machine

  • According to the size of the water surface and the output of fish farming in the pond, select the required feeder. Its productivity should be able to meet the needs of the total amount of feed required throughout the year, and factors such as daily and monthly demand during the peak feeding period should also be considered.
  • Choose a fish feed pelletizer machine with higher productivity. After the productivity is determined, the productivity per kilowatt-hour is a very important economic indicator. If the productivity per kilowatt-hour is large, the feed processing cost is low, and the economic benefit is high.
  • The choice of the type of fish feed machine(extruder vs pelletizer). The water content of the feed processed by the soft pellet making machine is as high as 20%~30%, so it is not suitable for storage. It melts shortly after entering the water, and the pellet temperature is 43℃~55℃.
    It is suitable for adding anti-fish disease drugs without destroying vitamins and low processing cost. The disadvantage is that the output per kilowatt-hour is low and it is easy to wear. The current promotion quantity is not too large. The pellet feed processed by the fish feed pelletizer machine is small in size, easy to store and transport, and has no loss of nutrients. The output per kilowatt-hour of electricity is high, and the processed pellets are of good quality.
    The structure of the ring die animal feed pelletizer machine is not complicated, and the maintenance technology is not high. It is not only suitable for feed processing plants, but also for farms. The pellet feed processed by the feed extruder machine has the advantages of sterilization, maturation, and easy digestion and absorption of fish like food. However, this machine has low productivity, high price, and high feed processing cost. It is generally suitable for small water surfaces and fish ponds.

The history of animal food pelletizer machine

(1)In 1900

In 1900, the casting mode pelletizer machine began to be used. This equipment is composed of a pair of pressure rollers with the same shape. The two pressure rollers rotate relative to each other. Each pressure roller has a hemispherical pit. The installation accuracy of the pressure roller of this pelletizing equipment is required to be high to ensure that the hemispheres on the two pressure rollers can be well matched when the pressure roller is running, so that the material is compressed into spherical particles from top to bottom.

The pellets processed by this pelletizer equipment have low density and low strength. If the hemispheres on the two pressure rollers are not matched well, the shape of the processed particles will be defective. During this processing, the materials basically did not undergo chemical changes. This equipment has low productivity and high power consumption, so this processing technology has not been accepted in the feed processing industry. However, similar machinery can still be seen in other industries today.
animal feed pelletizer rabbit feed pellet making machine

(2)Around 1910

Around 1910, the extruder pelletizer machine was born. The first commercial extrusion pellet machine was built by the United Kingdom in 1910. Developed by Sizer. The so-called commercial pelletizer extruder is a pelletizer machine accepted by people in the feed processing industry and put into production. Compared with the modern extrusion pellet machine, the pelletizing principle of the food extrusion pelletizer machine developed in 1910 is the same as that of modern ones. The materials are forced forward by a spiral material conveyor and finally squeezed out of the die hole. Columnar pellets are formed, which are then cut into pellets by a rotary cutter.

(3)In 1920

The Schueler pellet machine is manufactured according to the compression method proposed by Schuyler in 1920. This pelletizer machine uses two gear-like rollers to squeeze the material from the discharge hole at the tooth root of the gear. Finally, It is cut to the desired length by the cutter inside the gear. Compared with the cast-mode pellet machine and the extrusion pellet machine, the Schueler pelletizer machine is easier to wear and has a higher cost of use. (Related post: Animal Feed Mill Machine)

(4)Still in 1920

In 1920, the first flat die pellet machine came out. This kind of machine is mainly composed of a roller rotating around a central axis and a horizontal fixed template, which has extrusion holes. With the rotation of the roller, the material is squeezed and forced through the extrusion hole to form a material strip, and then the cutting tool is rotated to cut it into a certain length of pellets.

The flat die pelletizer effectively improves the productivity of the pelletizer mill and reduces the mechanical wear. However, the linear velocity of the contact point between the flat die and the straight roller is different along the radial direction, which affects the uniform quality of the finished product and the uniform wear of the die roller. Therefore, some people turned their attention to the ring die pelletizer machine.

Almost at the same time, the first ring die feeds pelletizer machine was also successfully developed. The ring die pellet making machine is mainly composed of a ring die with a die hole and a plurality of pressure rollers. In the beginning, the active roller (press roller) mode adopted by the ring die pellet granulator, after years of continuous improvement, gradually adopted the active ring die mode.

With the rotation of the ring die, the material is squeezed into the die hole, and then squeezed out of the die hole, and then cut into pellets of a certain length by the cutter outside the ring die.
animal feed pelletizer animal feed pellet machine

(5)In 1931 and after

Foreign research on pelletizers started relatively early, and the ring die pelletizer was successfully developed by the American CPM company in 1931. In 1934, the company produced the first horizontal ring die pelletizer. Richi Machinery is the same technology used by the American CPM company. After the 1970s, many European countries have also researched and produced ring die pelletizers. Today, the United States, Canada and other countries with developed animal husbandry are still continuing to study feed pelletizers.

For the research of granulator, China started relatively late. China's first pelletizer machine was developed in the 1970s. This pelletizer was developed on the basis of gradually absorbing the pellet machine from UMT company in the United Kingdom. Nowadays, relying on its own advantages in the entire industry chain, it is technically comparable to the world, and its price has greatly reduced the cost of purchasers.

After the appearance of the ring die pelleting machine, the basic form of the feed pellet forming machine has not changed much, but the manufacturing level and technical performance have been greatly improved. It can be seen that the ring die animal feed pelletizer machine is currently the most ideal equipment for pelletizing, and it has been sought after by high-quality pelletizer machine manufacturers from all over the world.

Why Choose Richi

why choose richi
why choose richi

Introduction of RICHI
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Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. We have developed and manufactured multifunctional pelletizers, grinders, mixers, dryers and more than ten categories and more than 30 models of complete machine products are widely used in feed, biomass, organic fertilizer, pet supplies, solid waste recycling, chemical industry, road construction and other fields. All RICHI products have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, EU CE certification and Customs Union CU-TR certification, successfully serving more than 2,000 customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

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In RICHI, every equipment and every pellet production line business plant can be customized. We will formulate multiple sets of pellet production process plans for comparative analysis according to the actual needs of customers, select a reasonable plan, and realize private customization. Our services run through all aspects of on-site terrain and environment survey, production line process design, raw material testing, cost requirement analysis, project investment budget, equipment installation and commissioning.

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Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan

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We adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system, and strictly implement international standards for product design and manufacturing processes. In terms of management systems, there are product quality accountability systems, product quality accountability systems, and safety production management systems; in terms of management tools, QC quality control management, SPC statistical process control, sampling inspection and measurement system analysis are used for quality control, to achieve effective control of the entire process of equipment production, and never let go of any quality hidden dangers that may affect customer operations.

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RICHI has always been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship to make every detail good, especially in the link of equipment preparation and delivery, we follow the standardized process: preparation order check-equipment factory quality inspection-packing list re-inspection-scientific packaging and transportation, ensure the safe and non-destructive delivery of equipment. According to customer needs, RICHI installation engineers will guide the construction of site infrastructure, equipment installation and commissioning and trial operation of the entire production line throughout the process. When the relevant project indicators reach the design standards, the client will carry out the project acceptance.

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Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
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After-sales And Training
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We have built a team of nearly 100 technical engineers to solve a series of problems in the project from consultation, site survey, sample analysis to plan design, installation and commissioning, and maintenance. We provide comprehensive and systematic training for the technical staff of each customer to better serve the customer's project needs. After the technicians have finished their studies, RICHI will provide follow-up technical support services, and the training engineers will follow up the project use effects in the later stage to ensure the stable operation of the customer's project.

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