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High Level 38T/H Electric Animal Poultry Feed Mill Project Proposal

The large automatic poultry feed pellet mill plant factory project covers an area of ​​33,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​33,000 square meters. It mainly constructs poultry feed production workshops, warehouses, silos, return yards,... Learn More

Organic fertilizer production project proposal for commercial fertilizers ltd with 60,000 tons per year production capacity

The 8-12 tons fertilizer manufacturing company project is located at 232m southwest of Huawang Village, Fenglingdu Economic Development Zone, with geographic coordinates: 34.6271032 north latitude, 110.34190536 east longitude, roads on the south side of t... Learn More

Animal feed production business plan for animal feed factory project with an annual output of 180,000 tons

Today RICHI will share you an animal feed processing plant project proposal its objectives, this is a project proposal on flour food animal feed processing plant in China, a livestock poultry ruminant fish feed mill project we have done in 2018.... Learn More

Best Design Fish Feed Production Business Plan For 15T/H Aqua Feed Mill In China

Today I will share with you a new aqua fish feed production business plan. This is a new technology 15t/h aqua fish feed plant project located in Nantong, China. The automatic running 15 tons per hour aqua feed plant project covers a total area of ​​75,13... Learn More

Animal Feed Business Plan Of 9-10T/H Compound Animal Feed Mill Project In China

The animal feed mill plant project with an annual output of 45,000 tons of Shandong Bosen Feed Co., Ltd. is a new build commercial feed mill company project. The 9-10t/h animal feed processing plant is located in Pingyi County, Linyi City.... Learn More

Livestock Feed Production Business Plan For Livestock Feed Company With An Annual Output Of 40,000 Tons

This is a relatively simple livestock feed production business plan. The project client is an agricultural and animal husbandry company. After building this livestock feed mill, the client also became the only local livestock feed company at that time.... Learn More

Large Capacity Automatic 20T/H Fish Feed Manufacturing Plant Project Report

Today RICHI is going to show you a fish feed manufacturing plant project report we did for a China animal feed company customer. Generally speaking, because we... Learn More

Animal feed production business plan of 15t/h animal feed processing plant

Here I will share a 15t/h pig and chicken feed production business plan, show you what we should pay attention to when start feed mill business.... Learn More

Automatic 50,000 tons per year poultry feed plant project poultry feed business plan

This 20T/H Poultry Feed Factory mainly produces compound feed for poultry. According to the project's annual production volume, product plan and the formula ratio of various raw materials, the raw materials and auxiliary materials mainly include corn, br... Learn More

Prospects for the development of pet feed mill factories in Thailand

Recently, according to Thai media, the Department of Animal Husbandry of Thailand intends to promote Thailand to become the world's third largest pet feed exporter. In 2021, Thailand's pet feed export has a clear recovery momentum.... Learn More


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