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Based on the major needs of the industrial Internet era, Richi Machinery will provide higher intelligent technology and high-quality services in the feed, biomass energy, and organic fertilizer industries. It will focus on supporting the development of the manufacturing industry with industry chain partners to help customers achieve higher and faster value growth.

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Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

APPLICATION: Chicken Manure Pellet Plant
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RICHI's range of chicken manure pellet machines provide a solution to the pressing of every type of mixed materials to suit every desired capacity. RICHI can also play an important role at an international level thanks to its different options and favourable prices. RICHI chicken manure pellet making machine can also handle other poultry manure, such as chicken manure, pigeon manure, duck manure, goose manure, quail manure, poultry manure.

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Applications Of Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

This chicken manure pellet machines are the latest technology products, developed by the Richi Machinery through fertilizer processing equipment design and production experience for many years, and have been gained the national utility model patents.

chicken manure fertilizer pellets pressing machine

RICHI ring die chicken manure pellets machine are used to granulate all kinds of fermented organics, and break through conventional granulation process. The raw materials for chicken manure pellets don't need to dry and crush before granulation, direct ingredients can be processed into spherical organic chicken manure pellets, saving a lot of energy.

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Technical Features Of Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

1. RICHI chicken manure pellet machine also known as chicken manure fertilizer machine, poultry manure pellet machine, chicken litter pellets processing machine, is an improved type of special extrusion granulator for organic materials, with high granulation density, high strength and equal particle size, which can meet the requirements of the rounding process for producing chicken manure fertilizer pellets, and the efficiency is 30% higher than ordinary models.

2. The chicken manure fertilizer pellet machine is made of stainless steel material through advanced technology such as heat treatment, with good wear resistance and long service life.chicken manure pellets machine

3. The main engine of the chicken manure fertilizer pellet making machine is equipped with an oil cooling circulation system, which can ensure long-term continuous operation.

4. The use of chicken manure machine extrusion granulation (+ optional rounding process) can produce pellet (or spherical) pure chicken manure and biological organic chicken manure fertilizer. The process flow is short, the operating cost is low, the organic fertilizer particles produced are uniform, the surface is smooth, the compressive strength is high, the fluidity is good, the survival rate of microorganisms is >90%, the forming rate is as high as 85-95%, and the particle diameter is 2-12 mm.

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Working Principle Of Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

According to our experience in industries of biomass, we have designed MZLH ring die chicken manure pelletizer. MZLH organic chicken manure fertilizer pellet making machine can pellet dfficiently towards different materials, which enables our customers get maximum benefits from it.

The ring die chicken manure pelletizing machine is mainly composed of feeding, mixing, granulating, transmission and lubrication systems, etc. It is used to develop the wet powder into the required pellets, and it can also crush the bulk dry powder into the required grow fast organic fertilizer chicken manure pellets.

During the working process of the chicken manure pelleting machine die and the roller, the ring die is driven by the main power of the motor to rotate clockwise at a certain speed; as material enters the granulating chamber, the material starts to be taken into the working area, and the pressure roller is also driven by friction.
chicken manure pellet machine for sale

With the rotation of the die roll, the ingested material moves forward faster, and the extrusion force and the density of the material gradually increase.

When the extrusion force is increased enough to overcome the friction between the material in the die hole and the inner wall, the material with a certain density and cohesive force is squeezed into the ring die hole. Due to the continuous rotation of the die and roll, the material is continuously squeezed into the ring die hole.

Therefore, the material in the chicken manure pelleting equipment ring die hole is continuously squeezed out of the ring die hole after being formed, and is cut by the cutter to form chicken manure pellets.

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Chicken Manure Pellet Machine Price & Specification

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Power 37KW 55KW 90KW 132KW 250KW 280KW
Capacity 1-2 T/H 3-4 T/H 5-6 T/H 7-8 T/H 9-10 T/H 10-12 T/H
Final Pellet 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm
Weight(KG) 2500 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500
Chicken Manure Pellet Machine Price 7000-100000USD

Chicken manure pellet machine for chicken manure pellet plant

Manufacturing Process Design Of Complete Chicken Manure Pellet Line

The above content is only the working principle of the chicken manure pelletizer, but everyone knows that the chicken manure organic fertilizer production line requires a lot of systems and equipment. The chicken manure production process is basically includes: selection of raw material (chicken manure, etc.), drying and sterilization, mixing of ingredients, granule, cooling and screening, metering and seal, finished product warehousing.

chicken manure pellets making machine supplier near me

The complicated production process of chicken manure is:

  1. The raw materials of organic fertilizer (animal waste, household garbage, dead leaves, biogas, waste bacteria, etc.) will be fermented and then entered into the semi-wet material crushing machine;
  2. Then adding the elements of N, P, K, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc., to meet the required standards;
  3. Then it is mixed by a chicken manure mixer and then in to the chicken manure pellet machine; After coming out, it will be cooled and dried;
  4. Then sifting through the screening machine, and the qualified products will be packaged; the granulation that not be qualified will return to the chicken manure pellet making machine to produce again.

chicken manure pellet making machine for making chicken manure pellets for sale

The above content is just a simple description. Because of the difference in raw materials, customer needs and budgets, the process flow of the chicken manure pellet production line and the actual equipment are different. Please consult Richi Machinery directly online according to your actual needs!

Among them, the reasonable collocation of the fineness of raw materials is crucial to the production process of organic fertilizer. According to the experience, the fineness of the whole raw material should be matched as follows: The raw materials of 100-60 mesh account for about 30% – 40%; the raw materials of 60 mesh to a diameter of 1.00 ㎜ account for about 35%; small particles, whose diameter is 1.00 2.00 ㎜, account for about 25%-30%.
chicken manure fertilizer machine

The higher the fineness of the material, the better the viscosity, so the surface finish is naturally higher. However, in the process of production, the use of super – scale high fineness materials is easy to cause the problems, such as excessive particle size and irregular particle size.

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Tips of starting chicken manure pellet production line

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Start your chicken manure fertilizer production business with chicken manure pellet plant!

Your global chicken manure fertilizer pellet production line solution partner Richi Machinery manages the entire chicken manure fertilizer pellet manufacturing process from project design to superstructure construction, from manufacturing to assembly, and all production processes. Controlling the chicken manure factory project from a single center helps us complete the work in the fastest and most efficient manner.

You can trust RICHI because we don't have to rely on others. We are offering all manufacturing, assembling, testing and after sales services from a single source by proven RICHI brand quality!

5T/H chicken manure pellet production line design

Share three customized chicken manure fertilizer pellet processing plant cases (design and required equipment):

Business plans for various chicken manure pellet plant

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How can we help you to set up complete chicken manure pellet plant & chicken manure processing equipment?

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Other main machine needed in chicken manure production line

Problems in chicken manure pellet plant and the chicken manure process solutions

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Need to add auxiliary materials in chicken manure production process?

We know that in the production of high-quality organic fertilizer, mature fermentation is the first key link. When chicken manure is fermented, do we need to add auxiliary materials in the chicken manure pellet plant? Are you sure? Many companies in the market claim that their products do not need to add auxiliary materials. Of course, everyone can "blind" customers like this: without adding auxiliary materials, the manure can be fully harmless and recycled, and zero pollution can be easily achieved.
chicken manure pellet plant

However, the professional ethics of Richi Machinery does not allow us to do that. As one of the leading companies in the professional environmental protection industry, RICHI must take responsibility and assume the responsibility of cultivating and guiding the market, and must not rush for quick success!

RICHI has been studying the harmlessness and resource utilization of manure for many years. From the very beginning, it has positioned its products as organic fertilizer plants for research and development. After more than 10 years of exploration, it has accumulated a large amount of knowledge and principles of organic fertilizer fermentation and chicken manure pellet plant production:
chicken manure pellet machine for making chicken manure pellets 20kg

If the conditions of organic fertilizer fermentation are not up to standard, the consequences will be serious:

Ideal fermentation conditions

chicken manure pellet machine for making organic chicken manure pellets

The necessity of adding excipients for organic fertilizer chicken manure pellets production

  1. Adjust moisture
    The moisture of chicken manure fermentation is strictly required, and it is best to control it at about 55%, but the moisture of chicken manure is mostly above 70%. It is very necessary for us to adjust the moisture of chicken manure to about 60%. Meet the requirements of fermentation.  
  2. Adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio
    Adjust the ratio of carbon to nitrogen in the raw materials and increase the content of organic matter. The original carbon-nitrogen ratio of chicken manure is far from enough, because the carbon-nitrogen ratio of chicken manure is only about 9-10%, and the best carbon-nitrogen ratio for aerobic fermentation is 25%-30%.poultry manure pellet machine
    According to the organic fertilizer standard, the total content of NPK (NPK refers to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) must be greater than or equal to 5%, but the original nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in chicken manure does not meet this target, we need It is supplemented by adding auxiliary materials, so that the organic content is greater than or equal to 45%, in line with national standards.
  3. Realize aerobic fermentation
    Add auxiliary materials to enhance the permeability of materials and increase the oxygen content of chicken manure during fermentation. Without auxiliary materials, the fermentation is slow, the air permeability is not good, the microorganisms are greatly reduced, the processing is slow, and it is easy to produce odor.
  4. Resistance to stone powder
    In addition, there is 8% stone powder in the feed for laying hens. If no auxiliary materials are added, the soil will be severely compacted when it reaches the ground. This is contrary to the purpose of organic fertilizer to improve the soil.
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What's chicken manure fertilizer pellets?

Organic chicken fertilizer pellets made by chicken manure pellet machine refers to the use of chicken manure as the main raw material, mixed with some other organic matter, fermentation, throwing, pretreatment, and final granulation processing to become organic fertilizer. Chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fertilizer after fermentation.

The nutrient content of chicken manure is very rich. It contains both a large amount of organic matter and a high content of three elements. The organic matter content is 25.5%, nitrogen is 1.63%, and phosphorus Vegetable manure is 1.54%, potassium is 0.85%, carbohydrate is 11%, so chicken manure is an important organic fertilizer.

Chicken manure

Applications Of Chicken Manure

chicken manure pellet maker for poultry manure pellets production

The main functions of chicken manure fertilizer pellets made by chicken manure pellet machine are:

chicken manure pelletizer
How To Make Fertilizer Pellets From Chicken Manure?

Richi Machinery offer chicken manure pellet machine, chicken litter pellets processing machine, complete chicken manure pellet plants and chicken manure pellet lines for the treatment and production of compost pellets.

According to the requests of the customers and of the constructive characteristics, our chicken manure pellet machines and chicken manure pellet plants have different construction characteristics and production capacity.

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Why Choose Richi

why choose richi
why choose richi
Introduction of RICHI
Strength certification

Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. We have developed and manufactured multifunctional pelletizers, grinders, mixers, dryers and more than ten categories and more than 30 models of complete machine products are widely used in feed, biomass, organic fertilizer, pet supplies, solid waste recycling, chemical industry, road construction and other fields. All RICHI products have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, EU CE certification and Customs Union CU-TR certification, successfully serving more than 2,000 customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

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Customized Design And Business Plan

In RICHI, every equipment and every pellet production line business plant can be customized. We will formulate multiple sets of pellet production process plans for comparative analysis according to the actual needs of customers, select a reasonable plan, and realize private customization. Our services run through all aspects of on-site terrain and environment survey, production line process design, raw material testing, cost requirement analysis, project investment budget, equipment installation and commissioning.

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Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Quality Control
Richi Machinery

We adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system, and strictly implement international standards for product design and manufacturing processes. In terms of management systems, there are product quality accountability systems, product quality accountability systems, and safety production management systems; in terms of management tools, QC quality control management, SPC statistical process control, sampling inspection and measurement system analysis are used for quality control, to achieve effective control of the entire process of equipment production, and never let go of any quality hidden dangers that may affect customer operations.

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Quality Control

Delivery And Installation

RICHI has always been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship to make every detail good, especially in the link of equipment preparation and delivery, we follow the standardized process: preparation order check-equipment factory quality inspection-packing list re-inspection-scientific packaging and transportation, ensure the safe and non-destructive delivery of equipment. According to customer needs, RICHI installation engineers will guide the construction of site infrastructure, equipment installation and commissioning and trial operation of the entire production line throughout the process. When the relevant project indicators reach the design standards, the client will carry out the project acceptance.

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Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
After-sales And Training
After-sales And Training
Richi Machinery

We have built a team of nearly 100 technical engineers to solve a series of problems in the project from consultation, site survey, sample analysis to plan design, installation and commissioning, and maintenance. We provide comprehensive and systematic training for the technical staff of each customer to better serve the customer's project needs. After the technicians have finished their studies, RICHI will provide follow-up technical support services, and the training engineers will follow up the project use effects in the later stage to ensure the stable operation of the customer's project.

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