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Rotary Distributor

Rotary Distributor

APPLICATION: Feed Mills, Flour Mills

Rotary distributor is a device that can automatically adjust the position and use the self-flow of the material to the predetermined location. It is a remote control device that feeds from one point to multiple points.

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Rotary Distributor

Applications Of Rotary Distributor

Rotary distributor is a kind of conveying equipment, which is usually used in combination with a hoist to distribute the lifted materials to different places as needed, such as to each storage bin. This equipment is widely used in grain and feed processing plants, oil plants and starch plants to distribute powdery and granular materials.

Technical Features Of Rotary Distributor

    1.The rotary distributor is easy to operate, convenient to install and maintain; the equipment has an inspection door to facilitate daily maintenance and repair.

    2.The transmission adopts a reducer direct-coupled transmission, which has a compact structure and the guide material receiving elbow rotates smoothly;

    3.With the help of the travel switch and the positioning groove, the positioning of the guide material receiving elbow is accurate, and material channeling is avoided. After the guide material receiving elbow is positioned in the designated positioning groove, the rubber outer ring and the rubber pressure ring are firmly pressed on the lower shell Good sealing performance on the inner wall.

Working Principle Of Rotary Distributor

The reduction gear motor drives the main shaft, and the main shaft drives the guide material receiving elbow to run along the guide rail. In the control circuit, turn the switch as needed to restart the motor. After the guide receiving elbow runs to the specified position, under the action of the travel switch, the power is immediately cut off. The guide receiving elbow stops in the designated discharge positioning groove. The seal outer ring and seal pressure ring pressure It is tightly sealed on the inner wall of the lower case to form a sealed state, and then the blanking is started. An ash outlet is provided on the lower casing to discharge dust in the machine.

Capacity(TPH) 30-40 30-40 40-60 40-60 40-60
Power(kw) 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55
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