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Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Mill

Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Mill

APPLICATION: Biomass Pellets Industry

Richi Machinry is vital to ensuring a reliable global supply of biomass straw/hemp/hops/husk. With single pellet machine or full pellet production lines accounting for very important part of the world's production of biomass pellets, we continuously support biomass pellets producers in achieving the highest levels in safety, quality, and control from feedstock to final product.

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Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Mill

Applications Of Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Mill

This straw hemp husk hops pelletizing machine is a multi-purpose biomass pellet forming machine that can process a variety of raw materials, suitable for pelletizing hops, straw, hemp and husk, also can be used for sawdust, alfalfa, shell, herbage, chrysanthemum, palm leaf, etc lightweight raw material granulating.

The pellets processed by this straw hemp husk hops pellet equipment can be used as feed, biomass energy, animal bedding or other special purposes. Of course, if it is used to process feed pellets, the design of the pellet maker is different, and the overall processing technology is also different, because the standard of feed pellets is higher.
straw pellet making machine for sale

It should be noted that Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Mill is just one of the names. Customers usually name this ring die pellet machine based on the actual raw material, such as alfalfa hops pellet making machine, biomass straw grass hemp pellet machine , hemp stalk pellet mill, coffee husks pelleting mill, straw rice husk pellet making machine, hay coconut husk pellet machine, etc. Generally speaking, this equipment can suppress a variety of agricultural and forestry wastes. If you have any questions, you can directly consult RICHI online.

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Technical Features Of Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Mill

1. RICHI straw hemp husk hops pellet machine is equipped with on-site electric control cabinet, with oilidng machine;

2. This straw hemp husk hops pellet mill adopts Siemens motor, SKF bearing;

3. This straw hemp husk hops pelletizer adopts special feeding mechanism, reliable feed evenly, specially designed for suppressing various specific gravity of 0.3 to 0.6 g/cm3;

4. Feeding ground speed of the straw hemp husk hops pellet making machine is adjustable, can apply various production requirements;

5. The whole straw hemp husk hops pelletizing equipment is equipped with iron and overload protection device, give full consideration to the protection of the machine in use process;

6. The main transmission gear drive with high precision, uses the quick-release ring die type of anchorear type, output is about 15% higher than type belt drive.

Working Principle Of Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Mill

The template and the pressure roller are made of high-quality alloy steel. After special treatment, the main axis of the straw hemp husk hops pelleting machine and the ring die drive the roller to rotate under the friction. It is discharged from the die hole, and the straw hemp husk hops pellet is sent out of the biomass pellet pressing machine through the throwing tray. The length of the pellet hops/straw/hemp/husk can be controlled by adjusting the angle of the cutter. This straw hemp husk hops pelletizer is suitable for farms, feed mills, biomass pellet plant and individual professional pellet processors.

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Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Machine Specification

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Press Power 37KW 55KW 90KW 132KW 250KW 280KW
Capacity(husk) 300-400KG/H 500-700KG/H 1.0-1.2 T/H 2.0-2.5 T/H 2.5-4 T/H 3-4.5 T/H
Capacity(hemp/hops/straw) 600-800KG/H 800-1000KG/H 1.5-2 T/H 3-4 T/H 5-7 T/H 8-10 T/H
Final Pellet 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm
Weight(KG) 2500 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500
Straw/Hemp/Hops/Husk Pellet Mill Cost 10000-100000USD

Richi Machinery will show each of these raw material equipment and production lines in the following content.

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1st Part: Wholesale hop pellet machine and hops pellet production line for sale

What's hops and hop pellets how to use?

Hops are an important raw material for brewing beer. It can impart a refreshing bitterness and unique aroma to beer, promote the clarification of beer and wort, and is conducive to beer foam, as a beer preservative. Therefore, hops are an indispensable substance for brewing beer. Among the chemical components of hops, the main components that play an important role in beer brewing are hop resin, hop oil and polyphenols.

Pellet hops made by hop pellet maker are based on hop pollen, adding certain additives to process the hop pollen into hop pellets. This can not only improve the utilization rate of hops, but also prevent the oxidation and loss of active ingredients in hops, achieving two goals with one stone. Therefore, granular hops are currently the most widely used hop products in the world.

alfalfa hops pellet making machine for sale

How are hop pellets made in complete hops pellet production line/plant/factory?

In order to reduce the volume and facilitate transportation, hop pollen is processed into granules with a hops granulator after adding 20% ​​bentonite. The particle size is 2-8mm and the length is about 15mm. According to different processing methods, pellet hops can be divided into 90-type hops pellet, 75-type hops pellets, 45-type pellet hops and pre-isomerized pellet hops. The most common is 90 type hops 45 type hops (with 45% of debris removed).

Complete hop pellet production line for compressed hop bag

The process of pelletizing hops is a purely physical process, which requires uniform mixing, stable quality, and the granulation temperature controlled below 55°C.

Transport the compressed hop packets from the warehouse to the hops pellet plant, enter the hop packet breaking machine via a belt conveyor, break the compressed hop packets, and then transport the compressed hop packets to the mixer via the belt conveyor. After being fully mixed, they will be sent to the hop crusher by the belt conveyor.

After being crushed, the hops materials are quenched and tempered, and then enters the hop granulator machine to granulate. After cooling and screening, the finished hop granules are obtained. After vacuuming and nitrogen injection, they are packaged and stored in cold storage.
 hop pellet mill plant cost

Complete hop pellet plant for fresh hops pelleting

How to pelletize hops? Hop pellets begin as leaf hops that have been hammer milled into a powder and then have been subsequently passed through a mould to create the hop pellet. Pellet hops concentrate fresh hops, and 1 pound produces only 10 to 12 ounces of dried pellets.

Although dry, they still contain the lupulin material that you will find in fresh hops to provide a slight bitterness to the wort. So how are hop pellets made? This information is useful if you plan on growing hops and you are unsure of what to do with your extra harvest.

The first step in making hop pellets is the drying process. After you harvest the fresh hops, they need to be dried to remove the excess moisture and preserve the lupulin. There are many ways to dry hops, and these include air drying, sun drying or mechanical drying through a hops dryer. When drying the hops, it is vital to have proper air circulation to encourage equal drying.
hops equipment for sale

Once dried, a hops hammer mill is needed to crush the hops. The hop hammer mill crusher machine swallows the crushed leaves for further processing. The leaves should be broken but not too much such that they turn into powder. Once crushed, they can be turned into hop pellets using a hops pellet machine that includes both a ring die and roller so that the hops take on uniform sizes.

The hops are then cooled and dried before they are packed. When packing hop pellets, they must be kept in an airtight or vacuum container to avoid oxidation.

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2nd Part: Straw pellet production and straw pellet machine for sale

The types of straw pellets include rice straw pellets, corn straw pellets, paddy straw pellets, wheat straw pellets, concord straw pellets, organic straw pellets, cereal straw pellets, barley straw pellets, etc.

What are straw pellets used for?

Straw is used as animal feed, biogas, biomass and biofuel.

straw pellet making machine for sale
Straw is a product with high volume and low density. Although standard baling is performed, it cannot reach a sufficient density. It can be made into pellets by applying pressure with mechanical processes to increase the density.

The energy value of pellets is higher than the energy value of the raw materials they are made of.

Straw pellets made by straw pelletizing equipment are easy to pour and economical to transport for longer distances. Straw pellets have very similar properties to natural straw. No additives are used in the production - only mechanical pressing.
rice straw pellet making machine

How to make straw pellets in complete straw pellet production line?

The followings are complete straw pellet production process:

How to set up a high return low cost straw pellet plant?

You can make an appointment at any time for the solutions you need, and request our expert team to return to you at any time! The following are a few typical straw feed pellet plant and biomass straw pellet production line business plant and solutions we have done:

3rd Part: Husk pellet machine and hemp pellet machine for sale

Regarding the husk pellet machine, as there are many types of husk, including rice husks, coffee husks, coconut shell, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, etc., in order to better understand our equipment and pellet production line, please click directly to view the following page content :
rice husk pellet making machine

Regarding the hemp pellet machine, since hemp raw materials are mainly added to animal feed, its processing technology is almost the same as that of alfalfa. As a professional hemp biomass pellet mill supplier, we also provide a full set of hemp pelletizing equipment plant project at the same time. At present, we have completed the hemp pelletizing equipment plant project in the United States and successfully established a complete 10 tons hemp pellet production line to produce hemp feed pellets.
wholesale hemp pelletizing equipment

The hemp pellets are mainly used to feed cattle on large farms. Of course, there are cases where hemp straws are used as fuel, but very few. If you have any questions, please contact Richi Machinery — hemp biomass pellet mill supplier, a professional hemp granulator factory and manufacturer directly online, if you are looking for these equipment:

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Why Choose Richi

why choose richi
why choose richi
Introduction of RICHI
Strength certification

Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. We have developed and manufactured multifunctional pelletizers, grinders, mixers, dryers and more than ten categories and more than 30 models of complete machine products are widely used in feed, biomass, organic fertilizer, pet supplies, solid waste recycling, chemical industry, road construction and other fields. All RICHI products have passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification, EU CE certification and Customs Union CU-TR certification, successfully serving more than 2,000 customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

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Customized Design And Business Plan

In RICHI, every equipment and every pellet production line business plant can be customized. We will formulate multiple sets of pellet production process plans for comparative analysis according to the actual needs of customers, select a reasonable plan, and realize private customization. Our services run through all aspects of on-site terrain and environment survey, production line process design, raw material testing, cost requirement analysis, project investment budget, equipment installation and commissioning.

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Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Customized Design And Business Plan
Quality Control
Richi Machinery

We adhere to the ISO9001 quality management system, and strictly implement international standards for product design and manufacturing processes. In terms of management systems, there are product quality accountability systems, product quality accountability systems, and safety production management systems; in terms of management tools, QC quality control management, SPC statistical process control, sampling inspection and measurement system analysis are used for quality control, to achieve effective control of the entire process of equipment production, and never let go of any quality hidden dangers that may affect customer operations.

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Quality Control

Delivery And Installation

RICHI has always been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship to make every detail good, especially in the link of equipment preparation and delivery, we follow the standardized process: preparation order check-equipment factory quality inspection-packing list re-inspection-scientific packaging and transportation, ensure the safe and non-destructive delivery of equipment. According to customer needs, RICHI installation engineers will guide the construction of site infrastructure, equipment installation and commissioning and trial operation of the entire production line throughout the process. When the relevant project indicators reach the design standards, the client will carry out the project acceptance.

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Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation
After-sales And Training
After-sales And Training
Richi Machinery

We have built a team of nearly 100 technical engineers to solve a series of problems in the project from consultation, site survey, sample analysis to plan design, installation and commissioning, and maintenance. We provide comprehensive and systematic training for the technical staff of each customer to better serve the customer's project needs. After the technicians have finished their studies, RICHI will provide follow-up technical support services, and the training engineers will follow up the project use effects in the later stage to ensure the stable operation of the customer's project.

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Before packaging and shipment, the order tracking clerk checks the packaged items again with the packing list to avoid loss of items.

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Adopting international common standards for accurate design of product packaging, prevent product damage rate and the effective use of transport tools, which ensure the perfect delivery of products.

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