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Parameter Case of Fish Feed Extruder Machine and Fish Feed Pellet Compress Making Line

  • Date: 2021-02-12 08:45:53
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Fish feed Extruder Machine and shrimp feed Extruder Machine are all aquatic feed extruder machines. The extruder machine is not only suitable for the aquatic product industry, but also widely used in pet food, animal feed and industrial fields. Our common Extruder Machines include dry extruder machine, wet extruder machine, single-screw extruder machine and twin-screw extruder machine. Although the types of extruder machines are different, their functions are the same.

Fish Feed Extruder Machine
Fish Feed Extruder Machine

The Role of Fish Feed Extruder

1. Cohesion: In the process of puffing, food or feed ingredients can be closely combined and condense into discrete small pieces.

2. Degassing effect: Food or feed materials containing bubbles will be removed during the expansion process.

3. Dehydration: During the expansion process of general food or feed, the water content will lose 4%-7% on the original basis.

4. Expansion: the operating conditions and configuration of the Extruder Machine can control the density (such as sinking or floating) of pet feed and aquatic feed.

5. Gelation: Puffing cooking can gelatinize starch (from various sources, such as tubers or grains) during the processing of food or pet feed.

6. Grinding function: During the processing of food or feed, the raw materials can be ground to a certain extent in the Extruder Machine.

7. Homogenization: The homogenization of the Extruder Machine changes the structure of unattractive raw materials to make them more acceptable.

8. Mixing effect: In the process of puffing treatment, various Extruder Machines have a variety of screws to choose from, which can make the Extruder Machine produce the desired mixing amount.

9. Pasteur sterilization and sterilization: In the process of food or feed puffing, the raw materials can be pasteurized or sterilized by puffing technology.

Fish Feed Pellet Production Line Equipment Introduction

1. Flour mixing machine: Choose different types of powder mixing machine according to the different output of fish feed pellet compress making line. There are three main types for you to choose.

2. Feeding machine: the motor is used for power screw conveying to ensure convenient and fast feeding and reduce secondary pollution from manual contact.

3. Puffing machine: According to the different output of fish feed pellet compress making line, different types of puffing host can be selected. The output can range from 0.1t/h to 4t/h, mainly corn flour, grain flour, soybean meal, fish meal, shrimp meal, Crab powder is the raw material, and the particle size can be changed to different models of molds.

4. Hoist: The feed is transported to the drying equipment. The height of the hoist is determined by the oven, and an air conveyor can also be used.

5. Multi-layer oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is adjusted by the control cabinet between 0-200 degrees, the inside is stainless steel double-layer mesh belt, the baking time can be adjusted according to the speed, five-layer, seven-layer stainless steel oven;

6. Chinese name of vibrating screen: vibrating screen;

7. Seasoning line: the oil sprayer sprays oils, phagostimulants, etc., the seasoning cylinder has the star anise name and date: Hook.f., 1888;

8. Cooling and conveying: reduce the temperature of frying and feed, promote the solidification of fat, reduce the temperature of particles, and facilitate packaging.

9. Vibrating sieve: sift out the excess sprinkled materials and particles at the end of the year to ensure quality while ensuring the reuse of raw materials.

10. Packaging machine: manual sealing machine and automatic packaging machine.

Parameters of Fish Feed Extruder Machine

DGP Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder Machine Parameter
Model Capacity(t/h) Main motor power(kw) Feeder power(kw) Screw diameter(mm) Cutter power(kw)
DGP40-Cs 0.03-0.04 3.0*2 0.4 Φ40 0.4
DGP40-C 0.03-0.04 5.5 0.4 Φ40 0.4
DGP50-C 0.06-0.08 11 0.4 Φ50 0.4
DGP60-C 0.12-0.15 15 0.4 φ60 0.4
DGP70-B 0.18-0.2 18.5 0.4 φ70 0.4
DGP80-B 0.2-0.25 22 0.4 φ80 0.6
DGP90-B 0.30-0.35 37 0.6 φ90 0.8
DGP120-B 0.5-0.6 55 1.1 φ120 2.2
DGP135-B 0.7-0.8 75 1.1 φ133 2.2
DGP160-B 1-1.2 90 1.5 φ155 3
DGP200-B 1.8-2.0 132 1.5 φ195 3.0-4.0
DSP Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder Machine Parameter
Model Capacity(t/h) Main motor power(kw) Feeder power(kw) Screw diameter(mm) Cutter power(kw) Conditioner power(kw)
DSP60-B 0.18-0.2 15 0.4 Φ60 0.4 0.75
DSP70-B 0.25-0.30 18.5 0.6 Φ70 0.6 0.75
DSP80-B 0.35-0.40 22 1.1 Φ80 0.8 1.1-1.5
DSP90-B 0.50-0.60 37 1.1 Φ90 1.1 2.2
DSP120-B 0.70-0.80 55 1.1 Φ120 1.5 2.2-3.0
DSP135-B 1.0-1.2 75 1.5 Φ135 2.2 3.0-4.0
DSP160-B 1.8-2.0 90 2.2 Φ155 2.2-3.0 4.0-5.5
DSP200-B 3.0-4.0 132 2.2 Φ195 3.0-4.0 5.5
DSP200-B 3.0-4.0 132 2.2 Φ195 3.0-4.0 5.5

Fish Feed Extruder Machine Project Case

Ukraine 100-150KG/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Ecuador 1-2T/H High Quality Shrimp Feed Plant Project Report

Uzbekistan 5T/H Sinking Fish Feed Plant Project

Cote D’Ivorie 300-400kg/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Nigeria 100-150KG/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Bolivia 2T/H Commercial Fish Feed Plant For Tilapia Pellets

1200-1500KG/H Trout Feed Plant In Puerto Rico

United Kingdom 100-150KG/H Small Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Botswana 100-150kg/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

15T/H Aqua Feed Plant

25T/H Aqua Prawn Fish Feed Manufacturing Plant

China 30000 Tons Per Year Commercial Feed Mill For Fish And Pet Feed Pellets

20T/H Fish Feed Plant

27-28T/H Fish Feed Plant

20-21T/H Floating Fish Feed Mill Plant

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