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Cote D’Ivorie 300-400kg/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

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Name:Floating fish feed processing line
Country:Cote D’Ivorie
Date:July 26th, 2019
Fish food pellets size:2-12mm
The install period:15 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):10m*3m*7m
Fish feed plant cost:30000-100000 USD

Cote D’Ivorie 300-400kg/H Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Overview of 300-350 kg/h low cost fish feed production line project in Côte d' Ivoire

This is a Côte d' Ivoire fish feed production line project with an output of 300-350kg/h. All processed fish food pellets are used in the customer's own fish pond. In this 350kg fish feed plant, Côte d' Ivoire customer use corn, soybean meal, oil, and premix as raw materials to process 1-5mm floating fish pellets.

Why make extruded fish food pellets by floating fish feed production line in Cote D' Ivorie?

Extruded feed can be divided into three types: floating, slow sinking and rapid sinking according to different processing techniques. At present, about 80% of the fish feed is sinking feed, such as shrimp, salmon, salmon, and yellowtail tuna, which prefers settling feed, while juveniles such as catfish, tilapia prefer floating feed. Catfish and tilapia have the same preference for settling feed and floating feed. In addition, extruded feed can also meet some special requirements, such as low moisture feed, high fiber feed, etc.
Overview of 300-350kg/h low cost fish feed production line project in Côte d' Ivoire

The extruded fish food pellets produced by the client of this project adopts a scientific and advanced formula, designed according to the nutrition, physiology and ecological habits of the fish, and the climatic characteristics of the weather every year. It adds substances that protect the liver, promote the fat metabolism of the fish liver, and improve the growth of the fish. Nowadays, our floating fish feed machine has been put into use, and in the future we expect more good news from this Cote D' Ivorie customer.

Fish feed making machine needed in the 300-350kg/h floating fish feed production line Cote D' Ivorie

Fish feed making machine Model Power(KW)
Fish feed grinder machine RICR-350 11
Delivery system / 2.2+1.5
Screw conveyor TLSS16 2.2
Fish feed mixer SLHY0.15A 4
Fish Feed Extruder Machine DGP90-B 38.4
Mesh typ drying machine DHG-350 18+1.5+0.37
Spraying machine RISP-350 0.75+0.37
Cooling machine RICL-350 3

Equipment delivery of  Cote D' Ivorie small fish feed manufacturing plant project
Equipment delivery of  Cote D' Ivorie small fish feed manufacturing plant project 

Floating fish feed production process of the 300-350kg/h small fish feed plant in Cote D' Ivorie

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