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100 Tons/day Straw Rice Husk Wood Pellet Production Line Project

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12-13 tons/hour straw rice husk wood biomass pellet plant project. The biomass pellet fuel produced by this project is a solid fuel that is processed and extruded from the chaff and straw produced by rice processing and sawdust produced by wood processing. It is easy to store, transport, convenient to use, without any harmful additives, and burns. It is highly efficient and clean and environmentally friendly. It can be used for civilian purposes and can replace coal as fuel for industrial boilers. The product of this project is mainly shaped biomass pellet fuel. It is expected to produce 30,000 tons of shaped biomass pellet fuel annually, including 20,000 tons of chaff shaped biomass pellet fuel and 10,000 tons of wood chip/straw shaped biomass pellet fuel.

The company invested 29.8 million yuan to build a new 12-13 tons/hour straw rice husk wood biomass pellet production line. The husk and straw produced by the collected rice processing and the sawdust produced by wood processing are processed and extruded to form a shaped biomass pellet fuel. It is expected to produce 30,000 tons of shaped biomass pellet fuel annually, with a daily output of 100 tons and an hourly output of 12.5 tons.

100 Tons/day Straw Rice Husk Wood Pellet Production Line Project
100 Tons/day Straw Rice Husk Wood Pellet Production Line Project

1. Construction Content of 12-13 T/h Straw Rice Husk Wood Biomass Pellet Plant Project

The project site is located in Tongziling Village, Henglongqiao Town, Heshan District, Yiyang City, China. The project covers an area of ​​about 3000m2. It is the site of the leased former Chenzhenggan Fly Ash Plant in Tongziling Village. The buildings in the plant have been basically completed. Main content It is a raw material warehouse, processing area, finished product warehouse, etc. The construction content and scale of the project are shown in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 List of project construction content

Engineering category Engineering Content Remarks
structural work Raw material library Single-story steel frame structure factory building, the factory size is 32m*30m*8m (height), mainly used to store raw materials of chaff and wood sawdust built
Processing Zone Located in the inner area of ​​the raw material warehouse, it is equipped with a chaff processing production line and a wood chip/straw processing production line. The chaff and wood sawdust/straw are collected by the supporting collection and transportation equipment, and then extruded and transported to the finished product warehouse. /
Finished product library Single-story steel frame structure factory building, the size of the factory building is 24m*12m*8m (height), mainly used for packaging and storage of finished biomass particles built
Auxiliary engineering office About 50m 2 , mainly used for living and office built
Weighbridge room Equipped with a weighbridge room, equipped with an electronic weighbridge, the weighbridge room is about 24m 2 . For production management built
switch room 2 rooms for equipment supporting power supply facilities built
Storage Room About 24m 2 , mainly used for storage of various sundries built
Cement floor About 400m 2 built
Public works Water supply Mainly for employees' domestic water, the water comes from the tap water supply system of Henglongqiao Town.
drain Drainage is divided into rain and sewage system. Domestic sewage is treated by grease traps and septic tanks for irrigation of surrounding farmland and vegetable fields.
powered by Powered by Henglongqiao Town Power Supply System
Environmental Engineering Waste gas treatment The air pollution sources of this project are mainly wood chip/straw crushing and processing dust, material loading and unloading and transportation dust, canteen oil fume, etc., of which crushing and processing dust is collected and handled by bag dust removal, material loading and unloading and transportation dust is treated by enhanced cleaning, workshop ventilation, etc., canteen oil fume is treated by oil fume Purification device treatment
Wastewater treatment No production wastewater is generated in this project, and a small amount of domestic wastewater is used for irrigation of surrounding farmland and vegetable fields after being treated by grease traps and septic tanks.
Noise control Reasonable layout, select low-noise equipment, adopt vibration and sound insulation measures, strengthen equipment maintenance, etc.
Solid waste treatment and
The solid waste of this project is mainly dust collected in cloth bags, waste oil substances and domestic garbage of employees, among which the dust collected in cloth bags is returned to the production process, recycled, and waste oil substances are collected and temporarily stored in the factory, and then handed over to a qualified unit deal with. The domestic garbage is collected and handed over to the sanitation department for unified collection and treatment.

2. Main Raw and Auxiliary Materials

The main raw and auxiliary materials of this project are shown in Table 1-2.

Table 1-2 List of main raw and auxiliary materials

Serial number name Annual consumption Specification or composition Remarks
1 Chaff About 20000t Biomass raw materials Outsourcing
2 Sawdust/Straw About 10000t Outsourcing

3. Main Equipment of 12-13 T/h Straw Rice Husk Wood Biomass Pellet Plant Project

The main production equipment of this project is shown in Table 1-3.

Table 1-3 List of main production equipment

Serial number name Quantity specification Remarks
1 Pellet machine 4 sets 470kW  
2 Crusher 1 set /  
3 Transport belt 1 1 piece 10m  
4 Transport belt 2 1 piece 12m  
5 Transport belt 3 1 piece 15m  
6 Silo 1 piece 4.5m*4.5m  
7 Transformer 1 1 set 80 kW  
8 Transformer 2 1 set 315 kW  
9 Weighbridge 1 set 100 tons  
10 Forklift 1 set 30t  
11 Forklift 1 set 350 model  
12 Bag dust removal device 1 set /  

4. Brief Description of Process Flow:

(1) Raw materials

The raw materials of the project are transported by vehicles to the raw material storage yard for backup, and a certain amount of dust is generated during the raw material transportation.

(2) Broken

The collected sawdust/straw raw materials are sent to a crusher for crushing, and crushed into the material particle size that meets the molding requirements of the pelletizer, and the crushed wood chips/straw raw materials are directly fed into the pelletizing machine for pelletizing. A certain amount of dust and noise will be generated during the crushing process.

The chaff raw material of this project does not need to be crushed, and can directly enter the granulation machine for granulation.

(3) Granulation

The chaff and the crushed sawdust/straw are transported to the pelletizer through a belt, and the pelletizer presses the raw materials into a pellet shape under high pressure. The pelletizing process generates dust and noise from the pelletizer.

(4) Natural cooling

The compressed biomass particles generally have a temperature of 40-50°C, and need to be cooled in the case of packaging. After being collected in the silo, they are naturally cooled and transported to the finished product yard for packaging.

Unqualified products can be reused as raw materials, reprocessed, and recycled. The formed biomass fuel is small in size, large in specificity, resistant to combustion, and convenient for storage and transportation.

The raw materials purchased in this project are all dried chaff, wood chips, straw, etc., and the raw materials will no longer be dried in this project.

Straw Rice Husk Wood Biomass Pellet Plant Project
Straw Rice Husk Wood Biomass Pellet Plant Project

5. Work System and Labor Quota

After the project is completed, 5 people will be required. The annual working time is about 300 days. The 8-hour work system will not carry out the production of crushing, particle forming and other processes except for the transportation of a small amount of goods at night.

The above is the article for you: 100 Tons/day Straw Rice Husk Wood Pellet Production Line Project. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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