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How to choose wood pellet machine

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  wood pellet machine is a new biomass energy equipment and a pelletizing equipment for wood pellet production. It uses eucalyptus, birch, poplar, fruit wood, bamboo shavings and crop straws as raw materials. Cooling, packing and other processes to make finished wood pellets. Its finished products are used in biomass power generation, boilers, fireplaces, household equipment, etc.

How to choose wood pellet machine
How to choose wood pellet machine

  How do we choose a wood pellet machine when we buy it?

  1. First of all, what is your raw material?

  There are many raw materials for wood pellet mill: sawdust, straw, rice husk, hemp, alfalfa, palm husk, etc. Choose the right granulator according to your own raw materials.

  2. Identify the output you need

  Usually the output is less than 1 ton / h, it is recommended to use a small flat die pellet machine; more than 1 ton / h is recommended to use a vertical ring die wood pellet machine, 1-2t / h is recommended to use a vertical ring die pellet machine MZLH420 model, 3-4t/h recommended use of wood pellet machine to produce MZLH858 model, 10-20 tons of recommended horizontal ring mold unit.

Identify the output you need
Identify the output you need

  3.  What is most easily overlooked when buying?

  The easiest thing to ignore when buying is the mold. Be sure to bring your own materials to try out the machine in the seller's factory, or choose granule equipment with good credit and big manufacturers, such as RICHI machinery. We can try the machine for you in the factory, if necessary, we will send senior engineers to debug the machine for you.

  4. Purchase and select large manufacturers

  If we don't know much about granulator equipment, then we can directly purchase from large manufacturers. If we want good product quality, good service, and affordable price, then we need to shop around and choose a manufacturer with high cost performance.

wood pellet machine
wood pellet machine

  Whether you choose a large manufacturer or a cost-effective one, it is recommended to visit the richi machinery factory. The mechanical equipment we produce has a life span of 2-3 years longer than the average equipment on the market. The price is also the factory price of richi. I believe you will not run for nothing!

The above is the article for you: How to choose wood pellet machine. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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