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Initial investment in chicken feed production line

  • Date: 2020-01-06 09:35:40
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  What are the initial investments in building a chicken feed production line? The initial investment of the chicken feed production line is related to the feed output and also related to the configuration of the production line. The customer chooses the annual output according to the budget, is the configuration low or high. Low configuration is cheap, but the production line automation effect is certainly not as good as high allocation.

Initial investment in chicken feed production line
Initial investment in chicken feed production line

  1.Investment in chicken coops. When breeding chickens, farmers should first confirm the size of the farm. When choosing the size of the site, it is best to choose the suburbs and convenient transportation. This is not only conducive to the development of chickens, but also convenient when selling. Where there are many crops, the feed for the flocks also has a source, and the cost is low, and farmers need not worry about it.

  2. Chicken feed production equipment. A complete chicken feed production line includes granulators, shredders, mixers, coolers, balers and auxiliary equipment. However, Chicken feed production equipment investment also has high and low points. For example, the same is a 1-ton chicken feed production line. The semi-automatic set is definitely lower than the investment cost of fully automated feed processing equipment.

Initial investment in chicken feed production line
Initial investment in chicken feed production line

  3. Personnel and hydropower costs. This is an indispensable expense.If it is a highly matched chicken feed production line, personnel costs are minimal and the production efficiency is the highest. There is no doubt that the greater the output of chicken feed production lines, the higher the personnel and hydropower costs.

  If you are planning to build a chicken feed production line, welcome to visit China Richi. richi is a well-known brand in China's feed pellet production line. We can not only customize the design scheme for you for free, but also provide the equipment required for the entire production line, all the way up to the equipment installation trial operation and personnel training. Currently, more than 3,000 users worldwide are using richi equipment!

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