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12-13 Tons Per Hour Industrial Biomass Straw Wood Pellet Factory Project

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Name:Biofuel straw wood pellet manufacturing line
Date:September 18, 2018
Pellet Size:8mm
The install period:45 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Biomass wood pellet factory cost:1,560,000 USD

12-13 Tons Per Hour Industrial Biomass Straw Wood Pellet Factory Project

The origin of latest technology high quality 12-13tph biomass straw and wood pellet factory project

With the development of the national economy, biomass as a clean energy source will be valued and favored, and biomass power plants will continue to expand. Straw charcoal can replace raw coal and fuel oil, and is widely used in biomass power plant vaporization boilers, domestic boilers, heating stoves, hotels, restaurants and other industries, and can replace traditional coal. Therefore, the demand for straw charcoal will continue to grow.

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Shou County is a large agricultural county with abundant crop straw resources. The rational use of straw has also become an important force in promoting local economic development. Shouxian Chuangzhi Biofuel Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest 10 million yuan(1,560,000 USD) to build a new annual output of 30,000 tons biomass pellet production factory project is of great practical significance. The 12-13tph large capacity wood pellet plant can not only drive social and economic benefits, but also meet the needs of environmental protection.

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Content and scale of the professional factory directly offered 12-13tph straw and wood pellet production line

This factory offered automatic running biofuel straw wood pellet factory project is located in Yankou Town, Shou County, with a total area of ​​4130m².

Engineering name Single engineering name Project content and scale Remarks
Main engineering Crushing workshop Leasing a local built plant with a construction area of ​​approximately 1500 m², mainly purchasing wood & straw pellet machines and other wood and straw pelleting plant equipment, which will produce 30,000 tons of biomass fuel pellets per year. The 12-13t/h biomass fuel straw wood pellet plant factory building relies on the existing and newly purchased equipment
Pelletizing workshop Located on the west side of the crushing workshop, the building area is about 500m², and there is a wood straw pellet mill machines inside.
Crushing workshop It is a newly built steel structure factory building, located on the east side of the new technology wood pellet factory area and the south side of the crushing workshop, with an area of ​​about 750m². It is mainly used for raw material crushing and raw material storage. New
Auxiliary engineering Office area The 2-story building is located on the south side of the large capacity heavy duty straw wood pellet plant factory, with a total construction area of ​​approximately 300m². Rely on existing
Storage and transportation engineering Raw material warehouse Located in the crushing workshop, with an area of ​​400m², the customized biomass wood straw pellet plant project workshop is a steel structure workshop. New
Finished product warehouse It is located on the south side of the crushing room and the west side of the crushing workshop, with an area of ​​about 350m². New
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Product warehouse of the 12-13t/h biomass fuel waste wood pellet factory
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Product plan of the 12-13 t/h best solution biomass wood pellet factory for straw and sawdust waste

Serial number Product name Production scale
1 Biomass pellet fuel 30000 tons/year

Main raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption situation

Type Dosage (t/a) Maximum storage capacity Packing specifications Raw material attributes Storage location and area
Straw 30000 600 tons Packing Agricultural waste In the crushing workshop (area 15m*25m)
Sawdust 10000 200 tons None Waste wood
Biomass pellets 300 5.0t Bag Pack Fuel (for biomass hot blast stove) Pelleting workshop
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Main energy and resource consumption table

Name Annual consumption Source
Water 102 tons/a Tap water
Electricity 300,000 degrees/a Power supply network

Technical straw pellets pressing process description

  1. Crushing section
    The main raw material straw and wood chips are crushed by straw chaff cutter and straw crusher, hammer mill for wood pellets to make the particle size less than 5mm. An air collecting hood is installed above the straw wood grinder and the biomass hammer mill.wood pelletizer equipment wood pelleter ring die wood pellet mill wood pellet equipment for sale
    The dust collected by the air collecting hood is connected to a bag filter, and is discharged by a 15m exhaust cylinder after being processed by the bag processor. The bag dust collector collects all the dust and reuses it in the 12-13tph complete large straw wood pellet production line.
  2. Drying section
    For some waste wood scraps with high water content, it is necessary to dry the pulverized particles using it as a raw material to make the water content reach the ring die wood straw biomass pellet machine granulation requirements (the water content is less than 5%), and this new setup 12-13tph automatic biomass wood straw pellet plant project is equipped with a biomass hot blast stove, and the fuel is biomass pellets.bamboo pellets vs wood pellets where are wood pellets made kahl wood pelleting plants manufacturing wood pellets
    Drying and crushing site of the bioamss straw wood pellet processing plant 12-13tph
  3. Conveying and feeding section
    The biomass pellet factory raw materials are sucked into the feed port of the straw pelleting machine that produces 4 ton per through the feeding auger.
  4. Pelleting systems for bofuel pellets
    The biomass waste raw materials are fed into the biomass wood pellet granulator machine through the feeding auger, and the finished product is formed by extrusion molding. The straw pelletiser extrusion process is a physical process, without any adhesive added, and no chemical reaction occurs, except for the feeding auger connection, the straw pellets press is sealed at the outlet and the outside.enplus a1 wood pellet specification pellet mill cpm master pellet mill woodstock business industrial business industrial wood pellet machines for sale
    Pelleting site of the bioamss straw wood pellet manufacturing plant 12-13tph
  5. Conveying and cooling section
    The pelletized biomass made by straw pelleter machine are naturally cooled by conveying, so that their temperature can reach the conditions of packaging and storage, and finally transported to the finished product storage they make wood pellets wood pellets line wood pellet equipment wood chip pellet maker wood pellets canada
    Installtion site of the bioamss straw wood pelleting plant 12-13tph
  6. Packing and storage section
    The biomass fuel pellets products are packaged and stored in the storage tank after cooling.
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Material balance sheet of the 12-13 tons per hour industrial straw and wood pellet plant for pellet fuel

Enter Output
Name of raw material Dosage (t/a) Output method or name Output (t/a)
Straw 30000 Biomass pellets 30000
Sawdust 10000 Dust 43.97
Biomass pellets 300 ash residue 6.0
- - Water vapor 10250.03
Total 43000 Total 43000

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Machine needed to make biomass pellets in the 12-13 t/h professional straw wood pellet factory

Straw wood and biomass pelleting system device name Model specifications Quantity Owned pellet production line or workshop
C-type double-row blanking auger SLJL3x1.2-C 1 Raw material workshop
Splitting auger FLJL-400x4.5 meters 1 Raw material workshop
Electric wood biomass feed grinding machines Comprehensive crushing 1 Crushing workshop
Biomass materials hammer mill Comprehensive crushing 1 Crushing workshop
Biomass hot blast stove FKQH-60 1 Pelletizing workshop (fuel consumption: 125kg/h; specification 1.3*1.3*2.2m)
Conveyor belt SSD-600x7 meters 4 Crushing workshop
Wood straw pellet machine MZLH520 3 Pelleting workshop
Automatic packaging machine XSB-25 1 Pelletizing workshop
Control cabinet base assembly KZGDZ-XL21-700x350 1 Pelletizing workshop
Corner aggregate belt ZJJLD-500x4+1 meters 1 Raw material workshop
Corner scraper belt ZJGBD-500x8.5+1.5m 1 Pelletizing workshop
Bag dust collector BDCC-1.5x1.5 3 Raw material workshop, molding workshop
Ton belt conveyor belt DSS600-5 1 Pelletizing system workshop
Type A raw material warehouse YLC-10³-A 2 Raw material workshop
Pellet warehouse KLC-40³ 1 Pelleting system workshop
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Public works of the 12-13 tons per hour biomass straw pellet machine factory


Water supply and drainage

This low investment high return wood pellet factory project uses the municipal water supply network of Yankou Town. The drainage system of the plant area of ​​the 12-13tph good quality stalk biomass wood pellet factory project shall be divided into rain and sewage. The wastewater in the 12-13tph turnkey biomass pellet plant is mainly domestic sewage. After the domestic sewage is treated in the septic tank, it is regularly cleaned and used as agricultural fertilizer and not discharged.

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Power supply

The power supply of this high efficiency large capacity biomass straw wood pellet factory project is connected by the municipal power supply system of Yankou Town, which can meet the power needs of this professional design automatic straw wood pellet line 12-13 tph.

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Analysis of the rationality of the 12-13 t/h customized straw biomass wood pellet factory layout

This 12-13tph reasonable layout new technology straw wood pellet factory project mainly reconstructs the crushing workshop, pelleting workshop, raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse. The automatic straw wood pellet line project office and the entrance and exit are located on the south side of the wood pellet mill factory area, outside the wood pellet factory area is a rural road, which is convenient for the transportation of products and raw materials.

buy wood pellets machine machine wood pellet made in korea selatan machine needed to make wood pellets large capacity wood chipper crusher machineLayout(Chinese original) and 3D flow chart of the 12-13 tons auto wood pellets factory for straw sawdust fuel pellets

The overall production workshop of this antomatic straw wood pellet mill line project is arranged from east to west in accordance with the technological process, which are the raw material storage area, the crushing area, the biomass straw pellet machine granulating area and the finished product storage area in sequence. The crushing workshop and the wood straw pelletizing workshop are located on the north side of the biomass fuel pelletizing plant area.

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There are large forests and farmland on the north side of the plant boundary of the straw wood pelletizing line with big capacity project, which are used to reduce the impact of dust and noise on surrounding residents. According to the results of noise prediction, it can be known that the noise emission at the boundary of the biofuel pellet factory project plant can reach the standard. The general layout of the 10 ton per hour biomass fuel sawdust pellet production line project is relatively reasonable.

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Land use and planning rationality analysis of the renewable energy wood pellet plant for straw and wood waste

The location of the 12-13t/h China complete biomass wood pellet production line project site has convenient transportation, flat terrain and superior geographical location, which is conducive to the transportation of raw materials, auxiliary materials and finished products required for automatic wood pellet factory project production. Convenient communication and abundant energy supply are suitable for manufacturing activities. The biomass energy wood and straw waste pelleting plant project site is located in Yankou Town, Shouxian County, Huainan City, Anhui Province.

The leased rice seed farm has been built. The 10 ton per hour biomass fuel sawdust straw pelleting plant project does not occupy new land. The north and south sides of the wood pellet factory project are farmland, and the east side is forest. The ce big woods pellet manufacturing palnt project is about 100m farm from the 020 County Road. , there are rural roads between them, and the transportation is convenient.
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There are no environmentally sensitive targets such as nature reserves, scenic spots, and drinking water sources around the 12-13 tph high quality ce wood pellet mill factory site, and the natural environmental conditions are good. All pollutants of the 12-13 tph large wood pellet processing plant project can be discharged up to the standard after treatment, and have little impact on the surrounding environment.
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The location of the biomass energy pellets factory project is compatible with the surrounding environment. The 12-13tph straw sawdust pellet factory for fuels energy plant project complies with the general land use planning of Yankou Town in Shou County and the construction plan of Yankou Town.

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