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60 Tons Per Day Multi-Agricultural And Forestry Wastes Biomass Pellet Plant Project In China

Name:Fuel pellet from 7-8t/h biomass production line
Country:Shanxi Province, China
Date:June, 2019
Pellet Size:6mm 8mm 10mm pellets
The install period:30 Days
Raw materials:Straw, sawdust, etc.
Biomass pallet plant cost:500,000 USD

60 Tons Per Day Multi-Agricultural And Forestry Wastes Biomass Pellet Plant Project In China

Basic situation of the 60 tons per day multi-agricultural and forestry wastes biomass pellet plant project In China

The followings is the professional design 7-8 tons per hour complete biomass pellet manufacturing proposal.

Background and origin of the 7-8 t/h biomass pellet machine production line for biomass fuel pellets

The research and development of bio-energy technology has become one of the world's major hot topics, attracting the attention of governments and scientists around the world. Many countries have formulated relevant development and research plans. Many foreign bio-energy technologies and biomass pellet factory devices have reached the level of commercial application.

The convenience of using biomass fuel pellets is comparable to energy sources such as gas and oil.
biomass pellet manufacturing proposal pellet biomass biomass pellet plant procedure pellet mill diesel vs 220v biomass pellet machine for biomass biomass wood pellet maker

China attaches great importance to the development and utilization of bioenergy. From the 1980s to the present, the Chinese government has always listed the research and application of biomass energy utilization technology as a key scientific and technological project, and has carried out research and development of new technologies for the utilization of biomass energy, which has further improved biomass energy technology.
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The client of this 7-8t/h factory sale new design biomass pellets production plant project is China's Shaanxi Dongfang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which was registered in April 2019. Through the analysis of the local regional economic development, the client found that the local household industrial park, farmers, etc. will have A large amount of sawdust and straw cannot be processed, and these waste resources can be used as raw materials for biomass pellet production.
biomass wood pellet manufacturing machine biomass pellet press biomass making machine biomass pellet machine price pelletizing machine for biomass pelletizer biomass machine

Therefore, the client company invested 5 million yuan(780,000 USD) to establish a commercial biomass fuel wood pellet production line project with an annual output of 18,000 tons. On the one hand, it digests the waste resources such as sawdust and straw generated in the region, and on the other hand, it can drive local economic growth, increase taxation, and increase tax revenue. Increase employment positions, etc. The reasonable design new biomass pellet production line project has gone through the environmental assessment procedures on September 2, 2019.

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Construction content and scale of the turn-key straw wood and biomass pelleting system

The client leased an original factory building, office and dormitory rooms in the local area. There is no civil engineering in the 7-8t/h biomass pellet plant project, and the construction engineering only considers the newly-added construction projects required for the installation and technology of the biomass fuel making machinery in the 7-8t/h fuel biomass pellet factory.

Engineering name Main components Main construction content Remarks
Main engineering Processing workshop 1F, steel structure, covering an area of ​​1036m², mainly for biomass pellet processing line workshops Relying on existing factory buildings
Auxiliary engineering Office, dormitory 1F, brick-concrete structure, covering an area of ​​100m2, with offices, dormitories, toilets, etc. Relying on existing factory buildings
Idle plant 1F, partial 3F, brick-concrete structure, covering an area of ​​2000m2 Relying on existing factory buildings
Utilities Water supply Bring your own well Relying on existing factory buildings
Drainage Rain and sewage are separated, and there is no production wastewater. Domestic sewage depends on the existing septic tank for pretreatment, and is regularly cleaned and fertilized by nearby farmers Relying on existing factory buildings
Power supply Transformer 315kW, industrial electricity Relying on the original factory buildings
Refrigeration, heating The living office building of this project is cooled and heated by split air conditioners Relying on the original factory buildings
Storage and transportation engineering Stacking workshop 1F, steel structure, airtight workshop, covering an area of ​​950m2, mainly sawdust, straw, etc.; raw material loading and unloading open fog cannons to reduce dust, and dust-proof nets will be used during transportation Relying on existing factory buildings
Weighing workshop 1F, steel structure, covering an area of ​​510m2, with a floor scale Relying on existing factory buildings
Environmental protection project Exhaust gas Dust generated during the processing of biomass pellets is collected in a cloth bag and discharged in the workshop after fog cannon dust reduction Environmental assessment requirements
Use fog cannons to reduce dust during the loading and unloading of raw materials Environmental assessment requirements
Wastewater Rain and sewage diversion. No production wastewater, domestic sewage enters the septic tank for pretreatment (relying on the original, 10m3), and the nearby farmers are regularly cleaned and fertilized Relying on the original factory buildings
Noise Sound insulation and vibration reduction measures are taken for the main noise-producing equipment, and the equipment is arranged in the workshop Environmental assessment requirements
Solid waste Separate collection. Domestic garbage is collected in sorted garbage bins, which are uniformly pulled and transported by the environmental sanitation department; dust collected during the production process is reused as raw materials Environmental assessment requirements
biomass pellet mill for sale biomass wood pellets machine uk making biomass pellets biomass pelleting machine biomass power plant with wood pellet
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Machine turn biomass into pellets in the 7-8 t/h biomass wood pellets production line

After the operation of this professional factory directly offered 7-8tph straw wood sawdust pellet production line project, there is no electric wood biomass feed grinding machines in the workshop.

No. Biomass wood pellets production line machine name Quantity
1 Heavy duty biomass pelletizer for capacity 7-8 ton 3
2 Trum Screener 1
3 Conveyor 6
4 Bucket elevator 1
5 Silo 1
6 Weighbridge 1
7 Forklift 1
4 Forklift 1

Product plan of the 7-8 t/h factory offered automatic running biomass pelleting machine plant

After the easy to handle 7-8 TPH stable performance biomass wood pellet production line project is completed, it will mainly produce biomass pellet fuel. The output is calculated in tons. The product plan of this 7-8tph best price complete biomass pellet plant project is shown in the following table:

Series name Specifications Annual output
Biomass fuel Pellet 18,000 tons

biomass agriculture prosessing for animal feed cities skylines biomass pellet plant biomass rice husk pellet korea machine biomass pellet machine 500 kg hr
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Materials and power energy consumption

The main raw materials of this 7-8t/h new design completely biomass wood pellet production line project are sawdust, straw, etc. The sawdust is in powder form, and the straw can be directly processed into the biomass pellet machine without crushing.

Name Consumption Source
Original and auxiliary materials
Sawdust, straw, etc. 18000t/a Outsourcing
Fresh water 252m3/a Bring your own well
Electricity 7.2 million kW·h/a Municipal grid

The biomass sawdust wood pellet press equipped in this biomass pellet plant needs to be regularly added with special high temperature grease for the biomass pellet machine to lubricate the equipment. The special high temperature grease component is 4 barrels per year. The physical and chemical properties are as follows:
biomass pellet manufacturing how much costs a gemco biomass small pellet mill biomass pellet machine 250r pellet maill biomass pellet fuel pellet from biomass production line

This product is made of lithium soap-based compound and is composed of a high melting point multi-purpose grease. The dropping point temperature is above 335℃, the oil film rupture load is PB/N686, and it has excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance, oxidation stability and Shear resistance.
biomass fuel making machinery biomass pellet plant biomass pellet machine production line biomass pellets production

The special high temperature grease for biomass pellet making machine is mainly used for the lubrication of biomass pellet machine. The used high-temperature grease barrels for the biomass pellet maker machine are treated as hazardous waste, and the waste categories are HW08 waste mineral oil and mineral oil-containing waste.

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Brief description of complete biomass pellet plant procedure

Biomass pellets manufacturing process of this high return 7-8t/h biomass pellet mill factory: Raw materials-drum screen to choose-bucket elevator-material yard-pressure forming-natural cooling-screening and packaging

biomass pellet mill uk electric pellet mill for wood biomass forage koppern biomass pelletizer how make biomass pellets biomass pellet plant design

Because the customer's biomass pelleting plant is very large, so the customer has area to adopt natural cooling, which saves the purchase cost of the biomass pellets cooler. In addition, the unformed pellets produced in the granulation process of the biomass pellets machine account for up to 1‰ of the qualified quantity, and the unformed particles produced are up to 18t/a. The unformed pellets made by biomass pelletizers are directly transported to the stacking workshop for continued use as raw materials.

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Utilities of the 7-8 t/h good selling in China completely agricultural and forestry waste biomass pellet production line

  1. Water supply
    The water supply for the 1500 ton per month biomass pellet line project is supplied by self-provided wells. The water used by the straw sawdust pellet plant project is domestic water. The employees only live in the biomass pellet factory and there is no canteen.
    Domestic water use refers to "Industry Water Use Quota" (Shaanxi Provincial Local Standard DB61/T943-2014), which is 120L/person•d, with 7 laborers and 300 days of work per year; the total domestic water consumption of this industry wood fuel biomass pellet production line project is 252m3/a (0.84 m3/d). biomass wood pellets production line machinee how to calculate feed stock pellet wood biomass power plant
  2. Drain
    The 7-8t/h biomass mill wood pellet production line project adopts a rain and sewage diversion system, and rainwater enters nearby water bodies. Domestic sewage is 201.6m3/a based on 80% of domestic water consumption, which is discharged into septic tank for pretreatment, and farmland is cleaned and fertilized by nearby farmers regularly.lawson mills biomass make your own pellets pellets biomass biomass mobile pellet plant
  3. Power supply
    Relying on the existing power supply facilities, it can meet the living and production needs of the employees in the high quality biomass sawdust straw wood pellet factory.
  4. Refrigeration and heating
    The office and dormitory areas of this 7-8t/h China factory offered biomass wood pellet production line project adopt split-type air-conditioning for cooling and heating.
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Analysis of the rationality of the 7-8 t/h biomass pellet plant site selection

In recent years, many enterprises have been put into production in the surrounding area, and there is a certain distance from residential areas, schools, hospitals and other sensitive targets. The surrounding traffic is convenient, and the area has basically formed an industrial park.
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The municipal sewage pipe network is not connected to the surrounding area of ​​the 7-8t/h factory price biomass pellet production line project, and the domestic sewage of the complete straw sawdust pellet production line project is discharged into septic tanks for collection, and is regularly cleaned and transported by nearby farmers for farmland fertilization. The surrounding infrastructure of the project can meet the needs of the 7-8t/h pellet production line for fuels energy plant project.

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