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Automatic Completely 40,000 Tons Biomass Energy Wood Pellet Plant For Dry Branches Waste Wood Straw Pellets

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Name:16T/H biomass pellet mill factory
Date:December 2018
Capacity:3333 tons per month
Pellet Size:6-8mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Wood pellet plant investment cost:1.7 million USD

Automatic Completely 40,000 Tons Biomass Energy Wood Pellet Plant For Dry Branches Waste Wood Straw Pellets

Construction background of the biomass branches straw wood pellet plant with an annual output of 40,000 tons

The development of biomass energy is a strategic measure to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. It is an important aspect of promoting the development of circular agriculture and building modern agriculture. It is also an effective way to protect the environment and use agricultural resources in a reasonable and effective manner. As the focus and vigorous development of biomass energy has been written into the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", biomass energy has received wider attention.

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In the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the route of environmental protection becomes clearer, and boiler transformation will become a hot spot. problem. Burning coal and oil have caused a certain degree of pollution to the atmosphere. Choosing biomass fuel to replace kerosene combustion can meet the requirements of environmental protection and is more economical.

Under this background, the client of this latest technology high quality wood pellet plant project, Lixin County Guiqin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. invested 60 million yuan((9,390,000USD)) to build an industrial automatic running biomass pellet plant construction project with an annual output of 40,000 tons.
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The large biomass fuel wood pellet plant project covers an area of ​​11.16 acres and a building area of ​​3,600m², the purchase of industrial wood crushing machines, large capacity wood chipper crusher machine, heavy duty biomass pelletizers and other related biomass making equipment and environmental protection facilities will form a production scale with an annual output of 40,000 tons of fuel pellets from biomass. (Related post: 3-5TPH Rubber Wood Pellet Production Line In China )

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Basic situation of the 16 t/h wood pellet plant project for fuel pellets from staw branches and waste wood

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Construction scale and content of the 16 t/h nstraw branches wood pellet plant with factory price

The construction area of ​​the 16 tons new design biomass fuel straw wood pellet plant project is 3,600 square meters, and related wood pellet line production equipment such as wooden scrape crushers, industrial wood shredders, wood & straw pellet machines and environmental protection facilities will be purchased.

After completion, a production scale with an annual output of 40,000 tons of biomass pellets will be formed. The specific construction content and scale of the biomass pellet plant are shown in the following table:

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Project category Single project name Project content and scale
Main project 40,000 tons of biomass wood pellet production line Located on the north side of the complete wood pellet plant production workshop, with a building area of ​​500 square meters.
Auxiliary project Office area Mainly used for personnel office, located on the south side of the wood pelleting plant production workshop, with a building area of ​​100m².
Storage and transportation engineering Raw material warehouse Mainly used for raw and auxiliary materials such as straw, sawdust, etc., located on the west side of the wood pellet plant production workshop, with a building area of ​​2000 square meters
Finished product warehouse Mainly used to store finished products, located on the south side of the wood pellet manufacturing plant, with a construction area of ​​1000 square meters
Public works Power supply The local power grid supplies power and consumes 50,000 kWh/year.
Water supply The water for the processing plant for wood pellets project is mainly domestic water, and the water supply comes from the local water supply pipe network, with an annual water consumption of 600m3/a
Drainage The pelleting plant for wood project implements rain and sewage diversion. After rainwater is collected, it enters the municipal rainwater pipe network; domestic sewage is treated in septic tanks and then fertilized fields are regularly cleared and not discharged.
Environmental protection project Wastewater After the domestic sewage is treated in the septic tank, the fertilizer fields are regularly cleared and not discharged.
Exhaust gas (crushing, granulating) Set up a partitioned air collecting hood, vacuum exhaust, collect the dust generated in the area and send it to the bag filter for treatment, and then discharge it through an exhaust tube no less than 15m high.
Solid waste Household garbage is cleaned and transported regularly by sanitation workers; dust and unqualified products collected by general solid waste dust collectors are reused in the wood pellets industrial plant.
Noise Sound insulation, vibration reduction, strengthening management of the wood pellets industrial plant.
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Raw materials and energy consumption

The raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption of this good quality 16 ton per hour wood pellet plant project are shown in the following table:
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Category Name Dosage Remarks
Raw materials Dry branches 5000 tons/year Water content≤13%
Wood waste 5000 tons/year Water content≤13%
Straw 30000 tons/year Water content≤13%
Energy Electricity 50,000 kWh/year Local power grid
Water 600 cubic meters/year Local water supply network
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Product plan of the large scale 16 t/h wood pelleting plant for 6-8mm straw and dry branches pellets

Wood pellets line product Production scale Product specifications
Biomass pellets 40,000 tons/year Water content 10%~15%; diameter: 6-8mm; length 2-4cm
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General graphic design principles of the 6-8mm straw and wood pellet plant for biomass fuel pellets

  1. It meets the requirements of local construction planning, with clear functional zoning and reasonable wood pellet plant layout.
  2. Reasonable organization of transportation, shorten transportation distance, facilitate mutual contact, and avoid the intersection of people and logistics and interference.
  3. Meet the production, safety, sanitation, and fire prevention requirements of the wood pelleting plant area, and meet the requirements for laying pipelines for above-ground and underground engineering.wood pelleting plant lincolnshire wood pellet plant investors wood pellet co generation plants
  4. In line with the wood pellet fuel enterprise development plan and the status quo of the project site, rational use of land resources, reasonable functional zoning, and smooth and convenient logistics routes according to the complete wood pellet plant production process, and reasonable construction of straw and waste wood pellet fuel factory buildings and various facilities.
  5. The layout of various facilities and fuel wood pellet plant workshops should fully consider the wind direction and direction.
  6. According to the topography and geological conditions of the site, the measures should be adapted to local conditions, focusing on the coordination of the built environment and the beautification of the natural environment.biomass power plant with wood pellet wood pellet plant for sae in maine small scale wood pellet plants for sale in south africa
  7. According to the topography of the site and the functional requirements of the 16t/h automatic running high return wood pellet plant system project, the main entrance and exit of the straw and wood pellet production project are set on the east side of the wood pellet factory.
    The production workshop of the 16t/h straw wood pellet processing plant project is mainly equipped with a 40,000-ton biomass pellet production line, office, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, etc. The flow of people and logistics in the straw and wood pellet manufacturing plant plant is smooth, and the straw and wood pellet plant layout is reasonable and feasible.

To sum up, the 16t/h good quality branches stalk biomass wood pellet plant layout is reasonable.

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Analysis of site selection compliance

The 16t/h biomass wood pellet mill plant project is located in Lixin County, Anhui Province. There are no drinking water source protection areas, nature reserves, scenic spots, ecological environment sensitive areas and other environmental protection goals around the wood pellet plant project. The nature of the agriculture waste wood pellet plant project land is construction land, which is in line with the land use of Wangtuan Town.
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Through rational layout of the high return 16tph wood pellet plant area, strengthening of greening, and implementation of various pollution control measures, pollutants can be discharged up to standards. According to the "Key Tasks of Air Pollution Prevention and Control in Anhui Province in 2020", it is pointed out that the rate of the comprehensive utilization of straw in the whole province in 2020 reaches more than 90%.
pelleting plant for wood planting lettuce on wood pellets storage and handling of wood pellets industrial plant

The raw material straw required for the production of the biomass wood pellet line 16tph project mainly comes from the surrounding farmland. The implementation of this project can increase the comprehensive utilization rate of the surrounding farmland.

The power consumption of the compeltely biomass fuel wood straw pellet plant project is relatively small compared to the total utilization of regional resources, which meets the requirements of external conditions for 16tph large capacity heavy duty wood pallet pellet plant project construction.
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In general, the best solution biomass wood pellet plant project site has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation.

After rational layout of the wood pellet plant area, strengthening of greening, and implementation of various pollution prevention measures, pollutants can be discharged up to standards and will not cause damage to the environment in the project area. Therefore, the customized biomass wood pellet plant project site selection is appropriate and feasible.

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Process flow of wood pellet plant with16 t/h production capacity


Chipping (first crushing) sectiion

The raw materials purchased in this 16t/h automatic straw wood pellet line project are all dry materials with a moisture content below 13% and do not need to be dried. So the wood chips rotary dryer is not necessary. The raw materials (straw, waste wood, dry branches) are first crushed by a heavy duty wood chipper.
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Material handling

After crushing, the materials with larger particle size are passed through the belt conveyor into the wood pellet hammer mill crusher and crushed.


Crushing section

The crushed raw materials enter the wood crusher grinder machine to be crushed into smaller particles, which is convenient for the follow-up section.


Granulation section

The crushed raw materials are transported to the wood pellet making machine by a belt conveyor. The raw materials are rolled and extruded into pellets under high pressure (the temperature can reach 80~99℃).

The wood pellet mill system uses biomass certified by the Ministry of Agriculture. Ring die wood pelet maker, the machinery needed for making wood pellets can be used for wood, waste wood, sawdust, corn stalk, rice husk, bean straw, cotton straw and peanut shells and other different raw materials, and the wood pelletizer machine for commercial runs stably.small wood pellet plant wood pellet plant mt gambier wood pellet power plant wood pelleting plant cost south africa


Cooling section

When the biomass is discharged, the pellet fuel temperature is as high as 80-90℃, the structure is relatively loose, and it is easy to be broken, and the next process can be carried out after natural cooling.


Screening section

After cooling, the pellet fuel is screened by the finished pellet sieve, and the scraps are screened out to ensure the quality of the biomass pellet fuel. After screening, the scraps are returned to the previous process for re-granulation.
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Wood pellets packing line and storage

Bag the processed finished pellets by wood pellet bagging machine into storage. In this design, a packaging conveyor is used to measure and pack into bags, and then send them to the finished product warehouse.

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Main machinery needed for making wood pellets of 16 t/h straw and waste wood pellet plant

Commercial wood pellets manufacturing equipments Quantity
High quality wood crusher machines 1
Rotary dryers for wooden 1
Wood grinder machine wooden pellets 2
Wood pellet mill 4
Wood pellet cooling machine 2
Wood pellet screening machine 2
Wood pellet bagging machine 2
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