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How often is the ring die of the wood pellet machine changed?

  • Date: 2020-01-14 09:40:23
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How often is the ring die of the wood pellet machine changed? Wood pellet machine and biomass pellet machine is one of our main products, and the pellet machine ring die is the core component of the wood pellet machine, and it is also a vulnerable part. The following for everyone to introduce the sawdust particles machine ring die. If the following two situations occur, the ring mold of the wood pellet machine will be replaced.

ring die
ring die

First, the ring die of biomass wood pellets machine replacement

1.Ring die centering pins or ring die lock bolts often break;

2.The gap between the ring die and the transmission rim relative to the plane is very small or basically contacts;

The mold needs to be replaced, and the ring mold of the wood pellet machine must be installed. So what should be paid attention to when installing the ring mold of wood pellet machine?

Second, the installation of ring mold

1. Before installation, the support surfaces of ring mold 3 and reinforcement ring 2 and the support surface of wear ring 6 must be carefully cleaned and coated with a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide paste.

2. When installing the used ring die, you must check the wear of the ring die in the width direction and use it in reverse if necessary;

3. Install the pin 4 on the ring die holder 7, and then align the pin hole of the ring die with the pin 4 and knock the ring die into the ring with a hammer (when using a steel hammer, there must be a pad between the steel hammer and the ring die) wood);

How often is the ring die of the wood pellet machine changed?
How often is the ring die of the wood pellet machine changed?

Third, the inspection and maintenance of wood chip pellet ring die

1. Pellet machine can not run empty for a long time, in order to avoid the roller rolling action of the ring hole plug.

2. Before the granulation stops (replace the ring die), feed the oil feed through the observation door to extrude the material in the die hole so that all the oil feed is extruded from the die hole

3.Mixed metal fragments must be removed;

4.The ring die hole of the crushed plug must be re-expanded;

5.The threaded holes must be free of materials and dirt;

6. The damaged bolt should be removed and replaced as soon as possible, and the distribution of the discharge and the wear of the ring die should be checked regularly.

The above is the article for you: How often is the ring die of the wood pellet machine changed?.

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