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How to improve the forming rate of pellet machine?

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How to improve the forming rate of pellet machine? We know that the higher the molding rate of the wood pellet machine, the higher the qualified rate, and the more profits the company creates. Therefore, users use the granulator to pursue a high molding rate. As a user, knowing the factors that affect the molding rate, we can save costs and maximize profits.

improve the forming rate of pellet machine
improve the forming rate of pellet machine

1. Select raw materials with soft texture. Soft wood chips and sawdust are relatively easy to press and shape. The pellet effect is good and the molding rate is high.

2. The size and moisture content of the raw materials in the production process must meet the granulation requirements.The size of the general raw materials is 3-5 cm, and the moisture content should be controlled at about 12% -18%. If the moisture content is too low, it will cause the granules to be difficult to be pressed and formed, the molding rate is low, and there are more powdery materials; if the moisture content is too high, the pressed particles will be loose, and it is easier to loose during packaging and transportation.

3. The operator must operate the equipment strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications to reduce errors.

4. In the production process, the feed in the machine must be uniform, not too fast or too slow.

In the granulating machine's molding process, the increase of the granulation molding rate can save a lot of raw materials, reduce production costs and increase user profits. At the same time, we must strictly follow the operating procedures during operation to reduce errors.

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