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New Build Turnkey Project 6TPH Complete Wheat Straw Corn Stalk Cereal Husk Fuel Biomass Pellet Plant For Multi-Agricultural Wastes

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Name:Waste straw pellet production line for fuels energy plant
Date:September 13, 2017
Capacity:6T/H, 3750 t/m, 128 t/d
Pellet Size:8mm
The install period:20 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Biomass pellet production line price:700000USD (just for equipments)

New Build Turnkey Project 6TPH Complete Wheat Straw Corn Stalk Cereal Husk Fuel Biomass Pellet Plant For Multi-Agricultural Wastes

The origin of the new build 6 t/h agricultural wastes fuel biomass pellet plant

Biomass pellet fuel is the use of corn stalks, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shells, corn cobs, cotton stalks, soybean stalks, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark, tea seed husks and other solid wastes of crops. The raw materials are crushed, pressurized, densified, and formed into a modern clean fuel in the shape of small rod-shaped solid pellets. It is also a new and emerging biomass power generation fuel that can replace traditional coal.

6 tons per hour biomass pellet mill biomass pelleting biomass pallet plant

The site of client's biomass company

In recent years, Fengtai County, where the high return 6t/h agriculture waste biomass wood pellet plant project is located, has achieved remarkable results in its straw burning ban. There are a large number of straw raw materials nearby.

The customer of this compeltely biomass pellet line plant project, Anhui Tuosheng Biomass Fuel Technology Co., Ltd., according to market research, decided to invest 30 million yuan (4,695,000 USD) in the industrial park of Fengtai County to build a 6 tons per hour high quality best solution biomass pellet plant for wheat straw corn stalk cereal husk waste project with an annual output of 45,000 tons. Mainly use and collect surrounding straw, grain husk, rice husk and other agricultural waste materials to suppress straw pellets.

Work system of the on selling good complete 6 t/h cereal husk wheat straw corn stalk pellet plant for sale China

This latest technology biomass pellet plant has 50 employees. The working system of the complete automatic biomass straw wood pellet line is a two-shift system with 20 hours of work per day and 350 days of work per year. According to the work system, it can be calculated that the output of the on line support biomass straw pellet plant project is 3750 tons per month, 128 tons per day, 6 tons per hour.

6 tons per hour biomass pellet maker small biomass pellet maker biomass pelletizerConstruction site of the biomass pellet plant for agricultural waste

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The main raw and auxiliary materials of the customized 6 tons per hour biomass wood pellet line project

The main raw and auxiliary materials of this 6tph agricultural waste pellet plant project are detailed in the following table:

Name Consumption Remarks
Wheat straw 30,000 tons/a Buy locally
Cereal husk 6,000 tons/a
Corn Stalk 10,000 tons/a
6 tons per hour netherlands biomass pelleting machine what is biomass making equipment
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Products and production scale of the automatic biomass straw wood pellet plant 6tph for agricultural waste

The main product of this agricultural waste biomass pellet manufacturing plant project is biomass energy pellets, and the product plan is shown in the table below.

Product name Annual output Product quality standards
Biomass energy pellets 45000 tons Diameter 6~8mm; Length: 30~50mm. Density: 700~1400 kg/m3; Ash content: 1~20%; Moisture content ≤15%. The calorific value of the straw pellets varies with the type of straw, and the calorific value is about 3200~4500Kcal/Kg. The burnout rate of biomass fuel can reach 96%, and the remaining 4% of the ash can be recycled as potash fertilizer.
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Construction content and production scale of the 6 t/h automatic biomass pellet mill line

This wheat straw corn stalk cereal husk pellet plant for bofuel pellets project is located in Gudian Township Industrial Park, Fengtai County, Huainan City. The 6tph turn-key biomass pellet plant project covers an area of ​​7,337m2 (about 11 acres), with a total construction area of ​​7,300m2. It mainly constructs 1 drying yard, 3 production workshops, and 1 office building, guard room, power distribution room, staff shift dormitory and other supporting facilities.

The factory layout map we provide to customers (Chinese original)The 6t/h biomass pellet plant factory layout map we provide to customers (Chinese original)

Purchase complete biomass pellet plant production equipment such as biomass straw pellet machine, double screw conveyor, pulverizer and other production equipment. After the factory supply 6 ton per hour customized biomass wood straw waste pellet plant project is completed and put into production, it will reach an annual production capacity of 45,000 tons of bioenergy pellet fuel. The construction composition of the biomass pellet mill plant for waste pellets is detailed in the following table:

Project category Single project name Project scale
Main project Production workshop Annually produce 45,000 tons of material energy pellet fuel, with a construction area of ​​800m².
Auxiliary project drying field Building area 1000m²
Office Building area 800m²
Guardian Room Building area 80m²
Power distribution room Building area 100m²
Staff lounge Building area 520m²
Canteen Located on the first floor of the employee shift dormitory
Storage and transportation engineering Raw material warehouse Building area 2000m²
Finished product warehouse Building area 2000m²
Public works Drainage Annual displacement of 1932m³
Water supply Annual water consumption is 2250m³
Power supply The annual electricity consumption of the 6 tons agricultural waste biomass pellet plant is about 34,000 kWh
Environmental protection project Sewage treatment The agricultural waste biomass pellet plant project does not produce production wastewater
Exhaust gas treatment A set of centralized bag filter is installed in the 6tph agricultural waste biomass pellet plant project, and the dust production equipment in the workshop (mainly 1 biomass corn stalk crusher, 8 biomass pelleting machine outlets) is connected to the bag filter through a pipeline, and after treatment, it passes through a 15m high discharge The air cylinder is discharged; the air volume of the fan is about 15000m3/h.
Noise control Reasonable layout, muffler, sound-absorbing and sound insulation materials, vibration damping base, rubber cushion, etc.
Solid Waste Treatment General industrial solid waste temporary storage point, located at the southeast corner of the raw material warehouse, with an area of ​​about 20m²;
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Main biomass wood pellets production line machine for cereal husk wheat straw corn stalk pellets

The main biomass agriculture prosessing equipment used in this 6tph cereal husk wheat straw corn stalk pellet plant project is shown in the following table:

Biomass fuel making machinery Model Quantity
Biomass grinding machine YT-4JZ2000 1
Pelletizing machine for biomass 9SKLJH470-470C 8
Double spiral twister DLSJ300 2
Bag dust collector DLXF0909 1
Cooling fan / 8
Automatic packing machine / 1

Public works of the new technology 6 tons per hour cereal husk wheat straw corn stalk biomass waste pellet plant

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Process flow of the factory directly offered professional turn-key biomass pellet plant 6 t/h

The fuel pellet from biomass production line 6tph uses various crop straws, chaffs, etc. as raw materials. The 6 tons per hour new design fuel biomass pellet plant procedure consists of raw material crushing, pelletizing, and cooling. At the same time, each part is equipped with a strict quality monitoring system, ensure biomass pellets product quality. The specific biomass pelletizing plant agricultural waste pellet production process is shown in the figure below:
6tph small biomass pellet machine plant manufacturing process flow chart


Raw materials preparation

The raw materials of this 6tph agricultural waste biofuel pellet plant project come from wheat straw, chaff, corn stalks, etc. in the surrounding rural areas, and the bundled straws purchased are transported to the biomass pellet factory area and temporarily stored in the raw material warehouse in the biomass pelleting plant project area.
6tph biomass boilers for sale how to make biomass pellets

The purchased bundles of straw are delivered to the workshop warehouse by loaders, forklifts, etc., and manually loaded and unloaded to the conveyor. The straw conveyor adopts a closed structure. Some raw materials with higher moisture content will be dried in the drying yard before use.


Crushing section

Wheat straw and corn stalks are pulverized by a straw hammer mill, and can be granulated after pulverization. The raw material is less than 5mm after pulverization by straw hammer crusher.

pellet from biomass biomass pellet maker machine


Pelletizing section

Biomass pellet maker machine is the key biomass making equipment of the completely biomass wood pellet production line. Biomass pellet fuel pelletizer can be used for different raw materials such as rice straw, sawdust, corn stalk, bean straw, cotton straw and peanut shell, etc. The biomass pelleting machine is stable in operation. The density of processed pellet fuel can reach 0.7 to 1.4 tons/cubic meter.

6tph riverside pellet mill machine 10hp 230v single phase electric wood biomass feed grinding machines

The crushed materials by high capacity straw pulverizer are sent to the hoisting hopper through the conveyor, and the materials are sent to the feeding machine on the upper part of the biomass pelleting machine through the bucket elevator. The feeder sends the materials evenly into the pelletizing machine for biomass, and the produced pellets have a smooth surface and moderate hardness.
6tph heavy duty biomass pelletizer for capacity 7 mt

Friction is generated between the material in the biomass wood pellet press, the pressing roller and the template, which can generate a large amount of heat, and the temperature of the material is raised to about 80-110°C, so that the lignin is softened and sterilized.


Cooling section

The temperature of the biomass pellet fuel is as high as 80-90℃ when it is discharged from the biomass pellets plant pelletizing process. The structure is relatively loose and easy to break. It must be cooled by an air-cooled system and cooled to room temperature before bagging and storing.

6tph biomass pellet burner biomass pellet mill animal feed

The belt conveyor is sent to the biomass pellet cooling machine for cooling. The moving chain plate drives the pellets to move. The lower part has an air inlet and the upper part is equipped with a fan. The cooling is completed in 2-3 minutes. The cold sealing process is completed inside the electric pellet mill for wood biomass forage, which is closed and does not generate dust.


Package and storage section

In this 6 ton biomass pellet plant design, a packaging conveyor is used for metering and in-belt packaging, and then sent to the finished product warehouse.

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Analysis of the rationality of site selection for 6 tons per hour factory price biomass pellet production plant

The biomass fuel straw waste pellet production plant project is located in Gudian Township Industrial Park, Fengtai County, and the land for the new hot biomass wood pelleting plant project is industrial land. According to the on-site survey, the rice husk straw wood pellet production plant project land is currently vacant and does not involve any remaining environmental issues.
6tph biomass pellet production line biomass pellet machines 6tph gemco biomass mobile pellet plant

The land used for the new setup biomass pellet plant project is industrial land, which meets the requirements of the city's overall planning and functional zoning. After adopting the pollution prevention and control measures specified in this environmental assessment, all pollutants can be discharged up to the standard. The impact on the environment is small, so the site selection of the 6t/h automatic completely biomass wood pellet production plant project is feasible and compatible with the regional environment.

The main problems we faced about biomass energy are dispersing resources and high cost of material collection. Except biogas energy which is mature basically, other kinds of biomass energy such as fuel pellets is still in the early stage of industrial development. Biomass materials have great potential as a kind of green fuel. Let's take straw recycling for example.

Years before, straw is seen as a kind of useless waste. Later in recent years, people gradually realized the significance of straw recycling. And the utilization of straw resources got great promotion. With the positioning of energy strategy, the utilization of biomass fuel pellet mill machine will bring a new round of opportunity for development in China.
3 ton per hour wood pellet machine price good wood pellet machine automatic lubrication system wood pellet machine

China is a big country of agriculture. The yield of crop straw is increasing year by year. How to deal with the straw wastes have become the thorniest problems for new rural construction. Indiscriminate dumping and burning of crop straw is not only a waste of resources but also pollute our environment.

Backed by the national policy and support, the processing of straw fuel pellets, straw feed, straw coal will develop fast in recent years. Green fuel and green animal feed product is the best and right way to go.

At present, most provinces and cities of have list biomass pellet machines, animal feed pellet mill and biomass briquette press into the scope of financial subsidies. For the ones who want to start a small production business, biomass pellet plant, straw pellet plant and agriculture waste pellet plant production is a good opportunity!

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