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RICHI 1.5-2T/H Rabbit Feed Plant Equipment Successfully Delivered To Cuba

  • Date: 2021-12-02 14:52:20
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Recently, RICHI has delivered dozens of rabbit feed machines to Cuba. All these rabbit feed production devices will be used in a small capacity 1.5-2t/h rabbit feed plant in Panama. In the mean time, the customer added another order before shipment and ordered a large number of accessories and installation materials, so we prepared a large number of spare parts and organized an after-sale service team to guarantee the continuous working on site.

In addition, another cooperation project between us and Cuba customer - a 5 ton fully automatic animal feed plant, the animal feed equipment is also in the process of production and is expected to be shipped in early 2022.

 1.5-2T/H Rabbit Feed Plant Equipment Successfully Delivered To Cuba

Overview of the 1.5-2t/h automatic animal rabbit feed plant for grass pellets for sale Cuba

2021.04.02, the customer consulted us:

  • Dear RICHI:

     I work at the service of tropical food investment caribean, from Panama. We are suppliers of food production technology in the Caribbean region.

    We are currently tendering a mini animal feed plant to produce feed for pigs and chickens, in pellets. With production capacity of 5 tons in shift of 8 hours of work. Corn, soy, sorghum, millet, oilseeds, tubers will be used as raw materials.

rabbit feed pellet machine for sale making pellets from grass for rabbits

(Please don't doubt, this is indeed the content of the customer's initial consultation, which is indeed the customer's demand. However, in the actual negotiation process, we first dealt with the 1-2 ton rabbit feed production line project. The 5t/h pig and chicken feed plant is also the 5t fully automatic animal feed processing plant project mentioned in the first paragraph of the article.)

Why start the 1.5-2t/h rabbit grass feed plant business in Cuba?

With the increase in the economic benefits of rabbit breeding, the cost of labor and materials for raising rabbits has gradually increased, and the corresponding feed material prices have also risen by a large margin. Feed breeding enterprises appropriately promote mechanization and intelligence, reduce labor costs, save costs and increase efficiency, improve the utilization of forage resources, and promote standardized breeding has become an urgent need.
small machine for making pellets for rabbits from grass

How to reduce labor and material costs? How to improve production efficiency? How to ensure the safety and reliability of the quality of rabbit breeding feed? This project is an example, which perfectly solved the above problems and gave the answer to the satisfaction of customers!

Below, let us take a look at the unique value of the 1.5-2 tons per hour rabbit feed mill plant project:
Industrial process to make hay pellets for rabbits in this small feed plant

Industrial process to make hay pellets for rabbits in this small feed plant

The rabbit feed quality is good, and the breeding efficiency is improved

  • The rabbit feed pellet machine is equipped with multi-point steam inlet and tempering, the feed is heated up quickly, and the maturity is improved;
  • Optimize the arrangement angle of the blades, extend the conditioning time, fully stir, and the feed rate of return is high;
  • Using gear-type transmission system, the transmission efficiency is higher;
  • Equipped with automatic control system: steam control, frequency conversion feeding, blocking machine discharge;
  • Optional automatic grease lubrication system, grease adding is more convenient, saving labor, worry and effort.
    rabbit feed making machine manufacturer rabbit pellets machine rabbit feed pellet mill machine

② Humanized operation, fully automatic operation

  • Equipped with automatic control system: steam control, frequency conversion feeding, blocking machine discharge;
  • Optional automatic grease lubrication system, grease adding is more convenient, saving labor, worry and effort. The pellets are cooled sufficiently and evenly, the discharge mechanism runs smoothly and reliably, and the discharge is smooth and without residue.
    rabbit pellets machinr small feed pellet line for rabbit france rabbit pellet maker for sale

The overall planning is advanced and reasonable, safe and hygienic

  • Clean and tidy rabbit feed mill plant environment, simple and convenient standardized platform support, ensure the sanitation and safety of feed.
  • Standardized platform support, reasonable regional planning.
    how to make rabbit pellets pellet making machine for rabbit rabbit pellet machines

As a leading company in China's feed machinery, Richi Machinery has always taken solving customers' pain points and difficult problems, creating value for customers, and mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with partners as its unremitting pursuit.

Insist on using high-quality animal feed engineering and high-efficiency animal feed processing machine to provide customers with important guarantees for product quality and safety, and help partners to make strides towards a safe, ecological, high-yield, high-quality, and efficient sustainable development road!

small pellet machine for rabbit rabbit pellet making machine

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