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Canada 2-3T/H Full Automatic Biomass Wood Pellet Plant

Name:Canada 2-3T/H Wood Pellet Plant
Date:August 1, 2018
Pellet Size:6-10mm
The install period:60 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):26m*20m*12m
Guiding Price:Start with 200000 USD
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Status of starting wood pellet production business in Canada

Canada is currently the second largest exporter of wood pellets in the world. With such a strong development background, our Canadian customer's decision to invest in a wood pellet plant is obviously very sensible.
starting wood pellet production business in Canada

Major countries such as Canadian wood pellet producers who are rich in woody biomass from forestry also do not remain silent and try to seize and lead the world wood pellet market. Even Canada has targeted Europe and Asia as its wood pellet market, namely wood pellet production from western Canada for Japanese and Korean markets and from the eastern part for the European market.

Meanwhile, domestic policy also requires wood pellets because pan-Canadian climate deal is targeting coal-free power plants by 2030. Europe is still the most important market destination for export wood pellets from Canada, accounting for 80% of its export volume.

Overview of 2-3t/h compeltely pellet production line for fuels energy plant project in Canada

The raw material of this customized wood pellet production plant is 50% moisture wood chips , 50% moisture sawdust, and the final size requirement is 6-12mm. According to customer requirements, the main wood pellet manufacturing tequipment we configure with this wood pellet production line(total power:385kw) includes hot sale wood chipper machine, super quality wood hammer mill for wood sawdust, shifter, wood sawdust rotary dryer, storage bin, industrial wood pellet mill machine, wood pellet cooler, auto-packing machine and other auxiliary equipment.
2-3t/h compeltely pellet production line for fuels energy plant project in Canada

Canada wood pellet plant installation site

Since the final product is used for sales, in order to increase the wood pellet production line rate, we have specially configured an automatic packaging system for our customers. This is a 2-3t/h wood pellet plant with a complicated wood pellet manufacturing process. The installation period is 60 days. In the later operation, it takes about 5 people to ensure the normal operation of the super new wood pellet production line.
pallet and wood waste into pellet making line

Site of complete line of wood pellet machine for sale Canada

Detailed information of equipment needed in the 2-3t/h high quality biomass wood pellet line:

Wood pellet factory equipment Model Power(KW)
Electric wood chippers JLBX-216 55
Wood chipper hammer mill SFSP 66*80 75
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.36b /
U-Screw conveyor TLSSU30 3
Industrial sawdust rotary dryer ф1500*150000 15
Cyclone ф800 /
Bucket elevator TDTG40/23 3
Wood pellet making machine MZLH520 132
Cooling machine SKLN14*14 1.5
Vibrating screener TDZS63 0.18
Packing machine DCS-50 1.5
Belt and sewing machine DCS-50 0.55

For this new 2-3t/h wood pellet plant Canada project, biggest problem is the workshop part. Customer have a very very special type workshop, and very small,workshop size is 26m*20m*12m(L*W*H), so it is very difficult to build a 2-3 tons per hour full automatic wood pellet production line in a factory building that already has a height limit.,so we need to customize the wood pellet plant to fit this workshop.
wood pellet machine for biomass wood pellet line Canada

Canada wood pellet plant machines delivery site

In this 2-3 tons per hour good completely biomass wood pellet production line project cooperation, exquisite wood pellet manufacturing process design and strong production team are very critical factors to impress customers. The final biomass pellets of this pellet factory project are mainly used for export, and have high quality requirements. Environmental protection and energy saving are integrated into the design of the wood pellet factory business plan.

wood pellet manufacturing business for saleSite of wood pellet fuel production machine for sale Canada

The dust removal system runs through the entire wood pellet production link, so as to achieve zero pollution and zero emissions, and meet the local regulations of customers. Environmental protection requirements, the tailored wood pellet production line design and beautiful pellet line installation not only meet the customer's requirements, improve the customer's return on investment, but also demonstrate the professionalism of Richi Machinery in the turn-key wood pellet plant project above the level of the same industry.

automatic wood pellet production line for sale canada

Drawing details of the Canada wood pellet plant project:

  • Layout of line in workshop;
  • foundation drawing;
  • installation drawing of steel structure;
  • installation drawing of equipment;
  • drawing of control cabinet.

Wood pellet standard for wood pellets suppliers in Canada

  1. Two pellet quality certification programs: ENplus and CANplus. ENplus certification began in 2010 and now accounts for about 80 per cent of pellets sold in the European heating sector. The European Pellet Council (EPC) governs the ENplus program and issues licenses to national pellet associations that manage the program in their own countries.
    CANplus certification is essentially identical to ENplus, with the only difference being that CANplus is governed in Canada by WPAC. Since CANplus is Canada's national pellet quality certification program, it must be governed in Canada and not in Europe.Wood pellet standard for wood pellets suppliers in Canada
  2. In Canada, some provincial government(notably Ontario) have developed, or are developing new rules for wood heating requiring the use of CANplus certified wood pellets in pellet boilers.
  3. Canadian wood pellet production complies with international technical standards, including ISO/CEN.
  4. The Canadian Standards Association created the CAN CSA ISO standard that follows ISO Technical Committee 238. CANPlus is borrowed from ENPlus and accepted by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Click to learn about the wood pellet standard:

Prospects for wood pellet production in Canada

Canada is a vast forest nation with a professional forest sector and ready infrastructure, positioning it to be a global wood pellet supplier. The industry got its start using sawmill residues, and they still meet the bulk of its needs. But it also uses such low-value wood supplies as harvest residues, unmerchantable species, and salvage logs from areas hard hit by insects, disease or fire.Wood pellet standard for wood pellets suppliers in Canada

As a Crown treasure, Canada's forests are managed for a multitude of values. But don't take our word for it. Canada is home to 42% of the world's certified forest area, far more than any other nation.The vast majority of Canadian wood pellets are made from sawmill residuals - sawdust. The rest are made from the residuals from harvesting operations for sawmills and pulp mills, or low-grade timber from forest industry harvest sites that has no other economic value.

What's The Complete Biomass Pellet Plant Cost During Production Process?

In order to understand the cost of biomass wood pellet plant pelletization, you should know about where it should cost much during the biomass wood pellet plant pelletization process. Let's have a look at the a typical biomass wood pellet plant layout.
pellet plant machinery for sale

From the layout flow chart of the complete wood pellet production line for biomass fuel making pellet, we can see that building a professional complete wood pellet production line needs a series of machines, instead of needing a wood sawdust pellet mill machine only. And in this process of best design wood pellet production line for energy pellets, the cost of biomass pellet plant pelletizing is affected by many factors.

Factors of Affecting the Cost Of Biomass Pellet Plant Production

  • The local raw material costs (including transportation costs);
  • Production energy costs;
  • Biomass pellet plant machine wear and maintenance costs;
  • Other fixed assets depreciation cost;
  • Labor costs;
  • Business management costs (including tax, sales, transportation, etc.).good biomass pellet mill for wood pellet plant

These costs vary from place to place. What we can offer is energy consumption cost. Generally, the energy consumption cost of the biomass wood pellet plant is 110-190kWh/t. It might be slightly different depending on different biofuel raw materials and biomass fuel pellet plant productivity. Expanding the biomass wood pellet production line production scale can further reduce the cost.

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