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Factory Sale Biomass Fuel Wood Pellet Production Line

  • Date: 2020-01-17 09:20:25
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RICHI Machinery is one of the best biomass wood pellets machine manufacturers and suppliers with its own equipment processing factory, all the wood pellet machines and complete wood pellet production line are on sale at factory price.

There are different prices for different biomass wood making machines, if you want to know more about the wood pellet machine price or wood pellet production line price, please contact RICHI MACHINERY.
China wood pellet line supplier biomass pine wood pellet line

Wood pellet production technology belongs to the category of renewable energy. In recent years wood fuel pelletizing plant is becoming a hot promising investment project. Referring to the cost of wood pellet production plant projects, it is affected by a number of factors.

Generally, the wood pellet production process of the entire biomass fuel wood pellet production line is: raw materials---crushing (depending on the raw materials, whether to configure a crusher)---drying---conveying---molding (granulation)- --- cooling ---- packaging ---- storage.

Factory Sale Biomass Fuel Wood Pellet Production Line
Factory Sale Biomass Fuel Wood Pellet Production Line(3-3.5T/H)

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According to the normal production process, the basic supporting equipment of the biomass particle fuel machine production line is: pulverizer, dryer, conveyor, forming granulator (biomass pellet machine), cooler and packaging machine.

Facing a variety of processable materials, the matching wood pellet production line of each kind of material needs to make different choices in the selection of models:rubber wood pellet production line small capacity 1- 2 ton per hour wood pellet production line

  1. General wood materials need to decide whether to configure a crusher according to the processing needs. The wood crusher can be a hammer mill crusher (small branch) and a cutter blade crusher. Raw materials such as sawdust and wood chips do not need to be equipped with a crusher.
  2. Based on 8 hours a day, a wood pellet production line with a daily output of 100 tons needs to be configured according to customer needs. Mainly the large silo is distributed to multiple biomass pellet machine. The difference is mainly on the pellet machine:

Factory Sale Biomass Fuel Wood Pellet Production Line
Factory Sale Biomass Fuel Wood Pellet Production Line(4-5T/H)

For example, the MZLH420 biomass pellet machine produces about 1-1.2 tons per hour, while the MZLH520 biomass pellet machine produces about 2-2.5 tons, then the MZLH420 biomass pellet machine needs 8 units, and the MZLH520 model biomass pellet machine requires 6 units. The price of a complete biomass wood fuel pellet production line from 1 to 10 tons/h produced by RICHI machinery ranges from $ 80,000 to $ 1 million, which usually needs to be determined according to the actual situation:

  1. For example, if you need a wood pellet production line with a daily output of 10 tons, then in addition to auxiliary machines, a MZLH420 biomass pellet machine can meet production demand. The reference price of the MZLH420 biomass pellet machine is around 23000-26000 USD. Of course, if some processes are performed manually, the price should be much lower.
  2. For example, if you need a wood pellet production line with a daily output of 100 tons, then except for the auxiliary machine, as we said above, depending on the output required by the customer, the reference price of MZLH520 wood pellet maker ranges from 30,000 ~ 35000USD.Malaysia wood pellet line  biomass pellet line manufacturers

What's The Cost To Start A Complete Biomass Wood Pellet Production Plant?

In order to understand the cost of biomass wood pellet production plant pelletization, you should know about where it should cost much during the biomass wood pelletization process. Let's have a look at the layout of a typical biomass wood pelleting plant.

From the wood pellet plant layout flow chart above, we can see that building a complete wood pellet production plant needs a series of biomass wood making machines, instead of needing a wood pellet mill only. And in this process, the cost of starting biomass pelletizing plant is affected by many factors.
biomass pellet line Palm Leaves Wood Pellet Line biomass wood pellet line

Factors of Affecting the Cost Of Biomass Wood Production Plant

  1. The local raw material costs (including transportation costs);
  2. Wood pellet plant production energy costs;
  3. Wood pellet plant machine wear and maintenance costs;
  4. Other fixed assets depreciation cost;
  5. Labor costs;
  6. Business management costs (including tax, sales, transportation, etc.).biomass wood pellet line vertical ring die pellet line wood pallets wood pellet line 1000kg/h wood pellet line with ce

These wood pellet plant costs vary from place to place. What we can offer is energy consumption cost. Generally, the energy consumption cost of the wood pellet plant is 110-190kWh/t. It might be slightly different depending on different raw materials and productivity. Expanding the production scale can further reduce the cost.

Next, we would like to show a series of wood pellet plant cost data for your reference.

Pelletizing Industry Data in the UK

Local raw material costs (including transportation costs) $24.5~34/t (32.81%~35.50%)
Production energy costs $5.44~17/t (7.88%~16.40%)
Machine wear and maintenance costs $8.16~15.64/t (11.8%~15.09%)
Other fixed assets depreciation cost $1~2/t (1.45%~1.93%)
Labor costs $10.88/t (10.50%~15.76%)
Business management costs (including tax, sales, transportation, etc.) $19.04~23.12/t (22.31%~27.59%)
Total cost $69.02 ~ 103.64 / t.
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