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How to successfully invest in a biomass pellet production line

  • Date: 2020-01-17 09:40:24
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Three necessary conditions for building a biomass pellet fuel production line:

1. Adequate raw materials.

2. Excellent equipment.

3. Adequate funds.

Investment can be divided into three phases

1. The preliminary preparation stage.

2.Equipment investigation stage.

3. Production and sales stage.

biomass pellet
biomass pellet 

The first stage: the preliminary preparation stage

1. The characteristic of this stage is that they do not know or know anything about this industry, have heard of it, or have seen it with friends, or they have waste materials that they want to dispose of.

2.What should I do at this time?

Things to be done at this stage are: raw material inspection, plant inspection, power inspection, investment budget, sales market.

(1) Investment budget. The reason why it is put first is because the threshold for entry in this industry is relatively high, and the minimum investment is more than 100,000. If there are not so many investment budgets, it is recommended to inspect other projects. Those who say they can do it for $20, 000 are just kidding

(2) Inspection of raw materials. There are many raw materials that can make biomass particles. Corn stalks, wood chips, bamboo chips, rice husks, scraps from furniture factories, building templates. It is difficult to make profits from straw raw materials. It is generally recommended to collect wood chips. The key to inspecting raw materials is to examine these points: the type of raw materials, the size of the raw materials, the moisture content of the raw materials, and how much the raw materials are.

(3) Plant. Make a preliminary inspection to see how large a factory can be for production.

(4) Electricity. Check the power that the transformer can carry. The minimum size of the pellet machine is 37kw. Some transformers cannot carry it. Note that the unit of the transformer is KVA.

biomass pellet production line
biomass pellet production line

The second phase: Equipment investigation stage

If your site is good, the transformer is big enough, and the raw materials are good, then you can start inspecting the equipment.

1. Set equipment according to materials. Different materials and different production processes require different equipment. Find a few more manufacturers to explain the situation, and they will make a solution for you for free.

2. Choose reliable biomass pellet mill manufacturers. Turn around and see more. Do field visits. Don't blindly listen to the words on the Internet. If necessary, you can carry out test runs with your materials.

3. Don't try to be cheap. When you buy good equipment, the difference will soon be earned back, and bad equipment will lose money.

biomass pellet machine
biomass pellet machine

The third stage: production and sales stage

Be sure to learn how to use the device. Regular manufacturers will have after-sales training. Be sure to find a few smart, hard-working, serious learners. It turns out that the difference between what is used and what is not is really too great. The same equipment will produce three tons in one hour, nothing will happen, it will not be used, hundreds of kilograms per hour, and there are broken machines.

The above is the article for you: How to successfully invest in a biomass pellet production line.

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