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Corn straw pellet machine price for sale

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Corn straw pellet machine is a kind of biomass pellet fuel using corn straw, cotton straw, soybean straw, rice straw, wheat straw, wood bran, wood flour, wood chips, rice husk, peanut hull, peanut hoe and other agricultural waste as raw materials forming machinery. The pellets made by the straw pellet machine can be used in fireplaces, boilers, gasifiers, and biomass power plants.

The corn straw pellet machine uses crop straws as raw materials and is pressed into cylindrical granules by the straw pellet machine. In addition to burning biomass, straw pellets can also be used as feed for livestock and poultry. It is environmental protection and energy saving, and truly realizes the secondary use of waste.

Corn straw pellet machine price for sale
Corn straw pellet machine price for sale

Corn straw pellet machine price

From the production line equipment. From corn stalks to finished pellets, they need to be crushed-dried-pelleted-cooled-packed. And such a production line is at least $ 100,000. From the details: you may not need drying equipment, just pulverize and granulate. The price of the straw pellet machine is determined according to the raw materials. For example, the raw materials are wood chips, so you save the crushing equipment. If the sawdust is dry, you don't even need a dryer. If the wood chips are too wet to meet the granulation requirements, then you need a drying equipment. If you don't need some equipment, then this part of the money can be saved, which equipment needs the equipment money. Crushing + drying + granulation + cooling .The price depends on the quantity produced, the small ones are in the tens of thousands, the large ones are in the hundreds of millions

In terms of output. Customized equipment based on daily demand output. The current granulator output on the market is generally between 1.5-2 tons. If I want to produce 30 tons per day and work for ten hours, then 3 tons per hour, maybe 2 straw granulators. The higher the demand for production, the more granulators are needed, and the price will increase with the increase of the hosts.

Straw pellet machine users often enter a misunderstanding when asking for prices. The price reported by sales staff is often the price of a straw pellet machine, and customers will mistake it for the price of a production line. This will lead to unnecessary disputes when signing contracts for selected equipment. So when asking for prices, be sure to ask which devices are included and how much each device costs. One quote per device, which avoids unnecessary disputes.

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