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Cotton straw pellet machine for sale

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The cotton straw pellet machine is mainly a biomass pellet fuel molding equipment that uses cotton straw as a raw material. The pellets can be used as fuel and are widely used in hospitals, schools, biomass power plants, industrial boilers, and home heating.

Raw material requirements for making pellets from cotton straw pellet machine:

1, the size of the straw material is kept at 3-5mm

2, water content 15% -18%

If the raw materials do not meet the above two requirements, a shredder and a dryer are required.

Cotton straw pellet production process:

Raw materials-crushing-drying-granulation-cooling-dust removal-packaging

Cotton straw pellet machine for sale
Cotton straw pellet machine for sale

Cotton straw granule machine features:

1. Convenient operation and high degree of automation.

2. Reasonable structure and increased service life.

3, patented mold, adjustable particle size.

4. The granulation speed is fast, which solves the problem of difficult granulation of cotton straw fiber.

5. The pressure roller can be adjusted automatically to avoid the phenomenon of crowding and stuffiness.

6. Good quality of finished granules, easy to transport and store.

Working principle of cotton straw pellet machine
Working principle of cotton straw pellet machine

Working principle of cotton straw pellet machine:

After the material is pretreated, it enters the granulator. The effect of centrifugal force makes the material continuously move on the inner wall of the die to form a uniform annular material layer. Rotary extrusion, forcing it into the ring die hole for molding, and continuously extruding outward. Through continuous rotation and extrusion of the pressure roller and platen, the material enters the die hole with rotation, after a certain time The particles that have reached a certain density and strength are squeezed out of the pressing hole, and cut to the required length by a cutter and pushed to the discharge port. During the granulation process, no chemicals or binders need to be added.

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