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15 questions that pig farmers care about most?

  • Date: 2020-01-19 09:00:51
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What are the 15 issues that pig farmers are most concerned about? Here are the RICHI granulator manufacturers show you.

15 questions that pig farmers care about most
15 questions that pig farmers care about most

1. Can pigs that have survived immunization with "non-blast vaccine" remain sows?

A: At present, the vast majority of vaccines on the market are unofficial vaccines. In view of the situation of pig farm services, it is easy to cause problems such as abortion, death and lameness. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep surviving pigs immunized with "non-blast vaccine".

2. What kind of disinfection is effective for non-blast virus? Does ultraviolet light have any effect on non-pestiviruses?

Answer: Strong acid, alkali, and glutaraldehyde disinfectants that are sensitive to non-pestiviruses are effective. Ultraviolet rays have a disinfecting effect, but the range is relatively small. Generally, it has a certain killing effect in the range of 1 meter.

3. Does fire alkali work in winter?

Answer: It works, but the outdoor disinfection will be affected, especially in rainy and snowy weather. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the disinfection in the house to prevent the virus from entering the pigsty.

4. What is Bai Miao? Does it work? is it safe?

A: There are some unofficial vaccines currently on the market. There is no national approval for illegal vaccines. The effect is difficult to say, but the risks are very high and there is no guarantee for the safety of pig farms.

5. Is there a better immunization route than using a missing vaccine?

A: The research direction of gene-deleted vaccines has been proven to be the best research direction for non-blast vaccines. Any vaccine has risks. Teacher Liu just introduced the problems that may be caused by using the vaccine in advance, rather than saying that the vaccine is not good.

6. How does sow diarrhea?

Answer: First of all, we must understand the causes of diarrhea, such as low ambient temperature, bacterial infection and viral disease (diarrhea). It is necessary to control the temperature in the piggery (18-25 ℃). Antibiotics should be used for diarrhea sows with bacterial infection. The effect should be can. For viral diarrhea, vaccine health care needs to be done well in advance, combined with environmental control, to strengthen the isolation of diseased sows to prevent cross-infection.

7. What should I do if the piggy has been diarrhea?

Answer: You can try to replace the sow. If there is obvious improvement, it may be that the sow milk is poisoned or inflammation. Eliminate some sick and disabled piglets in time. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity control in the pigsty. Do regular environmental disinfection every week.

8. Can the vaccine and Kangzhiyuan be used at the same time?

Answer: Yes, Kang Zhiyuan is usually added at 2 kg / ton feed. In some window periods (estrus, mating, childbirth, weaning, group transfer and immunization), the dosage should be increased. 50 g / head is recommended. When the farm epidemic fluctuates or is under great pressure, it is also necessary to increase the use.

9. What is the problem of piglets panting and vomiting?

Answer: It may be caused by indigestion, or it may be caused by some viral diseases (pseudomania, blue ear, etc.).

10. How to add acidifying agent to acidified drinking water? By PH? By adding proportions?

Answer: The acidifier can be used in combination with the detected pH value. It is recommended that the product (purified water 3.9) be added at 1: 3000 and adjusted to a range of 3.6-3.8 with a ph meter test. The drinking water situation is different in different regions, and the dilution ratio of the acidifier should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

11. Can non-blast virus spread through the air?

A: No cases or experimental reports of non-pesticidal transmission over the air have been found for the time being. When the piggery is poorly ventilated and has a lot of dust, the non-blast virus is also not transmitted through short-distance contact with the dust. Therefore, the farm should control the environment and ventilate.

12. Can acidifiers be used every day?

Answer: Yes. Acidifiers should be added to all water used in pig farms, including drinking water, flushing water, water sources (water towers), etc.

13. How to disinfect infected pigs? How are non-diseased herds disinfected?

Answer: For diseased pigs, they need to be fully disinfected before being harmless (involving tooth extraction requirements). For non-diseased pigs, regularly use potassium persulfate to disinfect pigs. It is recommended that they be disinfected 2-3 times a week.

14. How often does disinfection take pigs?

Answer: Once every 2-3 days, it is recommended to use a highly effective, safe and non-toxic disinfectant, such as products whose main ingredient is potassium persulfate.

15. Is the healthy herd still disinfected when the farm is silent? How long should the farm be silent?

Answer: Disinfection is required, and the silent period is generally 21 days (non-pestic virus incubation period).

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