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Factors influencing the price of wood pellet machine

  • Date: 2020-02-04 09:02:00
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The wood pellet machine plays a leading role in the biomass pellet production line, which determines the level of granulation efficiency. What are the factors that affect the price of wood pellet machine?

First of all, you have to look at the customer's raw materials, the use of pellet, and the required output. Because these are different, the wood pellet machine selection for the wood pellet production line is different, and of course the wood pellet machine prices are different.

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These are the factors that directly affect how much the wood pellet machine is. The factors that indirectly affect the wood pellet machine price are the material of the wood pellet equipment, the technology of the wood pellet equipment, and after-sales service. 

Because the price of wood pellet machine is more intuitive, many customers put the price first, but the potential "price" is often overlooked, which leads to cheaper purchases but high maintenance costs later. So what factors have affected the price of wood pellet machine? RICHI helps you analyze.

Factors influencing the price of wood pellet machine

The first is the cost price of raw materials.

The main raw materials that make up the wood pellet machine are steel plates and motors. For steel materials, we have always selected high-quality steel, so the cost price of the steel material alone is higher than other ordinary steels.

The second is the motor.

Motors of  wood pellet machine are all transparent in the market price, the difference is the same.

Third, after-sales service.

The high-quality after-sales service will increase the cost of the wood pellet machine. It is not difficult to understand that, just as we buy from physical store and from the stand are completely different, so there is a slight difference in wood pellet machine prices, which is inevitable.

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Fourth, labor costs.

I believe that the labor costs of various wood pellet machine manufacturer are similar.

Now everyone knows what affects the price of wood pellet machine, that is, the steel plate of raw materials, motors, after-sales service and labor costs. The first three are the key points. It is important to look at a wood pellet machine. Don't just look at the wood pellet machine price. After-sales service is very important. We don't buy close. We buy today and changes of tomorrow. If the after-sales service is not in place, the installation and maintenance of the wood pellet machine will be a problem in the future, and the wood pellet machine cost will be increased.

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The Calorific Value Of Biomass Wood Pellets Made By Wood Pellet Machine?

A: GJ is international heat unit. The basic unit is J (joules). There are also extension unit including MJ and GJ.
1GJ=1000MJ, 1MJ=1000J
1 kcal = 1000 cal= 4186.8 J = 4.1868 KJ
1000 kcal = 4.1868 MJ, 10000 kcal = 41.868 MJ
1GJ=1000MJ=238845.9 kcal
1GJ is the equivalent of the calorific value of burning 55.55kg, 4300 kcal coal. (4300 kcal/kg coal also means 18MJ/kg )

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The calorific value of several fuels

  • Gas: 8600 kcal/m3, the equivalent of 36 MJ/m3
  • Liquefied petroleum gas: 11000 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 46 MJ/kg
  • Automotive diesel fuel: 12000 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 50.24 MJ/kg
  • Motor gasoline: 10800 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 45.22 MJ/kg
  • Wood pellets: 4300 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 18 MJ/kg
  • Straw pellets: 3700 kcal/kg, the equivalent of 15.49 MJ/kgpellet mill cpm master pellet mill woodstock business industrial business industrial wood pellet machines for sale

Making wood pellets by wood pellet machine for high-combustion value fuel with wood pellet machine projects in The Czech Republic, Guatemala, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., at low cost by wood pellet machine manufacturer or supplier at factory price. Contact Richi Machinery for more information about maximizing the calorific value of wood pellets.

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How to Maximize the Calorific Value of Wood Pellets From Wood Pellet Machine?

Although the calorific value of wood pellets made by wood pellet machine is higher than that of ordinary fuels, improper combustion methods cannot maximize the effect of wood pellets as fuel. Through a series of experiments, we have come up with some conditions under which wood pellets can be burned completely.

  • High Enough Temperature

A high enough temperature to ensure the heat needed for ignition, and to ensure effective burning speed. The ignition point of wood pellet fuel is about 250℃, and its temperature is increased with a good supply of subsequent fuel for combustion.

The heat gradually accumulates during the ignition process, so that more fuel is involved in the reaction and the temperature rises, and when the temperature reaches 800℃ or more, the biomass can burn well. 

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  • Proper Amount of Air

The effect of air on the calorific value of wood chips is mainly reflected in two aspects:

If the amount of air is too little, the combustible components can not be fully burned, resulting in incomplete combustion losses; If the amount of air is too much, it will reduce the temperature of the combustion chamber, affecting the degree of complete combustion. In addition to causing a large amount of flue gas, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler. 

  • Adequate Combustion Time

Fuel combustion has a certain speed to reach the maximum degree of combustion, so does the wood pellets. In order to make complete combustion with high calorific value, the biggest combustion adjustment is to try to keep the combustion in the furnace residence time to make the wood pellet burn completely.

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  • The Timely Mixing​ of Oxygen

Primary wind enough to blow and penetrate the stirred fuel; secondary wind strong and fast into the most intense combustion in the combustion center can not lack oxygen in the upper combustion zone of the furnace, to maintain sufficient oxygen. A blower can be connected to supplement the oxygen to increase the calorific value of wood pellets.

When the above points are met, the calorific value of wood pellets is played to the extreme. There will be no burning, slag, coking, flameout, heat can not keep up with the problem.

We are one professional manufacturer of wood pellet machines from China, you can contact Richi Machinery for more information!

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How to start your own wood pellet production line with best business plan?

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The above is the article for you: Factors influencing the price of wood pellet machine.

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