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Fish feed pellet machine manufacturer tell you four points to note in spring fish farming

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Seasonal changes not only cause people discomfort, but also cause fish infections. Fish feed pellet machine manufacturer-Richi Machinery tells everyone to pay attention to the following four points in spring fish farming.

Fish feed pellet machine manufacturer tell you four points to note in spring fish farming
four points to note in spring fish farming

1. Topdressing fertilizer. When the water temperature of the pond is stable at 8 ℃ ~ 10 ℃ in spring, topdressing fertilizer is started. The amount of fertilization should be determined according to the water quality and leanness and fertilizer quality. Generally, 60 to 90 kg of manure and urine, or 100 to 150 kg of animal manure are applied per mu. If chemical fertilizer is used, the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is 1: 1: 0.5, and the whole pool is sprinkled with water after topdressing. The total dosage per mu is 3-7 kg, and the top-up interval is 5-10 days.

2. Feed the bait. In spring feeding should be soybean cake bran corn meal and other concentrated feed - based. at a fixed point and regularly once a day, each feeding amount should be 1.5% to 3% of the fish's weight. In the future, as the water temperature rises, the feeding quantity will be gradually increased, and the feeding amount will be changed to 2 times a day. At the same time, the appropriate amount of waterweed should be fed to the main grass carp ponds. The feeding amount is preferably 4-6 hours after eating.

3. Water injection technology. In early spring, due to low water temperature, small fish body and small activity intake, pond water should not be too deep. As the water temperature rises, the fish body increases and gradually deepens the water level. In the early spring, it is best to change the water once, and change 1/2 of the total water volume. After that, inject water once every 15 days, and raise the water level by 10-15 cm each time. Keep the pond water level about 1 meter from March to April, and prevent the inflow of sewage and enemy organisms.

4. Disease prevention and control. The pond should be managed by a person, insist on patrolling the pond every morning and night, salvage the residual food in a timely manner, keep the pond water clean, and forbid the feeding of spoiled feed. Drugs are regularly administered to prevent fish diseases, and the bleaching powder and copper sulfate solution are sprayed alternately every 15 days in the whole pool. If fish disease is found, diagnose and treat it in time.

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