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Annual Production Of 4000 Tons Biomass Rice Husk Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant In China (1-1.5T/H)

Name:Richi husk wood pellet processing plant
Date:September 2017
Capacity:13 tons per day, 333 tons per month, 1.3 ton per hour
Pellet Size:8-10 mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Rice husk wood pellet plant cost:60,000 USD
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This China professional factory offered high quality wood pellet manufacturing plant project is located in Ningxiang City, China. The client leased a vacant factory building of a local paper mill as his 4,000 tons wood pellet manufacturing plant production house. No civil construction and other construction activities are required, only wood pellet plant equipments are required.
Annual Production Of 4000 tons Biomass Rice Husk Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant In China (1-1.5T/H)

The factory offered new agricultural waste wood pellet manufacturing plant project has a total investment cost of 400,000 yuan (60,000 USD), and will produce 4,000 tons of particulate fuel annually after it is put into production. There is no sawing process in this biomass fuel pellet plant project. The total area of ​​the low consumption wood pellet manufacturing plant project is 938m², and the total construction area is 618m².

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  • Quota and work system of the biomass fuel wood pellet manufacturing plant
    Labor quota: 5 labor quotas for this wood pellet production project, covering pellet production line operators and management personnel.
    Working system: 300 days of work per year, 10-hour work system for single shift.
  • Output of the good quality rice husk wood pellet mills machine plant
    According to the work system, it can be calculated that the output of this biomass fuel wood pellet mill plant project is 13 tons per day, 333 tons per month, 1.3 ton per hour (1-1.5 ton).
  • Implementation progress of the 1-1.5 ton wood pellet manufacturing plant
    The 1-1.5 ton per hour customized biomass wood pellet manufacturing plant project completed the biomass making equipment installation and commissioning and put into production operation in September 2017, and it took one month in total.

Content of the 1-1.5t/h factory price biomass wood pellet manufacturing plant for shavings sawdust and rice husk

This 1-1.5t/h easy to operate wood pellet manufacturing plant project consists of main engineering, auxiliary engineering, environmental protection engineering, storage engineering and public engineering. The detailed engineering content is shown in the table below.

Project category Construction content Specific content Remarks
Main project Production plant Crushing and drying workshop 250m²
Pelletizing workshop and raw material warehouse 218m²
Finished product warehouse 70m²
Auxiliary project Office area 80m²
Utilities Water supply Enterprises use the original paper mill's self-drilled wells to supply water for employees' domestic water
Power supply provided by the municipal grid
Environmental protection project Wastewater treatment Septic tank Using the original paper mill already
Noise processing Sound insulation and shock absorption facilities /
Exhaust gas treatment Crushing dust treatment: bag filter + 15m exhaust cylinder /
The drying waste gas is firstly removed through the water film to remove dust, and then discharged through a 15m exhaust cylinder Using the original paper mill already
Solid waste Household garbage The sanitation department collects and clears transportation /
Drying furnace fuel ash Surrounding farmers use as fertilizer for farming /

Product plan of the best price rice husk and wood pellet mill plant 1-1.5tph production capacity

See the following table for the high quality biomass wood pellet production line project product plan:

Product name Production capacity Annual operating hours
Biomass shaped pellet fuel About 4000 t/a 3000 h

Raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption of the 1-1.5tph wood pellet manufacturing plant with factory price

Name Annual consumption Source
Rice Husk 3200 tons From the surrounding rice factory
Waste wood scrap (shavings, sawdust) 1080 tons From the surrounding furniture processing factory
Water 75 tons well water
Electricity 40,000 kwh Municipal power supply
Biomass pellets 150 tons From this wood pellet plant
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Main wood pellet manufacturing machines for the 1-1.5 ton per hour small scale wood and rice husk pellet plant

The main wood pellet machinery of this 1-1.5t/h professional wood pellet manufacturing plant project is shown in the table below.

Name Model Quantity
Wood crusher SFSP 66*60 1
Cyclone ф1000 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.36b 1
Rice husk sawdust straw granulator wood pellet mill press machine MZLH350 2
U-screw conveyor TLSSU30 1
Draught fan 4-72-5c 1
Bucket elevator TDTG40/23 1
Wood shaving rotary drum dryer (hot air stove) ф1200*120000 1
Cooling machine SKLN11*11 1
Packing machine & Belt and sewing machine DCS-50 1

Wood pellet making process flow of the easy to handle 1-1.5 TPH stable performance biomass wood pellet manufacturing plant

The main raw material of this complete agriculture waste wood pellet plant project is rice husk, and waste wood scraps (wood chips, shavings) are supplemented. Rice husks are purchased to dry rice husks. It can be directly pelletized to produce biomass fuel pellets without drying. Waste wood scraps ( Sawdust, shavings) need to be crushed and dried according to the purchase of leftover materials before granulating production.
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This small capacity 1-1.5t/h rice husk wood pellet line project does not have a sawing process, and the waste wood scraps (wood chips, shavings) come from surrounding furniture processing factories. In addition, the amount of raw materials used in this wood pellet manufacturing plant project is relatively large.

Generally, the storage capacity in the wood pellet manufacturing plant area is about 30t. The wood pellet manufacturing plant project's raw materials are stacked in the raw material warehouse, not in the open air.

  1. Crushing section of the 1-1.5t/h wood pellet manufacturing plant

    Waste wood scraps are crushed by a wood pulverizer to make the particle size less than 5mm. The wood pulverizer is only equipped with a feed port and a feed port, and the feed port is closed after feeding to reduce dust escape.

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    The discharge port is connected to the cyclone dust collector. The cyclone dust collector uses the principle of centrifugal force to separate the scraps.

    The scraps are deposited in the dust collector, discharged through the outlet, and the gas is discharged from the cyclone dust collector. After the bag filter is processed, all the collected dust is recycled to the wood rice husk pellet line.

  2. Drying section of the 1-1.5t/h wood pellet manufacturing plant

    For some waste wood scraps with high water content, it is necessary to dry the crushed particles using it as the raw material to make the water content meet the rice husk pellets fuel making machine's granulation requirements (the water content is less than 5%).

    The rotary dryer for biomass rice husk wood shaving and sawdust pellet plant is heated by a biomass pellet hot blast stove. This project will only dry the crushed waste wood pellet raw materials whose moisture content does not meet the requirements, and dry it to a moisture content of 5%.

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    The wood pellet rotary dryer for pellet plant is equipped with a biomass hot blast stove, and the fuel is biomass pellets. Dryer (hot blast stove) ash and slag: Mainly ash content of biomass fuel, based on 2% of the fuel quantity, the output is 3t/a.

    These ash and slag are temporarily stored in the shaving and sawdust wood pellet mill plant area and transported to the flower garden as fertilizer.

  3. Conveying and feeding section of the 1-1.5t/h wood pellet manufacturing plant

    The raw materials are sucked into the feed port of the wood and rice husk pellet making machine through the feeding auger.

  4. Pelletizing section of the 1-1.5t/h wood pellet manufacturing plant

    The raw materials are fed into the rice husk pelleting machine through the feeding auger, and the finished product is formed by extrusion molding.

    The extrusion process of the wood rice husk pellet mill is a physical process, without any adhesive added, and no chemical reaction occurs, except for the feeding auger connection, the biomass rice husk pellet machine is sealed at the outlet and the outside.

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  5. Conveying and cooling section of the 1-1.5t/h wood pellet manufacturing plant

    The pelletized rice husk and wood waste particles are naturally cooled by conveying, so that the temperature can reach the conditions of packaging and storage, and finally conveyed to the finished product storage tank.

  6. Packing and storage section of the 1-1.5t/h wood pellet manufacturing plant

    The products are packaged and stored in the storage tank after cooling.

Layout of the 1-1.5t/h simple design rice husk wood pellet manufacturing plant for energy pellets

The 1-1.5t/h professional complete wood pellet manufacturing plant project is located in the factory area of ​​the original Zhenjun Paper Mill in Shuangfupu Town, Ningxiang City. The entrance and exit are located on the northwest side of the wood pellet plant area.

The east side is the pelletizing workshop and the raw material warehouse; the south side of the wood pellet plant area is the finished product warehouse, and the southwest corner of the wood pellet plant area is the office area.

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The layout of the agriculture waste rice husk wood pellet manufacturing plant project is compact and orderly, the functional areas are partitioned reasonably, and the wood pellet production process requirements are met.

The noise-producing equipment is set in the wood pellet plant, and the production workshop is set at the north side of the wood pellet plant, and sound insulation and vibration reduction measures are set to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.

After the corresponding pollution prevention and control measures are taken in the production process of this project, the impact on the surrounding environment is small, and the overall layout is reasonable.

Utilities and supporting facilities of the of the 1-1.5t/h wood rice husk pellet manufacturing plant

  • Water supply

    The water for the 1-1.5tph renewable energy wood pellet manufacturing plant project is supplied by wells, and the water supply capacity can meet the needs of the project. The water used by the project mainly includes domestic water.

    The water consumption standard of the good quality wood pellet plant project is in accordance with the "Local Standards for Water Quota of Hunan Province" (DB43/T388-2014), and the office water consumption of non-residential personnel is calculated at 50L/d·person, and the total office and domestic water consumption of the wood pellet manufacturing plant project is calculated 0.25m3/d, 75m3/a.
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  • Drainage

    The wastewater of this simple wood rice husk pellet plant project is the domestic sewage of the employees' office, and the main pollution factors are COD, BOD5, SS, ammonia nitrogen, etc. The total amount of wastewater produced is 0.2t/d, 60t/a.

    After the wastewater is treated by septic tank + urinal tank, it is regularly cleaned by surrounding villagers and used for farmland fertilization without being discharged.

  • Power supply

    This small scale wood pellet production project is powered by the municipal power grid, with an annual power consumption of about 40,000 kWh.

Features of the best price 1-1.5 ton per hour biomass wood pellet manufacturing plant project

Clean production

Clean production refers to the continuous application of comprehensive preventive environmental strategies in the wood pellet plant production process to reduce the risk of waste generated during the production process to humans and the environment.

In this China best price biomass wood pellet manufacturing plant project, we customized and produced very effective clean production for customers Measures to reduce the amount of pollutants generated from the source.
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In addition, we have designed a mature and simple production process for the customer of this wood and rice husk pellet plant project, with a high utilization rate of raw materials, which is a clean fuel pellet production process.

The main raw and auxiliary materials are waste wood, rice husk, etc., which are clean and renewable energy; the product is a solidified biomass fuel, which is an environmentally friendly, clean, and renewable fuel that has little impact on human health and the ecological environment during use , is a cleaning product.


Under the premise of strictly implementing various pollution prevention measures, the biomass wood rice husk pellet mill plant project's process waste gas generation and concentration are low; the concentration of various pollution factors in domestic sewage is not high, and it will be used as surrounding farmland after septic tank treatment agricultural fertilizers are not discharged; solid waste is "zero discharge".
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Waste materials such as dust and inferior products generated during the production process of the 1-1.5 ton per hour rice husk wood pellet manufacturing plant project are collected and reused as raw materials for comprehensive utilization, which embodies the concept of circular economy.

From the perspective of raw materials, products, and pollutant production indicators of this project, the production technology of the construction project is relatively mature, and the amount of pollutant discharge is small, which basically meets the requirements of the principle of clean production and reflects the concept of circular economy.

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