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600-700KG/H Small Biomass Sawdust Pellet Plant With Factory Price For Sale China

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Name:Sawdust wood pelleting line
Date:Sep 13th, 2018
Capacity:1500 tons per year
Pellet Size:8mm
The install period:10 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Wood sawdust pellet mill plant investment cost:313000 USD

600-700KG/H Small Biomass Sawdust Pellet Plant With Factory Price For Sale China

Background and origin of the low cost small biomass sawdust pellet plant

As a new type of pellet fuel, biomass pellets have won wide recognition for their unique advantages. Compared with traditional fuels, biomass pellets made by biomass fuel pellet plant not only have economic advantages but also environmental protection benefits, and fully meet the requirements of sustainable development.

The raw materials of biomass pellets are mainly crop straws, straws, waste wood scraps and other wastes. The processed biomass pellets are small in size, high in density, resistant to combustion, easy to store and transport, and the calorific value can reach 3200~4500 kcal, which is ideal new fuel.
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In this background, the client of this cheap price small biomass pellet plant project, Yongzhou Xinxin Waste Processing Plant, invested 2 million RMB (313000USD) to build a 1500t/year small biomass sawdust pellet plant project in the local area.

The small biomass wood pellet plant project leased a local smelter that failed. This time, an original factory plant and other auxiliary projects (office rooms, dormitories, canteens) were used to construct the 1500t/year sawdust biomass pellet plant project.
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Construction content and scale of the 600-700kg per hour small capacity biomass pelleting plant

This 600-700kg per hour small biomass sawdust pellet plant project is a new project. The small biomass pellet mill plant project uses the original factory building for production.

The construction period of this small biomass pellet mill plant project is mainly to adjust its workshop layout and wood pellet equipment installation and commissioning. There is no earthwork and the construction period is short. The total construction area of ​​the small biomass pellet mill plant project is 1550m².

wood pellet machine alberta pellet press for wood wood pellet plant layout
Workshop of the small wood pellet plant

The main construction content of the 600-700kg per hour small biomass sawdust pellet mill plant project is the production workshop, raw material storage area, office area, dormitory, and canteen. (Project office buildings, production workshops, canteens and dormitories all use the existing projects in the plant area and make reasonable transformations according to requirements).

Project category Building (Facilities) Functional design and scale Remarks
Main project Production workshop Build a biomass wood pellet production line with an annual output of 1500t biomass pellets, mainly including drying area, pelletizing area, and finished product area, with a construction area of ​​1000m² Using the existing leased plant to transform it
Auxiliary project Raw material storage area Located in the north of the biomass wood sawdust pellet production line workshop, with a building area of ​​210m², raw materials are not allowed to be stacked in the open Using the existing leased plant to renovate it (three walls and ceiling)
Office area 1F, construction area 200m² Using existing leased workshops to transform it brick-concrete structure
Dormitory 1F, construction area of ​​100m²
Canteen 1F, building area 30m²
Utilities Power Distribution System Powered by the local grid Use existing
Water supply and drainage system Rain and sewage diversion, no production wastewater is generated in the 600-700kg per hour small biomass sawdust pellet plant project, mainly domestic sewage is treated by integrated treatment facilities and used for green irrigation around the small biomass pellet mill plant area New
Environmental protection project Household garbage The garbage cans are collected and disposed of by the sanitation department Use existing
Smoke from hot blast stove 1 set of bag dust collector + 15m exhaust tube New
Canteen lampblack 1 set of oil fume purifier New
Domestic wastewater One set of 1m3/d integrated treatment facility New
General solid waste General solid waste collection room, set up on the south side of the 600-700kg per hour small biomass sawdust pellet plant production workshop (10m²) New

Main product plan of the best price 600-700kg per hour small biomass sawdust pellet plant

Product name Output (t/a) Remarks
Biomass pellets 1000 Rod shape, diameter 0.8cm, length 2-3cm, moisture content 15%
500 Sawdust pellet, diameter 8mm, 15% moisture content
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Finished biofuel pellets from the small wood pellet plant

Raw and auxiliary materials of the 0.6-0.7 t/h high quality small biomass sawdust wood pellet mill plant

The main raw materials used in the sawdust wood biomass pellet plant project and the annual energy consumption are shown in the following table:

Name Annual consumption Remarks
Wood sawdust 1550t Recycling in the surrounding area
Water 174m3 /
Electricity 300KW.h /
Formed biomass pellets 100t As fuel for hot blast stove
Packaging bag 1500 pcs Outsourcing
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Raw material stacking

Main biomass wood pellet manufacturing machine of the 600-700kg/h small biomass wood sawdust pellet plant

The main biomass fuel making machinery list of the small biomass sawdust pelletizing plant project is detailed in the following table:

Name Specification model Quantity
Pellet plant use sawdust dryer QHG150X 1 unit
Hot blast stove / 1 unit
Bucket elevator TDTG40/23 2 units
Sawdust pellet press MZLH320 2 set

Biomass pelletizing process flow of biomass fuel sawdust pellet plant 600-700 kg/h

  1. Drying section

    Due to the different sources of purchase, the moisture content of the purchased sawn wood ash is high due to rain wet or irregular stacking. In order to ensure the quality of the product, a dryer is required to dry the raw materials to make the moisture content. It meets the pelleting requirements (the moisture content is less than 15%).

    The sawdust dryer in pellet production line 600-700kg/h project is equipped with a biomass hot blast stove, and the heat source is biomass pellet fuel. The raw material drying process will evaporate part of the water vapor, which accounts for about 3% of the raw material consumption.

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    The amount of raw material to be dried in the biomass fuel wood sawdust pellet plant project is about 1300t/a, and 39t/a of water vapor is generated. The hot blast stove is used for 2 hours a day, and the annual working time is 300 days.

  2. Transport section

    The sawn wood ash is transported to the biomass pelletizer by a hoist. The hoist shell is made of seamless steel pipe with good sealing performance. The motor is driven by the reducer to rotate the spiral, and the material is transported along the fixed casing through the rotation.

  3. Granulation section

    The dried raw materials are sent to the granulating machine through the elevator to be granulated by biomass fuel wood pellet machine. The temperature in the biomass pelleting machine is controlled at 110~120℃, and the moisture in the raw material itself is not completely dried to press it into granules.

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    2 Sets of wood pellets making machine

    The good stability ring die wood sawdust biomass wood pellet mill pressurizes the uniformly stirred raw materials into sawdust pellets. Through the compression of external force, the lower pressure is transmitted to the biofuel pellets, so that the arrangement structure of the loosely stacked solid particles begins to change, and the inside of the biomass gap is reduced.

    The extruded material is formed at the exit of the biomass wood pellet machine. The whole biomass pellet plant process is physical extrusion without adding any binder.
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  4. Packaging section

    The biomass pellets formed by the biomass pellet machine palnt 600-700 kg hr project are naturally cooled and sold through artificial packaging.

Public works of the 600-700 kg/h small biomass sawdust pellet plant with factory price

cost of wood crusher use of wood pellets homemade wood feed mixing box
Product warehouse of the small wood pellet plant

About the noise of the 600-700 kg/h small biomass sawdust pellet plant

The easy to use small biomass pellet plant project site is far away from the surrounding environmental protection targets, so the impact on the surrounding acoustic environment is small. However, the location of the small sawdust biomass pelleting plant project has very strict requirements for noise, so in terms of design, we adopted the following plans:

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Delivery site of biomass pellets product

  1. Reasonable layout, set the biomass pelletizing machines in the production workshop in the central area, and consider taking effective measures in the greening design to block the spread of noise;
  2. Choose biomass fuel sawdust pellet equipment with low operating noise;
  3. Buildings and structures can be used to form noise barriers to hinder the spread of noise. Use the walls around the biomass sawdust pellet plant production workshop to insulate sound, so as to achieve the effect of reducing noise sources.
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