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How to reduce the production cost of fish feed pellet production line in Nigeria

For making more profits in aquaculture and fish farming business, Nigeria fish farmers need to cut down fish feed cost because it occupies a big part in the whole production chain. But fish feed cost should be only reduced on the basis of ensuring fish ca... Learn More

Pet Dog Cat Fish Food Production Line & Process

Pet Dog Cat Fish Food Production Line & Process.It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formulation, quality standard, convenient feeding and use, and can prevent certain diseases.... Learn More

Matters needing attention in the production of feed pellet machine

Feed pellet machine equipment is simple and easy to understand, but there are still some things to pay attention to, which can help us work better, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality. What are the matters needing attention in the p... Learn More

Feed pellet making machine for cattle at best price

I am looking for a pellet making machine for cattle, would like to know prices etc we have 1400 cattle so need a small one.... Learn More

Effect of Feeding Full Fat and High Oil Peanut Rice on Broilers

Effect of Feeding Full Fat and High Oil Peanut Rice on Broilers. A study aimed to determine the effect of feeding whole unblanched high-oleic peanuts on the fatty acid profile of broiler meat suggests that feeding peanuts to broilers may serve to enhance... Learn More

The poultry feed market is expected to double by 2026, relying on pellet mill

China Richi Machinery has provided products and services for more than 20 years to 90+ countries around the world, which is trustworthy and entrusted.... Learn More

Broiler and cow feed pellet machines for sale

Broiler and cow feed pellet machines for sale, hese machines are of two categories. There is the flat die pellet machine, and the ring die pellet machine. The flat die is increasing at a high rate. They are mostly used by large-scale farmers because of th... Learn More

Turn food waste into poultry feed through pellet machine

Converting feed waste into poultry protein, if we mix these wastes with some nutritional additives and feed them through pellet machines to feed poultry, we can greatly reduce the use of concentrated feed. Of course, the conversion of feed waste to poultr... Learn More

Choose the right feed pellet machine according to the output

1. Calculate how much feed you need each day.
2. the output of feed hammer mill
3. the output of feed pellet machine should be surplus... Learn More

Hemp pellet machine provides hemp feed for sheep

Cannabis is found in India, Bhutan, and Central Asia, and is now wild or cultivated in various countries. We know that cannabis cannot be used for smoking, beca... Learn More

From Order To Delivery

Checking Order

With the sales contract, the order tracking clerk checks the models and quantities of each machine and spare parts.

Quality Test Before Delivery

Upon completion of the manufacturing of equipment, tthe quality inspector strictly checks quality of every machine with the checklist.

Check Items When Packing

Before packaging and shipment, the order tracking clerk checks the packaged items again with the packing list to avoid loss of items.

Sign the contract

Adopting international common standards for accurate design of product packaging, prevent product damage rate and the effective use of transport tools, which ensure the perfect delivery of products.

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