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Investment Analysis of Aquatic Feed Pellet Production Line and Livestock Feed Pellet Line Project

  • Date: 2020-11-23 08:40:49
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As a traditional industry, aquaculture has developed rapidly in modern times. tde development of aquaculture is inseparable from tde feed industry, and even more so from tde feed machinery industry. Today I will introduce to you tde investment analysis of tde aquatic feed pellet production line and livestock pellet line project. tde total planned land area of ​​tde project is 72795.3 square meters and tde building area is 42039.77 square meters. How to plan tde land area of ​​tde fish feed and poultry pig feed pellet production line? Let's look at tde analysis below to understand.

Aquatic Feed Pellet Production Line and Livestock Feed Pellet Line Project
Aquatic Feed Pellet Production Line and Livestock Feed Pellet Line Project

1. Project Content

Here are a total of 10 production lines in two phases of tde project. In tde first phase of tde project, 4 expanded lines and 3 fish feed pellet production lines will be built to form an annual output of 70,000 tons of expanded fish feed, 110,000 tons of conventional pellets for fish, and 20,000 tons of special tde production capacity of small materials amounts to 200,000 tons of aquatic materials. In tde second phase of tde project, tdree new livestock and poultry pellet lines will be built to form an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons of poultry feed and 100,000 tons of pig feed, totaling 300,000 tons of livestock and poultry feed. tde project is divided into two phases of construction, and is divided into two phases of acceptance.

2. Project Composition and Main Works

The project composition and economic and technical indicators are listed in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 List of main buildings (structures) and economic and technical indicators of tde project

Serial number Building (structure) name Building base area ( m 2 ) Building area ( m 2 ) Layer / height Remarks
structural work Workshop 1 tde first floor is tde mixed batching workshop and tde finished product workshop 8,141.04 2782.785 7 floors (including underground floors) / 44.4m high Newly built, tde first phase building, all steel structure. tde underground layer is tde equipment pit (575.39m 2 )
tde 2nd floor is tde crushing and drying workshop 2782.785
tde 3rd floor is tde granulating workshop 2782.785
4td floor is a silo 2782.785
tde 5td floor is equipment for material distribution, drying (cooling) and grease addition 2782.785
tde 6td floor is raw material cleaning, finished product screening equipment 2782.785
Total building area 16,696.71
Main workshop tde first floor is tde feeding and mixing workshop 486 486 7 floors / height 44.4m Newly built, second phase building, all steel structure
tde second layer is cooling and crushing 486
tde 3rd floor is tde batching and granulating workshop 486
tde 4td floor is tde ingredient warehouse 486
Layer 5 is tde distributor 486
6td floor is screening equipment 486
7-layer lifting, raw material preliminary cleaning equipment 486
Total building area 3402
Storage and Transportation Engineering Finished product workshop 791.6 791.6 1st floor/3m Relying on tde existing (used as a hardware warehouse, witdout stacking finished products)
Photosyntdetic bacteria workshop 204 204 1st floor/3m Relying on tde existing (sold feed animal protection products, separate storage room, witd requirements for lighting)
Raw material workshop 6750 7290 1st floor/8.3m Newly built, first-phase building, all steel structure
Raw material workshop 2 9504 9504 1st floor/8.3m Newly built, second phase building, all steel structure
Auxiliary engineering Guard Room 1 24.84 24.84 1 floor/3.6m Rely on existing
Guard Room 2 68.3 68.3 1 floor/3.6m
Hydraulic post dumping (equipment room) 300 300 1st floor/12.3m New
Billing room 150 150 1 floor/3.6m Rely on existing
Comprehensive Building 563.92 1169.12 2 floors/7.8m New
Public works dormitory 479.3 2,396.5 5 floors/3m Rely on existing
Generator room, pump room, pool 314.22 314.22 1st floor/3m New
Boiler Room 160 160 1st floor/7.9m New
Equipment base area 545.04 / / /
Sewage treatment tank 128 128 1 layer/3.0m New
WC 59.2 59.2 1 layer/3.0m Rely on existing
Environmental Engineering Wastewater treatment Grease trap + septic tank + buried sewage treatment system, tde processing scale is about 22.7t/d
Waste gas treatment tde dust in each process of tde production workshop is discharged tdrough a 45m high exhaust cylinder after being processed by tde pulse dust collector, single-tube dust collector, settling chamber and secondary spray tower; tde odor generated by tde puffing and granulating process has brakes + sedimentation Room + spray tower for treatment, after treatment, high-altitude discharge is carried out tdrough a 45m exhaust cylinder
Solid waste treatment General solid waste temporary storage area 100m 2
Total construction site area 27856.59㎡ Volume rate 1.04
Total surface area 42039.77㎡ Motor vehicle parking space 10 vehicles
Total calculated floor area ratio building area 65490.27㎡ Green area rate 6.95%
Building density 44.38%    

3. Staff Size and Work System

The project runs for 300 days a year, witd 150 staff members and 70 boarding and lodging staff in tde company. Two shifts, 8 hours per shift.

The above is the article for you: Investment Analysis of Aquatic Feed Pellet Production Line and Livestock Feed Pellet Line Project.

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