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Uzbekistan 3-5 T/H Poultry Powder Feed Mill Plant & 1T/H Hay Grass Pellet Plant For Cattle Sheep Feed

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Name:Poultry cattle sheep feed combined production line
Country:Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Date:March 2018
Capacity:4-6 T/H
Feed Size:Poultry powder and 3-8mm ruminant pellets
The install period:30 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):12m*10m*23m
Animal feed mill cost:$60000-150000 USD

Uzbekistan 3-5 T/H Poultry Powder Feed Mill Plant & 1T/H Hay Grass Pellet Plant For Cattle Sheep Feed

Overview of 4-6t/h complete poultry and cattle feed processing plant in Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistan customer visited Richi Machinery in 2017 and signed a contract in 2018. For this 4-6t/h customized feed mill plant for animal feed production project, RICHI is responsible for the feed mill machine supply and the construction of the complete animal feed production line for poultry cattle sheep feed production.

This is the decision made by the Uzbekistan customer after nearly a year of research and investigation on many domestic and foreign animal feed equipment and complete poultry feed mill manufacturers. It is worth mentioning that after this pleasant cooperation, the Uzbekistan customer has carried out a second cooperation with RICHI: 5 tons/hour sinking fish feed factory project in Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan 3-5 T/H Poultry Powder Feed & 1 T/H Cattle Sheep Feed Grass Pellet Plant

Customer visit of animal feed pellets plant for chicken feed production in Uzbekistan

Before customizing the 4-6t/h good quality cattle poultry feed mill project for Uzbekistan customers, RICHI communicated with customer in time, accurately identified customers'needs, provided customers with accurate customized services, and a comprehensive design program from the overall planning, poultry and cattle feed plant layout design, poultry feed manufacturing process design, poultry feed mill equipment personalization, installation and debugging, electrical control, to feed mill production technology, etc.
3-5 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant

4-6T/H Uzbekistan feed manufacturing plant site

How to make poultry, cattle and sheep strong and healthy has always been a problem for the locals. This is also a business opportunity for Uzbekistan customers. Through scientific argumentation on the animal feed manufacturing technology, poultry feed plant production cost, feeding pattern, storage and transportation of poultry, cattle and sheep feed, site survey for cattle and sheep feed ruminant feed factory constructed by many well-known poultry feed machine manufacturers, the Uzbekistan customer finally selected Richi Machinery, which owns the advanced cattle poultry feed mill design, to undertake the local demonstration project.
poultry feed manufacturing plant cost

During the construction, RICHI installation team overcome a series of difficulties. After three months of struggle, they completed the new design high technology poultry powder feed mill and cattle sheep feed mill in Tashkent on schedule, and won the praise of our customer and local farmers!

The animal feed mill project includes 3-5 ton per hour poultry mash feed mill and cattle feed processing plant, which can produce cattle and sheep ruminant feed, pure straw, forage pellets, various biomass pellets, fine cattle and sheep feed, fine poultry powder feed, etc., to fundamentally help local farmers to solve the breeding problem.
poultry cattle feed pellet processing plant machinery price

This 4-6t/h good quality cattle poultry feed mill project covers an area of 7*6*11m, and the main cattle and poultry feed mill machine includes: poultry feed grinder*37kw,  ppiultry feed mixing Machine*500kg/batch, poultry feed pelleting machine*37KW, pellet cooling machine*SKLH14*14, grass crusher machine, vibrating screen, packing machine, 500kg/h electric heating boiler,etc.

RICHI feed mill plant and feed machine for sale Uzbekistan

As of the end of 2020, we have established 24 feed plant and feed machine projects in Uzbekistan, including 18 complete animal feed production lines and 6 single feed machine projects. The products sold cover chicken feed production, cattle feed production, laying hen feed production, broiler feed production, stock feed production, fowl feed production, fish feed production, etc.

RICHI feed mill plant and feed machine for sale Uzbekistan

The following is a list of all our current feed production projects in Uzbekistan, all the information is true. (Currently, only some Uzbekistan feed production cases have been updated on the website. Because some cases are ongoing or lack relevant pictures, there is no specific detail page. You can directly contact our sales staff for more case information)

Projects in Uzbekistan Area Order Time
3-5T/H Broiler Feed Plant Samarkand 2015.10.13
3-5T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line Samarkand 2020.07.06
3-5T/H Poultry Feed Mannufacturing Plant Urgench 2018.12.10
2-3 T/H Fish Cattle Feed Plant Tashkent 2017.08.07
10T/H Poultry Chicken Feed Mill Fergana 2018.09.25
10T/H Poultry Feed Plant+5T/H Premix Feed Plant Tashkent 2018.12.30
5T/H Poultry Mash Feed Line+1T/H Grass Pellet Plant Tashkent 2018.03.29
10T/H Animal Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant With Silos Urgench 2019.07.01
5T/H Sinking Fish Feed Mill Tashkent 2017.11.21
Uzbekistan 3-5T/H Chicken Feed Plant Urgench 2018.11.23
3-5T/H Poultry Feed Plant Samarkand 2018.12.17
0.8-1.2T/H Sheep Cattle Feed Plant Karshi 2020.09.21
1-2T/H Chicken Powder Feed Mill Urgench 2020.09.21
1-2T/H Small Chicken Feed Pouduction Plant Samarkand 2020.07.24
5T/H Livestock Feed Plant Tashkent 2018.02.26
1-2T/H Animal Feed Pellet Mill Tashkent 2017.04.06
3-4T/H Floating Fish Chicken Feed Production Project Gizak 2018.03.08
1-2T/H Anima; Feed Pelleting Machine Fergana 2019.11.27
3-5T/H Animal Feed Processing Plant Nukus 2020.07.06
1-2T/H Floating Fish Feed+2T/H Chicken Feed Lines Nukus 2018.09.12
DGP40 Fish Feed Extruder Machine Tashkent 2020.09.24
1-2T/H Chicken Feed Milling Machine Tashkent 2020.12.01
1-2T/H Chicken Feed System Project Karshi 2020.12.01
DGP50C Fish Feed Making Machine Tashkent 2020.09.27
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