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Small Scale Feed Pellet Line

Small Scale Feed Pellet Line

APPLICATION: Feed Pellet Production Line

Small feed pellet line has a way to grinder, mixer, convey, pelletizer, cooler in one means, which can grind the maize and bean pulp by the grinding machine, then mix with the wheat bran, bone meal, microelement, vitamin and other raw materials to make the complete feed.

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Small Scale Feed Pellet Line

Applications Of Small Scale Feed Pellet Line

Small feed pellet line is also called mini feed production line or mobile feed pellet line which is used to process animal feeding pellets. Our small feed pellet line is can produce 2-8mm of feed pellets, the yield is 0.6-3t/h. This feed complete machine set is widely used in small and medium size of feed pellet production line, livestock farms and individuals who raise animals, etc. The feeds are suitable for pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese and other aquatic organisms.

Technical Features Of Small Scale Feed Pellet Line

    1.It has compact structure, low requirement on workshop conditions, low investment and occupies small area.

    2.Small pellet feed plant is easy to install. It does not need civil engineering or welding at project site. All machines can be used.

    3.directly after finish the connection, so you DO NOT NEED EXTRA COST on installation.

    4.Continuous production, easy operation, fewer operators required: this small feed pellet plant only needs 1-2 operators, with less labor works.

    5.Wide application, it can produce various feed pellets for poultry, livestock, fish, etc, it’s suitable for small and medium feed production.

Working Principle Of Small Scale Feed Pellet Line

the corn and bean cake are ground by the self-suction grinding machine. The materials that don’t need to be ground like wheat bran, bone meal, microelement, vitamin directly go into the mixing machine from the feeding port. All the materials are mixed uniformly and sent to the hopper then sent into feed bin by screw conveyor. After that, the materials go into feed pellet mill equipment evenly from the feeding port and are produced into pellets. Those pellets then go into the cooling machine. Under the function of ID fan, the pellets are cooled to the temperature that is not over 5℃ than the room temperature. The cool pellets are screened by the vibrating screen, then they can be packaged.

Model Capacity Power (KW)
RI500+FDF150B 100-150KG/H 7.5+3+4KW
RI500+FDF210 200-300KG/H 7.5+3+11KW
RI500+FDF230 350-450KG/H 7.5+3+11KW
RI500+FDF260 400-500KG/G 7.5+3+15KW
RI500+FDF300 500-600KG/H 7.5+3+18.5KW
RI500+FDF360 700-800KG/H 7.5+3+22KW
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