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Drum Powder Cleaner

Drum Powder Cleaner

MODEL: SCQZ60*50*100
APPLICATION: Feed Mill, Flour Mill

SCQZ Series Conical Drum Type Pre-cleaner is mainly used for powdery material cleaning in compound feed mills—breaking the agglomerate effectively and separating large impurities such as straw, rope, paper, stones and so on to ensure the normal operation of the subsequent devices.

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Drum Powder Cleaner

Applications Of Drum Powder Cleaner

SCQZ series Drum Powder Cleaner is mainly used for the preliminary cleaning of powdery auxiliary materials in feed mills. It can effectively crush the agglomerates in the powdery auxiliary materials and separate the straw and hemp mixed in the powdery auxiliary materials. Large miscellaneous items such as rope, paper, stones, etc., to ensure the normal operation of subsequent equipment. This machine can also be used for sieving mixed materials and clearing the pellets to ensure the quality of compound feed.

Technical Features Of Drum Powder Cleaner

    1.Used for pre-cleaning of powder material, break the agglomeration effectively, separate large debris such as stone. The machine can also be used to sieve materials after mixing, clearing away from the shape.

    2.With high yield, good cleaning effect, small power consumption, simple structure and small land occu-pation.

    3.Access door is convenient for daily maintenance and overhaul.

    cylindrical screen can be changed easily.

    4.According to the material feature we can offer suitable matching sieve to achieve the best effect.

Working Principle Of Drum Powder Cleaner

When the Drum Powder Cleaner works normally, the feeding screw will force the powder into the sieve barrel. The powder is impacted by the continuous rotating plate inside the sieve barrel, and the agglomerated material in the powder is scattered. At the same time, the powder is driven by the punching plate to make a circular motion around the inner surface of the screen cylinder together with the punching plate. Due to the effect of centrifugal force, the powder smaller than the diameter of the sieve hole quickly passes through the sieve hole, converges to the discharge outlet at the bottom and is discharged. Large impurities larger than the diameter of the sieve hole move in the direction of the large impurity discharge under the action of the inclined plate , And finally discharged out of the machine.

Model SCQZ60*50*100 SCQZ90*80*110
Power 5.5kw 7.5kw
Capacity 10-15t/h 25-30t/h
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