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Price Of Complete 1-1.5 T/h Wood Pellet Production Line In Italy

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Price Of Complete 1-1.5 T/h Wood Pellet Production Line In Italy
Price Of Complete 1-1.5 T/h Wood Pellet Production Line In Italy

Italy is a net importer of wood pellets. If you build a wood pellet production line in Italy, you don’t have to worry about market demand. Recently, an Italian customer consulted us and said:"Dear Richi Machinery! I'm Patrik Zulian from Italy. I would like to know the approximate price in euro or dollars of your line: 1-1.5 T / H Wood Pellet Line including mounting and coaching of a your engineer. I read other information on your web site. Thank you! "

1-1.5 T/H Wood Pellet Line Equipment And Installation Price. Each manufacturer keeps confidential about the price of the wood pellet production line. If you want to know which manufacturer's product quotation, you can consult their business manager for the quotation, or you can consult several manufacturers for comparison.

Analysis Of The Italy Wood Pellet Market

Italy: annual consumption of wood pellet 2009-2018

Italy: annual consumption of wood pellet 2009-2018

Italy is a leading European consumer of wood pellets (approximately 3 million metric tons per year), with domestic consumption representing 96 percent of total use. Italy is a net importer of wood pellets, with 1.6 MMT imported in 2016, mainly from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France and Czech Republic. After a 9% increase in 2017, wood pellets imported by Italy showed a much more consistent trend growth in 2018. An increase of 27% from Jan.-Dec. 2018 proves that Italy’s demand for pellets is still high as manifested in the last 7-8 years.

1-1.5 T/H Wood Pellet Production Line Process

Wood pellet production line can not only make small wood pellets with different diameter, but also can product different kind of raw material. Wood logs, wood chips, sawdust and other wood residues including pine wood are also suitable materials for making pellets with the extruding plant. Mostly an integral wood pellet production line is composed of wood chipper/skiving machine, hammer mill, conveyor, dryer, cooler, wood pellet machine and package machine. In fact, except the main wood pellet mill, not all other auxiliary equipment is essential for a pellet plant. You should drop one or two equipment depending on your production scale and make your own customized pellet plan. For small pellet production plan, you can drop some kind of process equipment to save money.

Wood pellets imported by Italy from... (in tons )

Origin 2017 2018 Change in %
EUROPEAN Union 1,169,632 1,469,719 26 %
Austria 425,327 663,336 56 %
Germany 105,029 174,522 66 %
Slovenia 94,606 99,630 5 %
Czech Republic 73,077 90,644 24 %
Poland 73,191 84,794 16 %
Others 398,402 356,793 -10 %
OTHER European Countries 297,874 363,914 22 %
Croatia 139,683 126,674 -9 %
Russia 60,844 94,357 55 %
Ukraine 42,873 62,353 45 %
Bosnia - Herzegovina 27,830 27,748 0 %
Albania 13,599 22,896 68 %
Others 13,046 29,886 129 %
NORTH Africa 24,551 37,498 53 %
Egypt 17,010 25,147 48 %
Tunisia 7,441 12,351 66 %
Morocco 100 - -100 %
OTHER African Countries 429 78 -82 %
Ghana 429 78 -82 %
NORTH America 88,018 131,174 49 %
USA 40,147 85,732 114 %
Canada 47,871 45,442 -5 %
SOUTH America 51,473 72,460 41 %
Brazil 43,743 67,972 55 %
Argentina 2,735 2,980 9 %
Chile 4,616 1,401 -70 %
Uruguay 379 108 -72 %
NEAR and MIDDLE East 177 - -100 %
United Arab Emirates - - %
Iran 20 - -100 %
Israel 157 - -100 %
OTHER Asian countries 76 292 284 %
China 43 189 340 %
Indonesia 33 89 170 %
Vietnam - 15 %
OCEANIA and Polar region - 24 %
Tuvalu - 24 %
TOTAL 1,632,230 2,075,159 27 %

1-1.5 T/H Wood Pellet Line Case

Name: Wood Pellet Production Line

Country: Indonesia

Capacity: Wood Pellet Production Line

Date: June 15th,2018

Installation cycle: 30 Days

Pellet Size: 8mm Wood Pellet

Main Machines in this complete line

1. Wood Crusher*55kw;

2. Dryer*1.5*12M ;

3. Wood Pellet Machine*132KW;

4. Cooling Machine*2.2KW ;

5. Vibrating Screen and Other Auxiliary Equipment; 6.Automatic Packing System

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Low Price, High Quality Wood Pellet Production Line

The above is the article for you: Price Of Complete 1-1.5 T/h Wood Pellet Production Line In Italy. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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