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The 200,000 Tons/Year Crop Straw Livestock Feed Production Business Project Participated By RICHI Was Put Into Production

  • Date: 2021-09-21 14:23:03
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Two operators sent the fresh corn stalks into the straw cutter crusher and baler, and within 5 minutes, a 75kg silage bag was packaged. On September 18, the 200,000-ton crop straw livestock feed production business project in Zhuxi County was officially put into operation.

The crop straw livestock feed production business project was built by Hubei Longsenyuan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. with an investment of 25 million yuan (3,925,000 USD). It adopts the livestock feed manufacturing techniques of wrapping silage with stretch film.

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After crushing the straw, adding accessories and kneading silk, it is wrapped into a cylinder by a special wire mesh, and then wrapped and sealed with stretch film, ammoniated, fermented and converted into livestock feed.

It is worth mentioning that all the livestock cattle cow sheep feed grinding machine dairy food silage machine (straw cutter, straw shredders and crop straw rubbing filament machines) for this large livestock feed manufacturing business project are provided by Richi Machinery.

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This livestock feed production process technology can not only maintain the nutritional value of green fodder, improve the palatability of raw materials, but also adjust the balanced supply of green fodder, and can be stored for a long time without deterioration. It is currently the most advanced silage filling and sealing technology in China.

More than 95% of the raw materials required by the large crop corn straw livestock feed production business project come from local farmers, which can digest nearly 250,000 tons of corn, rice and other crop straws each year, and can radiate and drive more than 5,000 farmers in the surrounding area.

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It is understood that the local area grows more than 200,000 acre of corn, nearly 100,000 acre of rice and 157,000 acre of other straw crops every year. Preliminary estimates show that the total amount of available straw feed resources in the area is about 1 million tons (except natural grassland).

The commissioning of the crop straw livestock feed manufacturing business project will play a positive role in promoting the structural adjustment of animal husbandry, improving the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture and animal husbandry, developing modern animal husbandry, and promoting poverty alleviation in the animal husbandry industry.

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Burning straw not only causes waste, but also pollutes the air. Today, livestock feed processing companies come to buy crop straw, which is conducive to environmental protection, and farmers can increase their income by about 200 yuan (31.4 USD) per mu of land.

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