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The Piggery Feed Mill For Biscuit Feed With An Annual Output Of 200,000 Tons Is Expected To Be Put Into Operation After The Spring Festival

  • Date: 2022-01-20 13:55:38
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The commercial piggery feed mill construction project for biscuit feed with an annual output of 200,000 tons, invested by Hunan Changdekuai Feed Co., Ltd. and undertaken by Richi Machinery, is nearing completion, and it is expected to be completed and put into production after the Spring Festival. The design hourly output of this commercial pig feed plant project is 42t/h.

Although the weather is very cold, the construction site of Hunan Changdekuai Feed Co., Ltd. located in Youzhou Industrial Park is full of steaming scenes.

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On the site of the piggery feed mill, only large excavators are leveling the road back and forth, and workers are performing their respective duties, stick to their jobs.

After more than four months of intensive construction, the corn cylinder warehouse, feed workshop, administrative office building and other buildings of the 42t/h pig feed mill have taken shape, and the raw material warehouse behind the commercial pig feed mill is also under construction.

As a piggery feed enterprise, the environmental problems arising from the production of the enterprise have always been the focus of attention from all walks of life.

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In order to solve the environmental protection problems in production and operation, the customer introduced a new type of high-efficiency, environmental-friendly and energy-saving low-nitrogen vacuum gas boiler after multiple comparisons.

It is reported that this boiler has no waste water, waste gas and waste residue discharge during production, and has achieved zero discharge, which meets the requirements of the current environmental protection industry.

In recent days, the continuous rainy weather has affected the progress of the 42tph commercial piggery feed mill project. Facing the tight construction period, the commercial pig feed mill organized a construction team of more than 100 people every day, and divided the workers into two shifts to ensure that the workload was completed on time and with high quality.

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What is biscuits feed (cookie feed)?

Because the high-temperature curing process is evolved from the practice of biscuits, the produced feed has a unique feed type, which is significantly different from the traditional pellet feed and powder feed, which is the origin of the name of the biscuit feed.

The cookie feed is:

  • Leading products with unique craftsmanship
  • Differentiated products with special materials
  • Innovative products with comparative advantage
  • High-quality products for specialized farms

The raw materials of the feed are fully matured by the piggery feed mill process, and the bacteria are killed more completely, reducing the threat of external harmful bacteria to the fragile intestinal environment in the teaching trough, nursery and other stages, making the pigs less and healthier; the produced biscuits feed have a unique material type, sweet and crisp, good palatability, pigs like to eat; high utilization of protein and starch, pigs gain weight quickly after eating.

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At present, this piggery feed mill process technology has been widely used in high-grade teaching trough feed, nursery feed, sow feed, breeding pig feed and medium and large pig feed. Not only does it create considerable economic benefits, but more importantly, it helps pig feed companies and farmers to improve feed quality and create a differentiated competitive advantage.

With the continuous innovation and progress of technology, it has become a trend to choose piggery feed mill process to produce pig feed. The launch of biscuit feed meets the new needs of specialized pig farms, which is a good thing for the feed industry and breeding industry!

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RICHI Pig Feed Production Process Of Piggery Feed Mill

The RICHI pig feed production process has become more and more mature in the past two years, and the equipment can be matched one by one according to customer needs. The effect of the differentiated Shuhua process is even more remarkable:

  • Can produce high-grade pig feed at all stages;
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  • It can eliminate anti-nutritional factors in raw materials, reduce urease in soybean meal, suckling pigs will not have diarrhea after eating, and the survival rate is high;

  • The medium-temperature (90~130°C) + low-temperature granulation process retains the activity of the functional substances in the raw materials, improves the digestibility of the feed, and realizes the formula value of the nutritionist.

    The pig feed produced is fragrant, sweet, crisp and crisp. Good nutrition, pigs do not get angry and grow fast;how to make cattle feed from pigeon peas pig plant feed piggery feed manufacturing machine 1 ton kenyan company selling pig feeds making machines

  • Optional post-spraying process, complete in color, aroma and taste, to further improve the feed intake of pigs;

  • In the teaching trough stage, the feed intake can be increased, and the total feed intake can reach 525-700 grams, which can improve the absorption capacity of the suckling pig's digestive tract.

    Generally, the weight of the suckling pig can increase by 1 kg during the teaching trough, and the weight of the big pig can increase by 10%.

Richi Machinery, a manufacturer of large-scale feed equipment in China, has specialized in creating efficient and high-return feed equipment and animal feed mills for the feed industry for nearly 30 years.

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