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Annual Output Of 400,000 Tons Livestock Feed Mill Project Will Be Completed Before The Spring Festival

  • Date: 2022-05-15 16:20:36
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Recently, RICHI's large-scale livestock feed mill factory project——China Beidahuang's annual output of 400,000 tons of livestock feed mill factory project is stepping up construction, and the turnkey livestock feed mill project is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival this year.

Our engineers saw from the livestock feed mill plant project with an annual output of 400,000 tons that there was a busy construction scene on the site. At present, the main structure of the 13 buildings of the high level livestock feed mill plant project has been fully capped, and interior and exterior decoration is underway. The livestock feed mill production equipment will be installed in September. It is expected that the conditions for trial production will be available in February 2022.

pellet plant for livestock feed cost analysis of producing livestock feeds

According to the scale of this large capacity livestock feed milling plant project, it is planned to set up a labor force of 70 people, all of whom will have board and lodging in the livestock feed factory. Production personnel implement 330 working days per year, 3 shifts per day, and 8 hours of work per shift. It can be calculated that the livestock feed mill line production project has a monthly output of 33,333 tons, a daily output of 1,212 tons, and an hourly output of 50 tons.

how to increase production of a stock feeds plant in engineering

This large scale new build 400,000-ton fully automatic livestock animal feed mill plant project has a total investment of about 150 million yuan, covers an area of ​​60 acres, and introduces 3 modern technology livestock compound pellet feed production lines (all feed mill equipments provided by RICHI), 2 raw material expansion production lines.

Using imported corn, barley, rapeseed, palm oil and other raw materials, mixed with a small amount of calcium hydrogen phosphate, zeolite powder and other auxiliary materials to produce high-quality compound pellet feed, not only can meet the development needs of local animal husbandry, but also promote the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and contribute to local economic development.

Design of industrial process of feed milling manufacturing plant 50 tons per hour

The followings are the annual output of 400,000 tons of stock feed mill design innovation:

Raw material receiving, cleaning and crushing section of the large customized 50tph livestock feed milling process flow

The main raw materials required for livestock feed mill production are transported into the livestock feed factory by automobiles, weighed and inspected by truck scales, cleaned by receiving equipment, magnetically separated, and transported into bulk storage for storage. The auxiliary raw materials required for livestock feed mill production are directly sent to the auxiliary material warehouse for storage after being weighed and inspected by a truck scale.

animal waste treat treatment processing conversion fertilizer livestock feed equipment machine solution

The raw materials that need to be crushed enter the livestock feed mill production workshop through the conveying equipment, and then enter the warehouse to be crushed after the impurities are removed by the primary cleaning sieve and the iron impurities are removed by the magnetic separator. After the raw materials in the crushing bin are crushed to the qualified particle size requirements by the livestock feed mill grinder, they are distributed to the batching bin for storage by the conveying equipment.

livestock feed grinder mixer stock feed grinding mill

The raw materials that do not need to be crushed enter the large livestock feed mill production workshop through the conveying equipment, and after the impurities are removed by the primary cleaning screen and the iron impurities are removed by the magnetic separator, they are sent to different batching bins by the distributor for storage.

Ingredients and mixing section of the 50tph automatic livestock feed mill process

According to the requirements of the formula, various raw materials participating in the batching enter the livestock feed mill mixer in turn through the batching scale controlled by the computer. The batching process uses two batching scales, one large and one small, to ensure the accuracy of the batching and shorten the batching time.

a software for mixing livestock feed livestock feed mixers

Some additives, vitamins and other raw materials with a small amount are manually weighed and then manually put into the livestock feed mill plant mixer. In the later stage, in order to reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the accuracy of weighing, and ensure the stability of product quality, the small material system partly replaced manual weighing.

Various raw materials participate in the mixing in the livestock feed mill mixer, and the mixing cycle is 2 minutes; the mixed finished powder can be granulated by stock feed pellet mill according to needs, or directly enter the finished product warehouse for packaging and storage or enter the bulk finished product warehouse to load and leave the livestock feed mill factory with a bulk truck.

Granulation section of the 50t/h fully automatic livestock feed mill process flow

The raw materials that need to be granulated are tempered through a conditioner of livestock feed pellet mill, so that the temperature of the material reaches 80-85°C and the moisture content reaches about 15%, and then granules of different pellet sizes are made through a large feed pellet mill for livestock feed.

lifestock pellet making machine electric pellet press in stock animal feed

After cooling and crumbling, the unqualified materials are re-granulated after being sieved by a grading sieve. The qualified pellet products enter the finished product warehouse and pack them into storage or enter the bulk finished product warehouse and load them with a bulk truck before leaving the livestock feed mill factory.

Material balance of the large capacity commercial livestock feed mill 50 tons per hour

Feeding material Discharge
Source Quantity (t/a) Discharge Quantity (t/a)
Corn 200002 Solid waste 6.2
Wheat 32002 Finished product 400000
Sorghum 12001 Feeding dust at the discharge port of the feeding process 0.0046
Soybean meal 80002.8862 Ingredients warehouse 0.036
Wheat middling and red dog 4000 Smashed dust 0.495
Rapeseed meal 16000 Cooling dust 0.792
Calcium hydrogen phosphate 4000 Packing dust 0.0038
Calcium powder 4000
Premixed feed 8000 Clean up unorganized dust 0.0063
Amino acid 4000
Other feeds 20000 Disorganized dust during feeding process 0.1901
Vegetable oil 16000
    Unorganized dust during packing process 0.1584
Total 400007.8862 Total 400007.8862
what do i need to start livestock feeds manufactiring business

Automated feed mill equipment 50tph for livestock feed production with large scale

Main stock feed milling equipment needed in this 50 tons per hour large automatic leading stock feed mill:

Stock feed milling machine name Livestock feed machines and accessories model Quantity
1.Raw material receiving and cleaning system
Bucket elevator SSTQ50/28 5
scraper conveyor machine SSG32 4
Primary cleaning QLY100 4
Pulse bag dust collector BLMa27 4
Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT30 6
2.Feed crushing 
Stock feed grain mill SFP70x100 5
Pulse bag dust collector BLMa72 5
Screw conveyor SSLU32 5
Bucket elevator SSTQ40/23 5
3.Feed batching and mixing
Spiral distributor FPX4,6,10,12 9
Ingredients bins / 54
Automatic batching scale 3 ton per batch 5
Grease adding system / 3
Livestock feed mixer HHJS6 3
Bucket elevator SSTQ60/33 3
4.Stock feed pellet mills
Livestock pellet making machine SZLH series 5
Pellet Cooler LQNY28x28,LQNY24x24 5
Livestock feed crumbler PS210*140*2 4
Bucket elevator SSTQ40/23 5
Grading screener SFJH150X2C,3C 5
Vibrating screener TQLZ150×200 5
5.Packing section
Automatic packaging machine LCS-50-BZ 5
Belt conveyor sewing machine GK35 5
Cyclone BLMy36 1
6.Other auxiliary systems
Grease adding equipment / 3
Liquid adding system / 3
Air compression system 10 cubic meters per minute 3
7.Green facilities
Exhaust Cleaning process-pulse dust collector 4
Feeding process-pulse dust collector 4
Batching bin-pulse dust collector 9
Crushing process-pulse dust collector 5
Cooling and crushing process-high-efficiency cyclone dust collector 5
Packing process-pulse dust collector 1
Canteen process-oil fume purifier 1
Factory boundary dust online monitoring equipment 1
Water mist dust collector 2
Waste water Three-stage septic tank, three-stage grease trap 1
Solid waste Hazardous waste storage room, trash can 1

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