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40-42T/H Large Scale High Level China Animal Feed Company For Poultry And Livestock Feed Production (200,000t/a)

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Name:Industial animal feed factory
Date:June 2019
Capacity:200000 t/a
Feed Size:2-5mm pellets and powder feed
The install period:10 months
Control Mode:Automatic
Animal feed company investment:1,800,000USD

40-42T/H Large Scale High Level China Animal Feed Company For Poultry And Livestock Feed Production (200,000t/a)

Overview of the 40-42 t/h large scale high level animal feed company for poultry and livestock feed production

The followings are the 40-42t/h full automatic animal feed plant project report.

Product plan of the 40-42 t/h large animal feed company for livestock & poultry feed production

According to the information provided by the construction unit, this advanced animal feed company project is mainly engaged in livestock and poultry feed processing. The specific product plan of the poultry & stock feed manufacturing company project is shown in the table below.

Product name Product output (scale)
Pellet feed 195,000 tons/year
Powdered feed 0.5 million tons/year

Construction content of the large capacity 40-42 t/h new build animal feed producing company limited in China

This China animal feed company ltd project is a new build animal poultry livestock chicken feed factory project, and the main construction content includes 7 production workshops, 2 office buildings, and 2 dormitory buildings. The total land area of ​​this 40-42t/h top animal feed company limited project is 53,085m², and the building covers an area of ​​22049.76m².

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Category Project name Construction content
Main project Production workshop There are 7 production workshops for this top feeds manufacturing company, among which workshop one is used as raw material warehouse; workshop two is used as raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse and packaging system; workshop three is the main workshop, which is used as crushing, granulating process and bulk system, and the building area is 37401.07m².
Silo One-story steel structure, construction area 314m².
Auxiliary project Office building There are 2 buildings in total, including a 4-story office building with a construction area of ​​1986.12m², and a 5-story office building with a construction area of ​​2768.6m².
Dormitory building 2 4-story dormitory buildings, with a construction area of ​​5612.97m².
Guardian Room 1 building with 1 floor, with a construction area of ​​120m².

Main raw and auxiliary materials of the 40-42 tons large feed mill company for poultry and livestock feed production

Name of original and auxiliary materials Annual consumption/(10,000 tons) Source
Corn 10 Outsourcing
Soybean meal 5 Outsourcing
Wheat 2 Outsourcing
Wheat bran 2 Outsourcing
Corn gluten meal, calcium hydrogen phosphate, stone powder, DDGS, imported steam fish meal, glutamate residue 1.06 Outsourcing

Main energy consumption of the 40-42 t/h top feeds manufacturing company project

Material name Consumption
Natural gas 1.152 million m³/a
Electricity 500,000 Kwh/a
Water 22636.3m³/a

The parameters and energy consumption of the steam boiler

Technical content Parameters
Use fuel Natural gas
Combustion method Room combustion
Rated evaporation capacity (power) 2.0t/h 1 set, 1.0t/h 1 set
Fuel consumption 432m³/h
Thermal efficiency 97%

According to the parameters, the natural gas consumption of the livestock poultry chicken cattle feed mill company boiler is 240 m3/h. The animal feed production company plans to operate 16 hours a day and 300 days a year, so the natural gas consumption is 1.152 million m3/a.

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Animal feed production process flow of the poultry livestock cattle feed milling company with 40-42 tons per hour

Feed production and processing of this large animal feed production company are roughly divided into five links, namely: raw material receiving and cleaning system, crushing system, mixing system, pelleting system, and finished product packaging system.

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  1. Raw material receiving and cleaning system——40-42 t/h animal feed company

    The animal feed mill company project's raw materials mainly include corn, soybean meal, wheat, wheat bran and other bulk raw materials. Corn and soybean meal are bulk raw materials, and the rest are bagged raw materials. Corn and soybean meal are temporarily stored in a silo, and the remaining raw materials are temporarily stored in a raw material warehouse.

    Corn, soybean meal, wheat, wheat bran and other raw materials need to be air-dried and crushed. The 40-42 tons animal livestock poultry feed company project adopts a set of feeding system for feeding. The pellets materials are screened by the primary cleaning machine and magnetically separated by the permanent magnet cylinder and then enter the warehouse to be crushed.

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    The primary cleaning screen is mainly to remove some large impurities, and the magnetic separation is mainly to remove some magnetic impurities in the raw materials and protect the safety of animal feed company equipment and feed.

  2. Crushing system——40-42 t/h animal feed company

    This animal feed factory process is mainly for corn, soybean meal and other pellets that need to be crushed. The crushed raw materials are lifted by a hoist and enter the batching bin.

  3. Mixing system——40-42t/h animal feed company

    In accordance with the formula quantity and the order of ingredients set by the system, the raw materials are conveyed by the ingredients auger and enter the microcomputer automatic ingredient scale for cumulative measurement.

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    Other auxiliary materials (soybean oil, corn gluten meal) , Calcium hydrogen phosphate, etc.) is added from the small material port through the small material adding machine, and the pre-mixed material is put into the mixer through the pre-mixing silo for mixing.

  4. Pelletizing system——40-42 t/h animal feed company

    The 40-42 tons per hour automatic animal feed producing company project products include powder and granular forms. After the ingredients are mixed, a powdered product (raw feed) can be obtained, and the powdered product directly enters the finished product packaging system. The raw materials that need to be granulated enter the animal feed pelleting machine for granulation.

  5. Finished product packaging system——40-42 t/h animal feed company

    The animal feed pellets products enter the grading sieve through the elevator to complete the three-stage sieving, the intermediate qualified products enter the finished product warehouse, and the powder under the sieve enters the animal feed pellet making machine again. The granulation is carried out, and the upper sieve (mainly the materials that stick together due to improper drying) is returned to the cooling and drying system for cooling and drying.

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    The finished products entering the finished product warehouse are packed into the warehouse after being classified by a vibrating screen. The powdery products that do not need to be granulated by animal feed pellet machine enter the finished product warehouse directly after completing the third process (mixing of ingredients), and are packed into the warehouse after grading and sieving.

    The grading and sieving of powdery materials is mainly for removing powder lumps and lumps. After being collected, it is directly returned to the mixing system for reprocessing.

    The packaging adopts automatic quantitative and vacuum packaging, and the quantitative error does not exceed 0.2%. The finished product is sampled according to the sampling procedure and sent to the laboratory for inspection in time. Only those who pass the inspection can be put into the warehouse, and those that are unqualified can be handled according to the relevant regulations according to the inspection index value.

Main animal feed machine for sale in the 40-42 t/h livestock poultry animal feed company

Setting up an animal feed production line is very complicated, and also need to configure a lot of equipment for animal food manufacturing companies. Let's take a look at what animal feed plant machinery are configured for this large animal feed company project:

Production section Animal feed machine name Specification model
Animal feed mill machine for feeding section Feeding hopper MM3000x3000
Feeding hopper MM1500x1500
Fan 4-72-3.6A-3kw
Fan 6-30-2.8A-0.75kw
Muffler XY-350
Bakebreaker /
Scraper conveyor TGSS25-37m
Scraper conveyor TGSS25-42.5m
Bucket elevator TDTG50/28-46.5m
Cylinder preliminary cleaning sieve SDS100
Screw conveyor TLSS32-3m
Cone powder sieve QLZ90×80×110
Permanent magnet cylinder TM30-4000GS
Buffer bucket /
Rotary distributor SDRD12-273
Square pulse dust collector AFQV21/18
Square pulse dust collector AFQV4/8
Animal feed mill machine for grinding section Grinding warehouse FS-30m³
High material level device SR2-30FDA-1200
Low level device SR2-10FDA-250
Buffer bucket /
Impeller feeder SRF100
Impeller feeder SRF80
Animal feed crusher machine SHM100-250
Animal feed grinding machine SHM80-132
Grinding fan GM30-1A-30kw
Grinding fan GM18A-18.5kw
Muffler XY-700
Muffler XY-550
Crushing and sedimentation chamber HMOH-SHM80
Crushing and sedimentation chamber HMOH-SHM100
Fan 6-30-2.8A-0.75kw
Screw conveyor TLSS32-7.8m
Bucket elevator TDTG50/28-41.5m
Rotary distributor SDRD8-273
Square pulse dust collector AFQV64/18
Square pulse dust collector AFQV64/8
Animal feed mill machine for small material pre-mixing section Matching scale PLC-200kg/P
Matching scale PLC-1000kg/P
Fan 6-30-3.2A-1.1kw
Fan 6-30-2.8A-0.75kw
Low level device SR2-10FDA-250
High material level device SR2-30FDA-1200
Ingredients warehouse PL-7m³
Muffler XY-350
Feeding hopper MM950x1300
Feeding hopper MM950x1300
Self-cleaning hoist TDTG50/23-46.5m
Screw conveyor TLSS32-6m
Permanent magnet cylinder TM30-4000GS
Buffer bucket 4m³
Small material review scale XLC-100kg/P
Stainless steel batching screw conveyor TWLL12-SS
Rotary distributor SDRD6-219
Animal feed mixer machine SMXD2
Square pulse dust collector AFQV4/8
Square pulse dust collector AFQV6/12
Animal feed mill machine for ingredient mixing section Ingredients warehouse PL-28m³
High material level device SR2-30FDA-1200
Low level device SR2-10FDA-250
Batching screw conveyor TWLL40
Batching screw conveyor TWLL32
Batching screw conveyor TWLL25
Batching screw conveyor TWLL20
Fan 6-30-3.2A-1.1kw
Fan 6-30-2.8A-0.75kw
Matching scale PLC-2000kg/P
Dosing scale PLC-1000kg/P
Small material review scale XLC-300kg/P
Animal feed mixing machine SMXD4
Scraper conveyor TGSS32-10.5m
Scraper conveyor TGSS32-6m
Scraper conveyor TGSS32-10m
Scraper conveyor TGSS32-16m
Self-cleaning bucket elevator TDTG50/33-41.5m
Cone powder sieve QLZ90×80×110
Permanent magnet cylinder TM40-4000GS
Square pulse dust collector AFQV6/12
Square pulse dust collector AFQV4/8
Animal feed mill machine for feed pelletizing process Granulation bin ZL-15m³
Granulation bin ZL-30m³
Granulation bin ZL-50m³
High material level device SR2-30FDA-1200
Low level device SR2-10FDA-250
Scraper broken arch silos SSU100
Buffer bucket /
Animal feed shredder machine SCR120
Feeder SF260-1
Animal feed pellet mill conditioner SCM300
Animal feed pellet maker conditioner SCM400
Quality Keeper /
Animal feed pelleting machine SZLH520
Pellet machine for animal feed SZLH508
Steam system /
Cooling feed air shutter SGF-SCCR15
Hydraulic cooler SCCR15
50 stainless steel centrifugal dust collector 50-1400-SS/50-1600-SS
Cooling fan 4-72-7C-22kw
Cooling fan 4-72-7C-30kw
Manual feeding hopper MM600x600
Self-cleaning bucket elevator TDTG50/23-41.5m
Rotary grading screen SGST120/SGST140
Animal feed mill machine for finished product packaging section Finished product warehouse CP-30m³
High material level device SR2-30FDA-1200
Low level device SR2-10FDA-250
Animal feed bagging machine DCS-B50/S
Fan 4-79-3.5A-3kw
Scraper conveyor TGSS25-10m
Circular pulse dust collector AFRV25/18
Assistive equipment Air compressor /
Gas tank /
cold dryer /
Filter /
Steam pipe /
Freight elevator 2T
Soybean oil storage tank 50 cubic meters, gravity metering, steam heating and heat preservation
Phospholipid oil storage tank 50 cubic meters, gravity measurement, water bath heating and heat preservation
Oil pump KCB-300
Oil pump KCB-83.3/G50-1
Working oil tank 1 cubic meter, soybean oil and phospholipid oil, gravity measurement, soybean oil steam heating and insulation, phospholipid oil water bath heating and insulation.
Working oil tank 1 cubic meter, soybean oil, gravity metering, steam heating and heat preservation
Pneumatic ball valve Used in oil system
Oil scale 250kg/p, with stirring function, heat preservation
Phospholipid oil water bath heating 304 stainless steel

Analysis of pellet feed production capacity matching: 4 animal feed pelleting lines, including 2 mixers and 4 animal feed pelletizers. The capacity of 2 animal feed mixers is 80t/h, then 80t/h×16h/d×300d×75% efficiency = 288,000 t/a. The production capacity of the 4 feed pelletizer machines is 1*10t/h pellet maker for feed, 2*15t/h pellet making machine for animal feed, and 1*20t/h industrial feed pellet machine, with a total capacity of 60t/h.

Then the pellets can be produced throughout the year:

60t/h×16h/d×300d×85%=244,800 tons, which can meet the 40-42 tons per hour animal feed company production demand.

Analysis of powder production capacity matching: If a 20t/h animal feed mixer is set, the annual powder production capacity can be 20t/h×16h/d×300d×75%=72,000 tons, which can meet the large animal feed company production demand.

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General layout of the leading animal feed company 40-42 tons capacity

According to the general layout plan of the commercial animal livestock poultry feed production line project, the livestock and poultry feed company project site is rectangular, with flat terrain and convenient transportation. The entrances and exits of the animal feed plant are set on Jiangbin Road on the south side and the planned road on the east side.

There are 146 parking spaces for motor vehicles and 383 parking spaces for non-motor vehicles in the entire animal feed plant area to meet various needs. Combined with the direction of the road, guide the traffic flow correctly, ensure the smooth driving of surrounding vehicles, avoid cross-congestion, and reduce the interference to the environment.

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The south of the animal feed factory for poultry and livestock feed production has a good display in the city, with office and supporting buildings, and the northeast side of the feed factory is equipped with workshops and supporting park landscape greening. The graphic design meets the needs of its functions, the divisions are clear and clear, the traffic flow is smooth, and cross-interference is reduced.

This livestock and poultry feed mill company project adopts rainwater and sewage diversion system. Domestic sewage discharge is divided into short-term and long-term. Before the construction of the municipal sewage official website of the poultry and livestock feed company project is completed in the near future, it will be treated by "septic tank + underground integrated sewage treatment equipment" and then reused for plant greening, and used in septic tanks in the long-term.

After treatment, it will be discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network and treated by the local sewage treatment plant. The pump base is equipped with vibration isolation pads, and the pipes and equipment interfaces are all connected with flexibility. Use low-noise and low-vibration products. The interior and exterior decoration materials and envelope structure materials of the building are all environmentally friendly products. Set up collection points for domestic garbage to be collected and processed.

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Water balance analysis

The water used in this large animal feed company project is mainly feed processing water, domestic water and greening water. Production water includes boiler water and cooling circulating water.


Boiler water

The large animal feed plant company project plans to set up 2 steam boilers to provide heat, with a total scale of 3.0t/h, 16 hours of use per day, and boiler steam volume of 48m3/d. The boiler steam is used as the heat source of the granulating process modulator to indirectly heat the material to make its temperature and moisture content meet the granulating requirements. The boiler steam condensing cycle is used, and water is added regularly.

The boiler water needs to prepare soft water. In the process of soft water preparation, regeneration wastewater is produced, and the soft water preparation rate is calculated as 95%. Boiler steam will produce a small amount of loss such as condensation, interface leakage, and steam loss during the transportation process. The loss is generally 5%; in addition, a certain amount of waste water will be generated due to the forced blowdown of the boiler during the animal feed production process.

The boiler is continuous drainage, depending on the quality of the water supply. The general sewage volume is about 1%~5% (3% is used in this report), so the boiler fresh water consumption is 54.92m³/d. The steam consumption is 48m³/d, the pipeline steam loss is 2.609m³/d, the boiler clean water discharge is 1.565m³/d, and the softened water discharge is 2.746m³/d. Boiler drainage and soft water drainage are clean wastewater, which can be used for dust suppression and greening on roads in the animal feed factory.


Circulating cooling water

The total circulating cooling water consumption of this large animal poultry livestock feed production line company project is 500t/a, and the tail water discharge is 200t/a, which will be reused for sprinkling and dust suppression or greening in the poultry livestock animal feed plant area.


Domestic water

The 40-42t/h large scale animal feed prodcution project has 50 employees, 25 of whom live in the animal feed factory company. The per capita water consumption in the animal feed factory is 250L/d. If the per capita water consumption in the animal feed factory is 150L/d, the domestic water consumption of the animal feed company ltd project is 10t/d. 3000t/a. The amount of domestic sewage is calculated as 80% of the domestic water consumption, and the amount of domestic sewage generated is 8m³/d, 2400m³/a.


Greening water

The green area of ​​this commercial animal feed company limited project is 5192m², and the greening water consumption is calculated at 4L/(m²·d). The annual (200 days) greening water consumption is about 4153.6t/a, and all the water is evaporated or lost.

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