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Multi-pass Convection Belt Dryer

Multi-pass Convection Belt Dryer

APPLICATION: Feed, Food And Other Industry

Multi-pass Convection Belt Dryer use the space effectively,put up productivity. Recycle partial waste heat to improve the thermal efficiency.

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Multi-pass Convection Belt Dryer

Applications Of Multi-pass Convection Belt Dryer

Multi-pass Convection Belt Dryer mainly used for drying food and extruded feed.Material distributed in the sieve,good drying uniformity, material is stationary relative to sieve, following sieve to move ahead, reduce grinding rate effectively, drying time can be adjusted according to detail requirement. 

Technical Features Of Multi-pass Convection Belt Dryer

    1.Suitable for the drying treatment of products like extruded feed, pet food and grain products.

    2.Re-utilized hot air, saved energy.

    3.Horizontal belt decks, stable running and low breakage.

    4.Adjustable drying temperature, material retention time and flow bed depth, flexible quality control.

    5.Detachable structure, easy to be installed and maintained.

Working Principle Of Multi-pass Convection Belt Dryer

The pure hot air generated by the hot-air stove can control the hot air temperature of 50 ℃ -160 ℃. It adopts two drying and dehydration methods: heating drying and ventilating drying. The hot air ventilation is adjusted reasonably. Dry, make full use of hot air, dry quickly and efficiently.
Model HRHG8000-4 HRHG8000-6 HRHG8000-8
Capacity(t/h) 3-5 3-6 4-8
Steam consumption(t/h) 0.8-1.5 0.8-1.6 1.1-2.1
Unevenness degree of dry materials(%) ≤2 ≤2 ≤2
Total power(kw) 46.85 47.95 62.85
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