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I Want to Build a Biomass Pellet Production Line

I want to build a biomass pellet production line with an output of 6t/h per hour, please quote me as soon as possible! We know biomass is not a single raw material, so the biomass pellet production line is a general term for wood, wood chips, rice husk, s... Learn More

Tips for Buying Wood Chippers

Tips for buying wood chippers:... Learn More

Can Cattle Feed Be Cereals

There are three situations where grain might be fed to cattle - as a drought ration, as a supplement to grazing or in lotfeeding. In all cases care must be taken, especially in the introduction or conditioning of cattle to grain feeding.... Learn More

Development and Application of Biomass Pellets

The environment pollution problem is becoming more and more serious. During the combustion of coal, it will create many different pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon granules, and dust, etc.... Learn More

The Perfect Solution for Investing in a Wood Pellet Plant

How Much is a Pellet Mill?To make things clear, knowing the price of a single pellet mill doesn’t help you a lot. As for pellet production business, you n... Learn More

Problem Analysis Before the Establishment of Biomass Pellet Production Line

A typical biomass pellet plant consists of chipper, screw conveyor, magnetic separator, hammer mill, rotary dryer, ring die pellet mill, pellet cooler, pellet p... Learn More

Correct Feeding Plan of Cattle Feed Factory

Cattle farms make money by breeding herds, so for cattle farm factories, the correct cattle breeding plan is very important. However, how to formulate the correct cattle raising plan? First of all, we should know what cows need to eat to be more nutritiou... Learn More

Feasibility Report on the Production of Fuel Pellets from Wood Waste

We all know that the raw materials for biomass pellets are very numerous, and it is not new for wood waste to be pelletized by a biomass pellet machine. Today Richi Machinery is introducing the feasibility report of wood waste to produce fuel particles.... Learn More

Factors Affecting Pellet Quality of Cattle Feed Making Machine

Several factors have an effect on the quality of the pellets. First of all the feed formulation (raw materials and additives used). Some feed ingredients have a... Learn More

Factors Affecting the Cost of Wood Pellet Plant

What are the factors that affect the cost of a wood pellet plant? The construction of a wood pellet plant requires not only an investment budget, but also an understanding of what the raw materials are, moisture, and how much output per hour. According to... Learn More

From Order To Delivery

Checking Order

With the sales contract, the order tracking clerk checks the models and quantities of each machine and spare parts.

Quality Test Before Delivery

Upon completion of the manufacturing of equipment, tthe quality inspector strictly checks quality of every machine with the checklist.

Check Items When Packing

Before packaging and shipment, the order tracking clerk checks the packaged items again with the packing list to avoid loss of items.

Sign the contract

Adopting international common standards for accurate design of product packaging, prevent product damage rate and the effective use of transport tools, which ensure the perfect delivery of products.

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