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60 Tons/hour Pig, Cattle and Sheep Feed Pellet Plant Processing Project

  • Date: 2021-01-14 09:10:24
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If we talk about the high-yield feed pellet production and processing project in the feed industry, we have to mention the large-scale feed pellet production and processing project with an annual output of 240,000 tons in Guizhou Province.

60 Tons/hour Pig, Cattle and Sheep Feed Pellet Plant Processing Project
60 Tons/hour Pig, Cattle and Sheep Feed Pellet Plant Processing Project

1. Project Overview

(1) Project name: Feed processing project with an annual output of 240,000 tons in Guizhou Province;

(2) Construction nature: new construction;

(3) Construction site: Huaihua Industrial Park, Guizhou Province;

(4) Hourly output: 60 tons/hour pig, sheep and cattle feed pellet production line

(5) Daily output: 480 tons/day pig beef and sheep feed pellet production line, 480 tons/day pig beef and sheep meal feed production line

(6) Project investment: The total investment is 80 million RMB.

2. Construction Content and Scale

The project will build a new feed processing plant and two production lines. After completion and put into production, the production scale can reach an annual output of 240,000 tons of pig feed, working 250 days a year. The project covers an area of ​​32,362 square meters and a total construction area of ​​24,462 square meters. The main construction contents are: new production workshops of 20,782 square meters, office buildings of 1,620 square meters, living rooms of 2,160 square meters, and other supporting buildings of 513 square meters. There are 35 parking spaces on the ground. The area and quantity of each building (structure) are shown in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 List of details of structures (buildings)

Serial number Building (structure) name Building area (㎡) Remarks
1 Production workshop 20782  
2 Office building 1620  
3 Living room 2160  
4 Power distribution room and maintenance workshop 513  
5 parking space 35  
6 Greening 1600  

The construction content of the project is shown in Table 1-2, and the main equipment of the project is shown in Table 1-3.

Table 1-2 List of construction contents

Engineering Content Project construction content Remarks
Main project Feed mill Main workshop and complete set of feed processing equipment A total of 6 floors, with a construction area of ​​4200㎡  
Finished product workshop Building area of ​​1450㎡   
Raw material workshop Building area of ​​7480㎡   
dormitory 1 building with 3 floors, with a building area of ​​1620 square meters   
administration building 1 building with 4 floors, with a construction area of ​​2,160 square meters   
Invoicing room, guard room 1 building with 1 floor, covering an area of ​​513 square meters   
Boiler Room 1 building with 1 floor, covering an area of ​​450 square meters   
other Covers an area of ​​324 square meters   
Water supply Supplied by the municipal water supply network in the park  
powered by Supplied by the municipal grid, with a 1000KVA transformer  
domestic sewage Domestic sewage is treated in septic tanks and then discharged into the park sewage treatment plant for treatment  
Boiler drainage Drain into the rainwater pipe network after precipitation
Environmental Engineering Waste gas treatment Production waste gas The raw material receiving, feeding, and crushing dust is collected and processed by the dust removal facility, and the uncollected dust is drawn out of the workshop by the fan for discharge.  
Canteen lampblack 1 set of electrostatic fume purifier  
Domestic sewage, canteen wastewater, laboratory wastewater Septic tank  
Floor washing wastewater, initial rainwater, boiler room wastewater Reuse after sedimentation in sedimentation tank  
Noise control Choose low-noise equipment, through sound insulation, vibration reduction, and noise reduction  
Solid waste treatment Construct a temporary storage room for general solid waste (8m³).  
The domestic garbage is cleared and transported by the sanitation department  
Set up 1 hazardous waste temporary storage room with a scale of not less than 8m³  
Greening 1600m³  

Table 1-3 List of main equipment

Serial number Equipment name model Quantity  Power (KW) Remarks
1. The initial clearing section of raw material receiving  
1 Scraper conveyor TGSS25 1 3  
2 Bucket elevator TDTG50/28 1 7.5  
3 Cylindrical cleaning screen TCQY100A 1 0.55  
4 Cone powder sieve SCQZ90X80X110A 1 11  
5 Pulse dust collector TBLMb4 3 0.55  
6 Pulse dust collector LNGm³0 2 5.5  
2. Crushing section
7 Color Sorter   1    
8 Bucket elevator TDTG40/28 1    
9 Impeller feeder TWLY20×125 1 1.5  
10 "Beyond" Micro Pulverizer SWFP66×125D 1 200  
11 Fool grading screen SFJH140X2B 1 4  
12 Impeller feeder TWLY20×100 1 1.5  
13 "Beyond" Micro Pulverizer SWFP66×100D 1 160  
14 silencer   2    
15 Pulse dust collector TBLMy8 1 0.75  
16 Pulse dust collector TBLMy108 2 30  
17 Pulse dust collector TBLMb4 2 0.55  
Three, livestock and poultry feed ingredients, mixing section
18 Ingredients cone 3000KG 2    
19 Fixed dust removal feeding screen TLTSG100 2 0.49  
20 Ingredients cone 2000KG 2    
twenty one Fixed dust removal feeding screen TLTSG100 2 0.49  
twenty two Scraper conveyor TGSS32 2 5.5  
twenty three Bucket elevator TDTG50/32 2 7.5  
twenty four Finished product inspection screen SCQZ55X46X150 2 18.5  
(1): Granulation section
25 Conditioner MUTZ1200X2/MUTZ600X2JCJ 2 twenty two  
26 Pellet machine SZLH768 2 200  
27 Countercurrent cooler SKLN28X28B/SKLN24×24B 2 7  
28 Centrifugal fan TLGF-LY-55/TLGF-LY-37 2 93  
29 silencer   2    
30 Fool grading screen SFJH180×2C 2 5.5  
31 Ingredients cone 150KG 2    
(2): Finished product packaging section
32 Packing scale LCS-50 2 2.2  
33 Seam combined conveyor   2 1.1  
34 Pulse dust collector TBLMy15 1 5  
(3): Expansion pre-mixing system
35 Pulse dust collector TBLMb4 1 0.75  
36 Ingredients cone 1000KG 1    
37 Double shaft mixer SLHSJ2A 1 18.5  
(4): Raw material expansion section
38 Conditioner (double layer) MDTZ260X2 1 15  
39 Livestock and poultry feed extruder (cooker)-corn, barley, etc. SXPS260 1 200  
40 Raw material turning plate countercurrent cooler SLNF24×24 1    
41 Centrifugal fan Gm³7C 1 37  
42 silencer   1    
43 Animal Feed Hammer Mill SWFP66x80 1 90  
44 Pulse dust collector TBLMy76 1 30  
45 silencer   1    
(5): Auxiliary section
46 Oil storage tank   2    
47 Air compressor   2 37  
(6): Thermal production and supply
48 Gas boiler 4t/h 1    

3. Raw and auxiliary materials

The raw materials required for production during the operation period of this project are mainly: corn, rice bran, bran, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, biological fermentation raw materials and premixes, etc. Accessories such as salt and additives, and packaging materials are woven bags. Boiler fuel natural gas: 750,000 cubic meters per year, working 250 days a year.

The consumption of main raw materials and auxiliary materials is shown in Table 1-5.

Table 1-5 List of raw and auxiliary materials consumption

Serial number name Consumption T/a Remarks (source and storage method)
1 corn 144000 Outsourcing, silo
2 Soybean meal 36000 Outsourcing, silo
3 Cotton meal 13875 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
4 Rapeseed meal 4050 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
5 Puffed soybeans 2475 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
6 Fish meal 1800 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
7 Expanded corn 5625 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
8 Dicalcium Phosphate 2700 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
9 Stone powder 2250 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
10 Lysine 2475 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
11 salt 2925 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
12 Whey powder 2475 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
13 Soy Lecithin 1575 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
14 flour 3600 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
15 Secondary fan 2925 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
16 Peanut bran 3150 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
17 Rice bran 2025 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
18 Feed premix 3825 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
19 Other additives 2250 Outsourcing, raw material warehouse
total 240000  

4. Product Plan

The feed product plan produced by this project is shown in Table 1-7.

Table 1-7 Feed product plan

Serial number project Output (ten thousand t/a)
1 Powdered compound feed 12
2 Pellet feed 12

5. Labor quota and work system

(1) Construction period

The construction period of this project is expected to be 12 months. The labor force during the construction period is 10 people. One shift system is implemented. Each shift works 8 hours during the day and no construction at night.

(2) Operation period

During the operation period of this project, the labor force is 35 people, and the one-shift system is implemented. Each shift works 8 hours during the day and does not produce at night. The annual operating days is 250 days. The project has a dormitory and a canteen, and all employees eat and stay in the factory.

6. Process flow

Pigs, cattle, sheep and feed pellets
Pigs, cattle, sheep and feed pellets

(1) Picking and feeding: After the raw materials are purchased, they are unloaded to the raw material warehouse for storage;

(2) Preliminary cleaning and magnetic separation: The received feed materials contain a small amount of impurities, so the raw materials should be cleaned. The material enters the cylinder primary cleaning screen and the permanent magnet cylinder through the screw conveyor and the elevator. After removing large impurities and iron impurities, enter the vertical silo;

(3) Crushing: The crusher is mainly used to crush corn, sorghum and soybean meal. The cleaned materials enter the pulverizer for pulverization, and then are conveyed by the screw conveyor, respectively enter the elevator, and are introduced into the batching bin through the distributor;

(4) The protein powder, cotton meal, and premix are introduced into the batching bin through the distributor by the elevator;

(5) Ingredients: The system is equipped with an ingredient warehouse and an ingredient scale to ensure that the ratio is strictly implemented according to the formula;

(6) Mixing: mix the measured raw materials, auxiliary materials, feed additives and mixed oil;

(7) Conditioning: After the materials are mixed, steam conditioning is added, and the materials before granulation are hydrothermally modulated, so that the materials can fully absorb heat, moisture and liquid, so that they can meet and approach the requirements of the granulation process;

(8) Granulation: the granulation section is to enter the quenched and tempered mixture into the feed pellet making machine for granulation of various specifications;

(9) Cooling: adjust the air volume according to the granulating speed to meet the cooling requirements;

(10) Crushing: After the material is cooled, it enters the crusher for crushing.

(11) Screening: The feed is screened by the screening machine, and the unqualified products are returned to the crushing section for crushing, and the products that meet the requirements of the standard enter the finished product warehouse by the elevator;

(12) Measuring and packaging: qualified feed products are packaged and packaged according to requirements by a packing scale, and then stored in the warehouse.

The above is the article for you: 60 Tons/hour Pig, Cattle and Sheep Feed Pellet Plant Processing Project.

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