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100,000 Tons of Straw Wood Pellet Production Line Project

  • Date: 2021-01-11 08:30:14
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The total investment of the construction project is RMB 1 million. The factory buildings are partly leased and partly newly built. Crushers, crushers, silos, screw conveyors, pellet machines and other equipment are newly purchased. Through the process of crushing, crushing, and granulating, The production capacity of the production line project with an annual output of 100,000 tons of straw and wood pellets will be formed. It runs 7680 hours per year and produces 13 tons of wood scrap and straw pellets per hour.

100,000 Tons of Straw Wood Pellet Production Line
100,000 Tons of Straw Wood Pellet Production Line Project

I. Raw and Auxiliary Materials

The main raw and auxiliary materials of the construction project are shown in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 List of main raw and auxiliary materials

Serial number name Main components, specifications, indicators Consumption ( t/a ) Source and transportation
1 Straw - 50000 Domestic and land transportation
2 Wood scrap - 50000 Domestic and land transportation

Note: The straws used in this project are mainly wheat, rice, soybeans, and corn stalks.

II. Main Equipment

The main equipment of the construction project is shown in Table 1-2.

Table 1-2 List of main equipment of construction project

Serial number Equipment name Model specification Quantity (set / set) Origin
1 Crusher XP1300A type 1 Zhengzhou
2 grinder 1000 type 2 Zhengzhou
3 Base warehouse 4MX2MX2M 1 Zhengzhou
4 Screw conveyor U273 type X5 meters 5 Zhengzhou
5 Straw pelletizer/wood pellet machine MZLH520 type 5 Zhengzhou

III. Project Construction Content

The main structures of this project are shown in Table 1-3, and the main project and product schemes are shown in Table 1-4.

Table 1-3 List of main structures

Serial number Name of structure Area ( m 2 ) Building area ( m 2 ) Remarks
1 Production workshop 1774 1774 Among them, 874m 2  uses the existing factory building and
900m 2 is  newly built

Table 1-4 The main project and product plan of the construction project

Serial number Project name ( workshop, production device or production line ) product name Designing ability Annual operating hours
1 Wood pellet production line Wood pellets 100,000 t/a 7680h

IV. Number of Employees and Work System

The project has 10 employees. The production shift system is a two-shift system with 12 hours per shift. The annual production days are estimated to be 320 days, and the annual operating time is 7680 hours. The company does not have a canteen or accommodation.

V. Process Flow

1. Crushing: Use a crusher to select and crush raw materials, and cut large pieces of raw materials into small pieces for easy crushing. This process will produce G1 dust, S1 impurities (debris, stones) and N noise generated by machine operation.

2. Crushing: The chopped raw materials are sent to the crusher for crushing. The crusher is airtight during operation, but dust will be generated during the discharge process. This process will produce G2 dust and N noise generated by machine operation.

3. Granulation: After being crushed, the raw materials are fed into the wood pellet machine through a screw conveyor. Under the squeezing and friction action of the granulator's ring die and the pressure roller, the raw materials are compressed into a round strip with a certain particle size and removed from the rotating ring. Extrusion in the die hole. At the exit of the round rod, the round rod is cut into granules by a cutting knife. The working temperature of the granulator is about 30℃, and it is heated by electric heating. This process will produce G3 dust and N noise generated by machine operation.

wood pellet machine
wood pellet machine

4. Finished product: stack the pelletized product at the finished product stacking point for sale.

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