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Animal Feed Production Business Plan For Animal Feed Factory Project With An Annual Output Of 180,000 Tons

  • Date: 2022-05-29 17:29:45
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Today RICHI will share you an animal feed factory project proposal its objectives, this is a project proposal on flour & animal feed factory in China, a livestock poultry ruminant fish feed mill factory project we have done in 2018.

Origin of the animal feed factory with an annual output of 180,000 tons

The animal feed industry is the most industrialized industry in agriculture. It is the link that connects planting, breeding, livestock, poultry, and aquatic product processing industries, and plays a pivotal role in agriculture. With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the urban population continues to increase, the living standards of urban and rural residents continue to improve, and the consumption demand for livestock, poultry and aquatic products continues to increase.

Origin of the large animal feed factory with an annual output of 180,000 tons

In particular, the increase in farmers' income will greatly increase the consumption of livestock, poultry and aquatic products. In addition, the new round of consumption upgrades has increased the demand for high-quality livestock, poultry and aquatic products, which has promoted the development of the animal feed industry.

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Basic situation of the 180,000T/A animal feed mill factory project

Basic situation of 180000 tons per year animal feed factory

  • Project Name: Construction of an animal feed production line with an annual output of 180,000 tons
  • Construction nature: new build
  • Animal feed company: Dali Gaopu Feedstuff Co., Ltd. (established in September and December 2018)
  • Construction site: Changpoling Industrial Zone, Midu County Industrial Park, Dali Bai, Yunnan ProvinceBasic situation of the 180,000t/a animal feed mill factory project

Large high quality animal feed mill project construction content

  • Construction content: construction of production workshops, shift rooms, office buildings, power distribution rooms, boiler rooms, guards, ground fire-fighting pools and pump rooms, etc.
  • Construction scale: Build 3 animal feed production lines, including 2 high-end livestock and poultry feed production lines and 1 high-end ruminant feed production line, forming an annual production capacity of 180,000 tons of feed.
  • Labor quota and work system: The total labor quota of this large poultry ruminant livestock animal feed mill project is 50 people, working 330 days a year. The new build large capacity animal feed factory project employees are implemented in three shifts, and the management, logistics and sales personnel are implemented in one shift with 8 hours per shift.
  • Animal feed factory production capacity: 22 Tons per hour, 15000 tons per month, 545 tons per day
  • Total animal feed production factory project investment: 130 million yuan, of which environmental protection investment is 220,665 USD, accounting for 1.14% of the total investment.Large high quality animal feed mill project construction content
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180,000T/A animal feed manufacturing factory project product proposal

Name Type Capacity Feed production lines
High-end livestock and poultry feed Pig feed 58800 tons/year 2
Fish feed 5400 tons/year
Poultry feed (chicken, duck) 79800 tons/year
Total 144000 tons/year
High-grade ruminant feed Cattle and sheep feed 36000 tons/year 1
Total 180,000 tons/year 3
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Project composition and content-proposal

The total investment of the new technology animal feed factory project is 19409000USD, and the total area is 20003.43㎡. The three animal pellet feed production lines of the animal feed company project are mainly located in the No. 1 main workshop.

After the three animal feed lines of the turnkey project feed factory are completed, according to market demand, when the production capacity is less than 180,000 tons, the first and second workshops can meet the storage capacity of the big feed mill project.

180,000 tons per year animal feed manufacturing unit project product proposal

When the production capacity reaches 180,000 tons, It is necessary to build three workshops to increase storage capacity. Therefore, the full automatic animal feed factory production project is gradually started and will be constructed in phases.

Engineering nature Project name Construction content and scale
Main project Phase I and Workshop An area of ​​2061.93㎡, finished product warehouse
The first phase and the second workshop Occupying an area of ​​2872.55㎡, raw material warehouse
Phase I, Main Workshop No. 1 An area of ​​2458.8m2, 3 production lines are mainly built in the main workshop
Phase II and Third Workshop Occupying an area of ​​3947.6㎡, raw material warehouse
Auxiliary project Office building Occupied area 356.66㎡
Staff lounge Occupied area 1015.37㎡
Boiler room Site area of ​​73.44㎡
Guardian Room Occupied area 72.2㎡
Power distribution room Site area of ​​73.37㎡
Above-ground fire-fighting pool Site area 113.18㎡
Public Works Water supply Supplied from deep water wells
Power supply Supplied by the local municipal grid
Boiler The boiler fuel is biomass fuel
Greening Green area 2808.44㎡
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Animal feed milling machine used in the animal feed factory

Process Animal feed mill machine name Specifications and technical performance Quantity
Raw material receiving system Pulse dust collector Unique cloth bag disassembly mechanism 4
Self-cleaning buried scraper Head and tail plate δ=4.0mmQ235A3 4
Self-cleaning bucket elevator There is a sealing device at the bearing, so materials and dust cannot escape 4
Small pulse dust collector Unique cloth bag disassembly mechanism 7
Smashing system New micro animal feed mill grinder With explosion-proof motor 3
High pressure fan 9-26No5.0A, cicada nest muffler 3
Pulse dust collector TMMBCa type 3
Sealing screw conveyor 3.0kw×1 unit 3
Self-cleaning bucket elevator 5.5kw~7.5kw×1 unit 3
Small pulse dust collector 0.75kw×1 unit 3
Ingredient mixing system Small pulse dust collector 0.75kw×1 unit 3
Three-layer paddle high-efficiency mixer 1000~2000kg/batch F series hardened gear reducer 3
Self-cleaning scraper TGSU 25 type, 3.0kw×1 unit 4
Self-cleaning bucket elevator 5.5kw~7.5kw×1 unit 3
Pelletizing and cooling system Animal feed pellet machine Model: SZLH 3
Cooling fan 22kw×2 sets, cicada nest muffler 3
Three-roller crumbler SSLG220x 1500 type, 0.75kw + 1lkw 1
Stainless steel cyclone dust collector D=1400~1500mm 3
Self-cleaning bucket elevator 5.5kw~7.5kw×1 unit 3
Finished product packaging system Quantitative packaging scale LCS-50-BZ 2
Sewing bag conveyor / 2
Circular pulse dust collector TBLY.16 type 2
Radio assistance setting system Grease adding machine SYC1. 5KW+3 3
Fat scale / 2
Air compressor W-3/10 2
Air freeze dryer / 2
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Raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption

Raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption——180000t/a animal feed factory manufacturing proposal:

Material name Consumption Remarks
Corn 75,160 tons/year Outsourcing
Flour 54 tons/year
Soybean meal 63932 tons/year
Cotton meal 7990 tons/year
Rapeseed meal 2710 tons/year
Wheat middling and red dog 18264 tons/year
Fish Meal 3560 tons/year
Auxiliary materials 8740 tons/year Auxiliary materials include soybean meal, beer meal, meat and bone meal mixed oil, hydrogen powder, stone powder, etc.
Water 17490m3/a Supplied from deep water wells
Electricity 5.4 million kw·h Supplied by the local municipal grid
Biomass fuel 2017.6 tons/year Outsourcing, biomass fuel is shaped pellets, mainly compressed from sawdust
project proposal on flour food animal feed processing plant with an annual output of 180,000 tons

Material balance of the 18000t/a animal feed processing factory

Raw materials Dosing amount (t/a) Consumption (t/a) Amount of finished product (t/a)
Raw material dosage Total
Corn 75,160 tons/year 180410 410 180000
Flour 54
Soybean meal 63932
Cotton meal 7990
Rapeseed meal 2710
Wheat middling and red dog 18264
Fish Meal 3560
Auxiliary materials 8740

Remarks: The destination of raw material consumption is: dust generated during raw material loading and unloading, feeding, screening, crushing, ingredient mixing, granulation cooling, quantitative packaging, etc., unqualified products, screening impurities, of which dust and unqualified products are returned used in the animal feed mill factory production process, the impurities are sorted and collected, the ones that can be recycled are sold to related units for recycling, and the other impurities that cannot be recycled are sent to the sanitation department for regular removal and disposal.

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Animal feed manufacturing process of the animal feed factory project

Note: There are two high-end poultry and livestock feed production lines, one high-end ruminant feed production line, and the process flow of the three animal feed pelleting lines is the same.

  1. Raw materials preparation

    The animal feeds raw materials required for animal feed factory production are divided into powdery and granular raw materials. Among them, powdery raw materials (raw materials that do not need to be crushed) such as flour, wheat middling, etc., and granular raw materials such as corn, soybean meal and other materials.

    animal feed pellet production line
  2. Feeding port section

    The animal feeds raw materials are put in from the feeding port, and after being lifted by the bucket elevator, the large debris and small debris, such as corn stalks, soil, sand and other impurities, are screened out by the initial cleaning screen. The granulated raw materials are screened and then enter the crushing bin, and the powdered raw materials are screened directly into the batching bin group.

  3. Crushing section of animal feed factory

    After the granular animal feeds raw materials enters the crushing bin, it is controlled by the pneumatic gate to enter the impeller feeder and uniformly fed into the animal feed mill factory grinder for crushing. The crushing fineness is determined by the sieve and reaches the specified fineness. The pulverized fines are sent to the bucket elevator, and after being lifted, they are guided by the prescribed distributor and then enter the prescribed batching bin.

  4. Mixing of ingredients section 

    After the raw materials that reach the specified fineness enter the set bin number batching bin through the special dispenser, the personnel in the central control room will input the formula data into the computer strictly according to the formula requirements. Transport to large and small weighing hoppers to realize automatic batching.

    Mixing of ingredients section of animal feed company with an annual output of 180000 tons

    Small material additives are automatically weighed by the hopper weighing sensor connected with the computer and enter the animal feed mixer through the weighing door. If there is a need to add grease, the computer automatically controls the grease addition system.

  5. Granulation and cooling section

    The material enters the pelletizing bin, and is pelletized by the saturated steam of two animal feed pelletizer machine. Different types of feed are produced. If the pellet size is different, the corresponding pellet ring die must be replaced to produce different high-quality feeds, and enter the counter-flow cooler to cool down through the fan.

    After reaching the room temperature and reducing the moisture, the feed pellet cooler automatically discharges the material according to the time or the position of the pellets, and determines whether the pellets are broken through the animal feed pelletizing machine according to the breeding habits and actual production.

    Granulation and cooling of animal feed company with an annual output of 180000 tons<

    The finished products after the pellets meet the specified requirements enter the finished product warehouse. The sprayed material on the surface of the pellets enters the spraying device by bypass, the sprayed pellets enters the finished product warehouse, and the classified powder enters the waiting-granulation warehouse and is granulated again by the animal feed pellet making machine.

    The steam required for granulation is provided by the biomass boiler.

    packaging of animal feed processing plant with an annual output of 180000 tons
  6. Quantitative packaging of animal feed processing plant

    After the whole grain finished pellets is automatically measured and packaged by two electronic units, it is automatically sewn by two flat belt conveyors and then transported to the finished product warehouse. The finished product is issued by the quality inspection department before the finished product is qualified. Affix a sign that allows the factory to be shipped.

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Analysis of rationality of 180,000 tons animal feed mill factory layout

The planned plant area of ​​the automatic running animal feed factory project is rectangular, with the northwest part of the plant area as the production area, and the southeast area as the office and living area. The office and living areas are mainly office buildings, shift rooms, and guards. Green belts are set around the factory area.

The general layout of the best design animal livestock poultry fish feed mill project is arranged in accordance with the production process, transportation, environmental protection, fire prevention, safety, and sanitation, and strives to achieve a reasonable layout, clear zoning, convenient transportation, clean and beautiful.

nimal poultry cattles feed factory project proposal machineries layout with an annual output of 180,000 tons

Let the buildings in the 22t/h poultry animal livestock feed factory area be compactly arranged but separated to a certain extent, although they are closely connected, they will not interfere with each other. On the whole, the general layout of the new build animal feed factory project can meet the needs of animal feed production, while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment, which is generally reasonable and feasible.

Setting up an animal food factory is not easy, but as a professional animal feed factory manufacturer from China, we can help you to order all the procedures for establishing a best solution customized animal feed mill factory, and provide you with the most reasonable, economical and most suitable your plan and feed equipment. Feel free to contact Richi Machinery at any time.

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The above is the article for you: Animal Feed Production Business Plan For Animal Feed Factory Project With An Annual Output Of 180,000 Tons.

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