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10 Ton/Hour Biomass Pellet Production Line Project

  • Date: 2020-07-10 08:05:04
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The 10-ton biomass pellet production line can be said to be a large-scale production line project, and such a large project investment is also huge, so customers must be cautious when purchasing pellet production line equipment. Check more, compare more. Below we will introduce to you what equipment is needed for the 10t/h biomass pellet production line project and some situations and cases of the 10 ton biomass pellet factory project, just for your reference!

What Equipment is Needed for a 10 Ton/Hour Biomass Pellet Production Line Project

Wood Chipper

Wood chipper, aka wood crusher, is the typical equipment of the initial size reduction process in a biomass pellet plant. As the raw biomass materials are normally irregular in shape, so if we cut the initial size reduction process, it will significantly increase the energy consumption of the following steps and even shorten the service life of the other equipments. Take the drying process as an example, the bigger particles require longer drying period, and the smaller particles require shorter drying period. So if we put the irregular shaped biomass materials into the dryer, then the small particles may be over dried while the bigger particles are still moist. Hence, the wood chipper is one of the most important and costly equipments in biomass pellet plants.

Wood chipper
Wood chipper

Hammer Mill

A wood pellet hammer mill is the most effective machine for the grinding process in a biomass pellet plant. It is also used for size reduction. The difference between hammer mill and wood chipper is the diameter of the raw materials. A wood chipper can process the raw materials with a diameter under 2000mm, and the raw materials after the process is about 50mm in diameter. A hammer mill is used to reduce the size of the raw materials from a diameter about 50mm to a diameter under 5mm. In order to enhance the pellet mill serve life and cut the energy consumption of the biomass pellet plant, use a hammer mill to grind the raw materials before pelletizing is a necessary step.

Rotary Drum Dryer

The rotary dryer is the common equipment of the drying process in a biomass pellet plant. The best quality biomass pellet maintains a moisture content about 8% – 12%, but the raw biomass materials are easily to be affected by the surroundings. The moisture content of the raw materials is a strong influencer of both the production performance and the product performance. Take the biomass pellet product as an example, a best quality biomass pellet remains a longer combustion period with little visible smoke. But how could we control the combustion smoke? By controlling the moisture content of the raw materials. The lower moisture the raw materials are, the less smoke the biomass pellet will produce. Nevertheless, we still need some water content to perform as the binder or lubricant of the pellet, so ,the ideal moisture content of biomass materials is about 8%- 12%.

Magnetic Separator

A magnetic separator is used in the initial sieving process in a biomass pellet plant. After the process of the wood chipper, the biomass materials remain a small size, so the contaminants ( such as metal particles, stones ) are the unavoidable problem. The magnetic separator is not a necessary equipment of the biomass pellet plant, but if the source of the biomass materials are easily contaminated by the metal particles, the magnetic separator is recommended.

Biomass Pellet Mill

Here comes the core part of a biomass pellet plant. A pellet mill is used to pelletize the grinded raw materials into regular pellets. The choice of biomass pellet mill may be different due to the different scale of the pellet plant customers. However, there are two types of pellet mill in consideration, the ring die pellet mill and the flat die pellet mill, which can be distinguished by the different scale pellet manufacturing requirements. The ring die pellet mill for 10 Ton/Hour pellet production, and the flat die pellet mill for small scale pellet production.

biomass pelle mill
biomass pelle mill

Counter Flow Cooler

A good quality biomass pellet always remain with a proper rigidity. But during the pelletizing period, the friction of the rollers and the die produced a extremely high temperature, therefore, the biomass pellets discharged by the pellet mill is hot and fragile. In order to regain the rigidity, a cooler is needed. The types of coolers are various, Richi mainly adopted the counter flow cooler, which is the most advanced cooler for biomass pellet plants.

Pellet Screener

The fine particles is also an unavoidable problem during the biomass pellet manufacture process. The pellet screener is a necessary step after the cooling step in a biomass pellet plant. A good quality biomass pellet always remains less fine particle. Right before the package step, a final sieving step is necessary which aimed at removing the fine particle from the well formed biomass pellets.

Automatic Bagging Machine

An automatic bagging machine is the standard equipment for package process in a biomass pellet plant. Due to the different customer types, there are two types of bagging machine in consideration, the retail bagging system and the bulk bagging system. The biomass pellet plant customers can choose the bagging machine type based on their customers' requirements.

10 Ton/Hour Biomass Pellet Plant Project

The large pellet plant project is designed for the industrial wood pellet manufacturers, who aimed at produce large amount of wood pellet product to supply the domestic wood pellet wholesalers and retailers, the industrial power station, or even export the wood pellet to supply the oversea customers. As we all know, the largest wood pellet consume area is in Europe. So many industrial wood pellet manufacturers are looking forward to develop a supply demand relationship with the European customers. Or, for the wood pellet manufacturers in Europe, North America, and Oceania, the increased residential wood pellet market is also a good entry for the industrial wood pellet manufacturers.

In western countries, wood pellet is a well known fuel product, you can buy the wood pellet in the supermarkets and many small shops on the street. In Asia, wood pellet is a new substitute fuel for power and heating generation. But due to the wood pellet consume statistics in Asia, it is obvious that Japan and South Korea are emerging wood pellet consume markets, which will expect to expand rapidly in the following decade.

The entry markets for the 10 Ton/Hour pellet plant customers may be different, and as it is a commercial product, the industrial pellet plant may probably need the special equipment for their pellet production. The capacity of industrial pellet plant is larger than the capacity of small pellet plant, therefore the raw material supply for a large pellet plant must be stable. Hence, the raw materials such as: crop waste, wood chips and wood shavings are treated as the supplementary materials for 10 Ton/Hour wood pellet production. The main raw materials for industrial pellet plant are various, such as: wood panel, logs, barks, hay, EFB materials and so on.

Based on the different types of raw materials, the pellet plant equipment is likely customerized. A typical large pellet plant is consist of the wood chipper (to reduce the diameter of the materials like logs, wood panels), the dryer (to reduce the moisture content), magnetic separator (to separate the raw materials from metal particles), hammer mill (to grind the raw materials into fine particles), ring die pellet mill (to pelletize the raw materials into biomass pellet), the pellet cooler (to reduce the temperature of the biomass pellet), the pellet screener (to separate the high quality pellet from the fine particles), automatic bagging machine (to pack the biomass pellet into required bags).

The above is the article for you: 10 Ton/Hour Biomass Pellet Production Line Project.

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