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How much roughage and concentrate ewes eat per day - sheep feed pellet machine problem

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Generally, the roughage that an adult ewe eats every day is not limited. How to calculate how much roughage the ewe needs each day, the feed intake of ordinary sheep accounts for 2.5% -3% of body weight. In other words, a 100-kg ewe will need 2.5-3 kg of roughage a day.

Good roughages for sheep are: weeds, peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, soybean straws, of course, forage grasses are the best feed for sheep, and wheat straws, straws, and corn straws. If not treated, certainly not as high as the nutrient content of the above feed. If conditions permit, If you can make corn stalk silage, or wheat stalk and straw ammoniation, with high nutrition, good absorption, and great utilization value.

How much roughage and concentrate ewes eat per day
How much roughage and concentrate ewes eat per day

Concentrated feed

So how much should the ewe concentrate feed occupy? Concentrated feed is based on weight ratio and generally accounts for 0.7-1.1% of body weight. In other words: a 100-kg ewe needs 0.7-1.1 kg of concentrated feed a day.

Concentrated feed generally use the following concentrated feed: cornmeal, bran, soybean meal, cotton cakes, rapeseed cakes, soybean husks, bean dregs, and so on.Are ewe pregnant at different times the same? Of course not.

Pregnant ewes are divided into early pregnancy and late pregnancy. The proportion of concentrated feed needed in the first trimester is relatively low, which will help the formation of the fetus, which can be satisfied in about 0.8%. Many previous methods of raising sheep were not feeding concentrated feed, and the survival rate of lambs was low. I can only tell you this. It does n’t matter if you do n’t feed. Sheep nutrition can not keep up, easy to miscarry, or stillbirth phenomenon. In the third trimester, lambs grow faster in the abdomen and have more nutritional needs, the recommended ratio is 1%, and 5-10 days before delivery. At this time, the proportion of concentrated feed needs to be reduced to facilitate the output of lambs, and increase the amount of activity to prevent dystocia.

Of course, the ratio of refined feed has a certain relationship with breeds. Sheep with better breeds will definitely get preference, and the ratio of natural concentrates with lower breeds will be relatively low. If the breed is poor and the growth is slow, we have to divide it. Because the sheep of poor breeds grow slowly and excessive amounts of concentrated feed can only make us lose money, so breeding sheep is the key to the success of our breeding.

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